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Repost from @team_palmer: “You don’t hear the good things celebrities do for us little people often enough. Thank you #ChrisEvans for 45 seconds out of your day, that totally made my kids lives!

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I just had to get this off my chest...

Hey, remember when you said i was gonna date bartender John “that you saw it coming for months” well, I’m still not dating him, lol. (I dont even want to) I’m still single.

And you thought I cheated on you with @ronton-soup and @opossumom and I didn’t; both said that never happened. I never cheated on you. Do you also remember when you told, actually demanded me to stop talking to them? And I did.

Remember when you told me to delete my “nudes” and I did.

I even took a couple breaks from social media for you, by my own choice, because I could see how it affected you

Do you even remember when you got mad at me because @aluminum-wizard and @toastytart liked my selfies? But you were okay with toasty, because he helped with my phone bill… even though both him AND Alex, respected my relationship with you.

Every guy I talked to, respected my relationship with you. I made it known I was spoken for. I respected you to a fault, that fault being you were actually manipulative, jealous and controlling.

I wasn’t perfect, but I was good to you. I did what you wanted me to. I tolerated your bullshit and that wasn’t enough for you.

Last week was Knoxville’s Pride. It was the first Pride which I marched in the parade. The experience was magical, humbling, and tear jerking. My boyfriend who lives 3 hours away surprised me with a visit as I was marching, and the local newspaper caught the moment on camera. I got to share a day to celebrate my community’s desire to love freely with the love of my life. Love is love.


Until Dawn + The F-Bomb