Autistic people in the Divergent universe. Like, just hear me out ok:

  • Autistic Candor people loving how everything is black & white, true or false, just like how it is in their brain
  • Autistic Erudite people spending their entire lives researching their special interest and NOBODY COMPLAINS bc it’s completely normal in Erudite
  • Autistic Abnegation people embracing the routine & wearing the same outfit every day
  • Autistic Amity people falling in love with the headquarters bc it’s all naturally lit & has soft colours so no sensory overload!! And having a special interest in gardening. Autistic Amity people not getting in trouble for lack of personal space.
  • Autistic Dauntless people falling in love w the headquarters bc no sensory overload (like amity) but bc it’s dark. Punching things when they have a meltdown and its 100% ok. 

The truth, sometimes, sucks a lot. As I crumpled to the ground, wind knocked out of me, that thought sprung to mind. Everything hurt, and my ears were ringing. I cast a glance upwards at Lieutenant Dickhead, Chris to his posse. Iron filled my mouth, and I spat it out against the rough concrete beneath me as I took a few deep breaths. I saw Chris turn away from me, and the ringing in my ears faded away, making way for the real world again.

“…let’s hope so, hey?” I heard him snicker cockily to the circle around us.

“What was that?” I called out as loudly as I could, steeling myself as I staggered slowly to my feet. Chris turned around, surprised, but that quickly gave way to his regular self, and he ran towards me. However, I was ready this time. As he neared me, he quickly snapped out his arm towards me, and I caught his arm. I grabbed his shoulder and elbow, and twisted quickly and precisely. I felt his shoulder pop beneath my hand. A shroud of silence settled over the crowd. Then Chris started screaming, and I ran.

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