Autistic people in the Divergent universe. Like, just hear me out ok:

  • Autistic Candor people loving how everything is black & white, true or false, just like how it is in their brain
  • Autistic Erudite people spending their entire lives researching their special interest and NOBODY COMPLAINS bc it’s completely normal in Erudite
  • Autistic Abnegation people embracing the routine & wearing the same outfit every day
  • Autistic Amity people falling in love with the headquarters bc it’s all naturally lit & has soft colours so no sensory overload!! And having a special interest in gardening. Autistic Amity people not getting in trouble for lack of personal space.
  • Autistic Dauntless people falling in love w the headquarters bc no sensory overload (like amity) but bc it’s dark. Punching things when they have a meltdown and its 100% ok. 

BTS Divergent AU: Yoongi as Candor

Members of Candor are taught from birth to always tell the unadulterated truth, even if it hurts; even if it makes others angry. Min Yoongi is no exception. However, unlike other members of Candor, he struggles with his emotions, and thus is not a good fit for a career in law, a path many of the Candor Faction choose. Yoongi does not believe in the law, he believes in the power of justice, and sometimes to be just, one must work outside the confines of an archaic system.

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