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OK first of all "clip-clopped" I fucking lost it 😂😂😂😂 second that submission is savage. Dick discourse, only ever in the mess if the bleac/h fandom.

@tachipaws i hate you for turning this into a part of my vocabulary. AND IFKR. WHERE ELSE BUT HERE, IN BASED ANIME HELL

jin-hikari replied to your post “landofshame: them: Gin is a nice guy! He’s just acting mean to fool…”

The best argument I’ve seen defending that is he taunted her in order to make sure she still had the will to live. It was iffy at best.

Yeah…that could be true – but I take Rukia for a great judge of character, and intelligent person – and she says she never like him, and always found hime as an evil presence.

I suppose either explanation is left to opinion but still…

Stupid IR stan making up lies regarding Sheh

Aw, you are happy IR Stan? Well let me tell you this, Stephanie is only doing encouragement in that tweet. And never did she hate Orihime at all. If you watch the interview of Bleach movie 1 “Memories of Nobody”, Stephanie said she loves Orihime and that while she can be naive, Orihime was never stupid.

And BTW here are some tweets that destroys your bullshit:

Oh and finally go watch this video here that I made and guess what she ships… YOUR NOTP. LOL FUCKING XPOSED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtXiY3QRiZM

So yup, Stephanie still loves the character :P. It’s hilarious how you IRs will twist things around regarding interviews, volume text, or hell even actors themselves when it comes to Kubo’s work. Let’s just say a video was posted of JYB loving Rukia and the IRs will say “IchiRuki wins FACTS!” Um no, he’s only saying the line of loving Rukia because he is being a kindhearted man to his fans. In reality if you saw his interviews, he said that he prefers IchiHime and that IchiRuki was pretty gross. XD