Snow Day in the Seireitei

As requested by @dameofnodelicacy and @sambamrazzy. :)

It has snowed in Soul Society, and a snow day has been declared! How do the various shinigami react?

1. Hitsugaya: Is 90% scarfs 

Hitsugaya bundles himself up well. Very well. He basically looks like a walking pile of scarfs.

Byakuya: Aren’t you an ice type? Should you not be impervious to the cold or some such thing?

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: There is nothing wrong with wanting to be cozy.

2. Yamamoto: Goes shirtless

Mostly because he can.

Yamamoto: Such bad subordinates, being affected by the cold.

Yamamoto: Personally I just need my beard to keep ME warm.

3. Byakuya & Rukia: Build snowmen

Or rather, a snow bunny and a snow Admiral Seaweed.

Rukia: Your snow sculptures are just as amazing as your sand sculptures, Nii-sama!

Byakuya: Yours are very good too, Rukia.

4. Matsumoto: Drinks (and shares) a lot of spiked hot chocolate

Of course, it’s too cold for strip drinking games. So instead she, Hisagi, and Kira see how many sweaters they can put on.



Matsumoto: Who knew reverse stripping could be so fun??

5. Hinamori: Spends the day reading

She has a blanket and (non-alcoholic) hot chocolate, and she is ready to party. And by “party” I mean “read.”

Hinamori: It doesn’t really get cozier than this.

[Outside the window, Hitsugaya waddles by in his 19 scarfs]

Hinamori: Except possibly for that.

6. Rose: Enjoys the look of the snow

Rose, more than anyone else, appreciates the aesthetics of the snow - the look of the fresh snowdrifts, the way the snowflakes swirl down through the air, the way the world seems almost hushed.

Rose: Every few seconds I get another picture of Izuru wearing more sweaters.

Rose: But it’s pretty peaceful anyway.

7. Yachiru: Pelts everyone with snow balls

Mostly while riding on Kenpachi’s shoulders.



8. Renji: Gets involved in the Squad 11 snowball fight

The one that Yachiru started.

Ikkaku: Abarai!!! Did you put  ROCK into this SNOWBALL?!

Renji: We villains are dirty by nature, you know!


9. Isane: Is pretty much stuck dealing with injuries

Squad 11 files in all day, most of them with mysterious rock wounds.

Unohana: And this is why I insisted we spend the day inside Squad 4, Isane.

Isane: Ohhhhhh.

10. Aizen: Melts all the snow with his spiritual pressure

No snow is actually able to reach him.

Aizen: I am simply too powerful.

Aizen: …

Aizen: Admittedly it is a little sad.

11. Ukitake: Is cared for by his subordinates

Basically this means that Kiyone and Sentaro compete to keep him comfortable, until he is essentially swimming in blankets. And mittens. And hats. And hot chocolate. 

Ukitake (faintly, from underneath it all): G-guys?

12. Soi Fon: Hosts a GIANT snowball fight

Just imagine, if you will, the entirety of the punishment squad pelting each other with snowballs.

Omaeda: T-this is surprisingly nice of you, Captain!

Soi Fon: Nice? You understand so little.

Soi Fon: I am increasing their antagonism towards each other by having them simulate battle. I am decreasing their camaraderie.

Omaeda: They, uh, sure seem to be having a good time, though.

Soi Fon: That is probably battle laughter. 

13. Komamura: Goes sledding with Iba

The sokyoku hill makes for some awesome sledding.

Komamura: Amazing! I can’t help but let my tongue dangle and my wolf ears flap in the breeze!


14. Shinji: Makes snow angels

I can’t even explain this one. Something about Shinji and his gangly limbs making snow angels amuses me

Hiyori: Hey baldy! Aren’t you a guy who does everything backwards? You should be making snow angels FACE DOWN


15. Mashiro & Kensei: Get distracted by Shinji’s snow angels

Kensei was just trying to go for a nice snow walk. Mashiro was following him.

Mashiro: Uh oh are people disappearing again? Kensei! Kensei! Look! Mysterious dents in the snow!

Kensei: Those are just snow angels, Mashiro.

Mashiro: What? Angels? Of the snow? I don’t understand! I don’t understand!


16. Nemu: Clears the snow around Squad 12

Kurotsuchi really wants nothing to do with the snow day. So Nemu clears the snow away from Squad 12. Using the world’s most giant snow blower.

Nemu: I may or may not have blown Akon away.

Nemu: But he is probably fine.

[The sounds of Akon’s screams fade into the distance]

Nemu: Probably.

The date of when Ichigo & Rukia first met…

More like anniversary dates to mark for.

So, I finally began my rereading of BLEACH.  Inevitably, these panels pop up.

Which I assume to occur on the same day and not two different Fridays, as well as the rest of the chapter[1].

Now, if we take that 2001 is the modern year when Chapter 1 begins - then this occurs sometime during May 2001 (by Uryuu’s helpful comment later on, and timeline deductions).

Which gives us these possible dates: May 4th, May 11th, May 18th, or May 25th of when they met.

If we remember Chapter 2, Rukia shows up at Ichigo’s school the very next day - on a Saturday.  It slots right into Japan’s school schedules where their only day offs of the week is Sunday.

Now back to the first panel for another clue - the cycle phase of the moon[2].  It’s a waning crescent.

May 18th, 2001 aligns perfectly on both of those accounts.  (Taken from here.)

In Chapter 35, Ishida Uryuu further supports it about when they did meet being the same day:

On the night of eighteenth of May in 2001 (mid-May), the tale of destiny begins.

[1]  BLEACH’s anime make it seem it occurs over two days for the entirety of the chapter which isn’t the case.  Unfortunately, it messes up the timeline a bit by making the next morning happen after the business with Dead Girl & her flowers.  Yeah.  Which would have moved their meeting to somewhere that isn’t mid-May as Uryuu says.
[2]  Any sense is taken out by the anime replacing the moon for an aesthetic full moon - which make it fall between May 6th - 8th and not a Friday, so.  It’s a no go on their part to figure out dates.

The Politics of Fandom (aka questioning and challenging the status quo)

fandom headcanon: A 1984 (George Orwell)-inspired AU where IRs are the Proles constantly in surveillance by the Big Brother (orgs), policing their adultery fanfics and fan arts.

Their slogan?

“OriGo always watching you… (your blogs, your Pro IR and Anti IH posts tagged correctly, your fanfics, and your fan arts)”

Their strategies?

a.  Doublethink means holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously.

“I can reject, but I must deal with it?”

Those are very contradictory, right?

b.  Newspeak is a simplified and obfuscatory language designed to make independent thought impossible.

“They are happy. Why need to question it?”

Discouraging discourse because it will expose the failures of bleach. We must bow down to the author. We are not allowed to question kubo. We just need to accept and accept like we can’t think for ourselves.

Stop shipping IR, okay??!!! They’re not canon! So stop all your memes, your fan works, and your metas! 

c.  The Thought Police are those who suppress all dissenting opinion.

You cannot write criticisms that point out why the plot fails. You cannot write fix-it fics, fan arts, doujins. You cannot try to include adultery as your new angle in fanfictions. 

d.  Big Brother is a supreme dictator who watches everyone.

Remember guys, the orgs are going to watch out for you. They’re gonna be lurking in your blog. Publish a Pro IR and anti IH post and expect them to butt in. It does not even matter if you put them in the proper tags. They are going to look for it themselves just to butt in. They are also going to crosstag too!

And my gosh! You can’t even use the general #bleach tag anymore because:

Fellow IRs, you cannot use the general #bleach tag because they will see it too! How insensitive of us IRs! We are so responsible for their shipping welfare. 

Heaven forbid, they are part of the Bleach fandom, but us, IRs, a very big part of the Bleach fandom which has been present from the start, cannot use the general #bleach tag!

Remember guys, they are canon so they now have the authority and control of the general #bleach tag!

That gives me them the right to walk in our blogs and give their unsolicited comments, okay???!!!

Apparently, they already bought the tags and they now own it. Even the #anti ichihime tag. The word “ignore” does not exist in their vocabulary lmao.

As an INTP (my supposed personality type known to be very anti-authoritarian, as evidenced by my fascination on Post-Structuralism), I don’t like to be controlled. And because I like fighting the establishment (canon work), I demand adultery fanfics and fanarts from you guys!

(I’m already expecting origo response in this post, right @iam-heeros-bitch and @ducuni?)

ZOMBIE AU — Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. 

Well he definitely looks dead now and since he was dying anyway, why not such a scenario / AU now, where he gets turned into a Zombie from Giselle Gewelle. Still need to think a bit of the design and colors, but so far … I like it, even that the collar is kinda up now. Hope Giselle can approve B’) @zombieqxeen

I was thinking about Aizen earlier and instead of making my day better I have made myself feel really bad… 

Despite being a shitty person (and the best villain) I think he deserved to achieve something. Most of the plot was spinning around him and his grand plan to get into Soul King’s realm and take his place, but it had never been explained why he was so worked up about Soul King. He clearly displayed his disgust and towards SK back when Urahara had confronted him about it. 

He had planned to take the throne for more than 100 years, lied, experimented on souls, betrayed those who believed in him, crushed every potential bond he could have with anyone, manipulated thousands of people and who knows what else, but why exactly? What was that “thing” that people called Soul King, that made him turn to such extremities in order to eliminate “it” and take the throne? I believe that he had sacrificed more than 100 years and many lives to be able to break into royal realm, but all that had happened to him was being permanently duct taped to a plank again :\ Not only he had not became a Soul King but also he did not even set foot in royal realm at all. The captains along with Urahara created a portal in a laboratory right in front of him, and they did it without a Hogyoku or sacrificing anybody (Ukitake’s death wasn’t for the sake of creating a portal so it doesn’t count) while he was strapped to a chair. 

I believe it took him a shit load of power to not get a mental breakdown when that happened. Imagine how devastating it must have felt when he had learned that Ichigo was up there, and not only him, but Renji -his former lieutenant- and Rukia as well. Then everybody else just waltzed there like it wasn’t a nearly impossible task that required 100 000 human souls with some spiritual power and a bunch of supercharged dirt and all that mumbo jumbo??

A fucking Kenpachi got to go there?? MOMO!? ShInJi.

And Aizen despite working an entire series to break into that realm, did not even get close to looking at it. 

He got strapped to the same plank in the same basement as before for 20 000 years despite the fact that he had basically saved the entire worlds by aiding Ichigo during the final battle with Yhwach.

I expected him to show up in the royal realm at some point during the battle with Gerard and go crazy on him, and join Ichigo after he’s finished and just troll people and do things… but that didn’t happen.

In the end nothing really happened.

Soul Society (somehow??) sealed him in the lowest, darkest level in their prison and I will never know why he hated SK so much and how did he even learn about “it” and that’s depressing.