anonymous asked:

What about an s/o who's seriously cynical and direct for the Espada? How would they handle them?


Starrk: The cynicism is admittedly a little too reminiscent of his own miserable attitude, but at least you’re easy to understand. 

Halibel: The directness definitely helps her keep up with the differences in culture, and she finds your logic simple to handle. 

Ulquiorra: Finally, a human that makes sense. The lack of unnecessary emotion makes you much easier for him to understand. 

Nnoitra: If both of you are horribly negative, then what? At least you’re not confusing like most humans tend to be. 

Grimmjow: You could definitely stand to be more entertaining, but the biting wit and bad attitude are much appreciated when used against others. 

Szayel: You do tend to be a little bit boring with that bland attitude of yours, but that’s nothing he can’t make up for with his own showmanship. 

Aaroniero: Your emotions make more sense than those of most humans’, and the direct personality is very easy to deal with.