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Hiiii could I ask for a marauders headcanon? How they react when you tell them you love them for the first time. Btw I loveee your writing

Hey love! Thanks. Here it is :)


  • he would be so shocked i swear
  • would not believe you at first
  • then it would hit him and he would be wide eyed
  • “wait… for real??”
  • tease you for like 10 mins
  • until you’re mad cause he didn’t say it back
  • would wait for you to expect it least
  • “oh by the way, i love you darling”
  • such a goof but your goof


  • he would stare at you and frown
  • “how?” - “what do you mean how?” - “..I’m..me” - “well, it is already a lot to me, rem”
  • would hold you close
  • almost tear up as he never thought you would love him back
  • or that someone would ever love him (romantically)
  • “i love you, too” while kissing your red cheeks


  • would happen after something stupid you both did
  • you would be laughing and it would spit out with no control
  • he would stare at you with a teasing smirk
  • “oh, really? you’re lucky cause it happens I love you too m’love”
  • would smile bigger than he ever did
  • and hug you tight swinging you from side to side
“Gorgeous” - Sirius Black x Reader

Not requested but inspired by Taylor Swift’s new song Gorgeous. I just listened to it and immediately thought of Sirius. Let me know if you like this! Love, xx

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Would you look at him! There he was, Sirius Black. You really hoped he didn’t show up but he did. Lily forced you to go to The Three Broomstick’s special halloween night and got you to dress up like some 50s Marilyn Monroe. You didn’t want to because you knew Sirius Black, the ladies’ man, would be there.
With a hand on your champagne glass, you looked at him and remembered last time you saw him. It was at a Gryffindor party and you got drunk and made fun of his strong accent. He never made you forget this and teased you for weeks. But was it your fault that he was so mesmerizing? No. He was greek God and you could do nothing about the way he made you feel. Which made you act like an idiot every time he was near you. So that explains your anxiety about his entrance tonight.
You thought about your boyfriend and quite felt bad for feeling this way about Sirius. But at the same time, you knew he was cheating. Hell! Everybody knew it. He was actually in some other party, and you didn’t even know what he would be capable to do in your absence. You looked at Sirius making jokes and making everybody laugh, thinking how cool he was. Merlin, you hated how perfect he was.
The party went on, you ordered firewhiskey, the sunset was going down, everybody was ready to have a good time.

A few hours later, everybody had a great time and you couldn’t take your eyes off of Sirius. He was dressed as James Dean and you thought you would die on the spot. He never looked more handsome than he did right now, and it was really hard to outdo the way he looked everyday.
You spent the night talking to everyone but him, because you couldn’t look at his face when he would look at you. Which annoyed him, really. Because of course he thought about you a lot, ever since you made fun of him that night. He purposely walked next to you and brushed his hand with yours, continuing his walk. You turned to look at him and he winked, making you stare back at your drink with red cheeks. He should think about the consequences..

You started thinking, is he free? You don’t see him with the same girl often, so he must be. But you’d prefer if he had a girlfriend, even if you’d be jealous. Because you knew you couldn’t fall for him, you shouldn’t. And, also, you had that git of a boyfriend too. Sirius was so handsome, it actually hurt.
You kept dancing and having fun, until he came. He started dancing with you and you had to look at him. His piercing grey eyes looking in yours, your heart almost missed a beat. You felt like drowning into his eyes. You both spent the night dancing and talking. Until Sirius pulled you aside.

“I’m having a great time, darling” he said with a smirk, pushing you to the wall, his hand next to your head and the other in his pocket.

Your breath hitched and you looked at him. He made you so happy tonight, and you felt so sad because you knew you couldn’t cheat on your boyfriend. You bit your lip, looking into his beautiful eyes. You hated not having him, you hated how pretty he was.

“I’m going outside… Wanna come along?”

There. You said it. Screw everything and everyone. He was too handsome for you to ignore. He smirked and kissed your cheek, taking your hand.
You both got out and you took in a big breath. Your skin was burning because of the contact with his, and you couldn’t help but see how your hand fit so well in his. He frowned and got in front of you.

“Everything alright?” he asked, studying your face and caressing your cheek. You nodded.

Truth was, he was so gorgeous… You were even mad at him for it. You sighed and looked up to his eyes.

“You make me so mad.”
“Really?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. “How?”
“You’re too perfect, Sirius.” He smirked and licked his bottom lip, pushing you once again against a wall and blocking you with his hands.
“I gotta say, you’re quite the woman. You drive me crazy, in fact.” he said in a whisper.

You sighed, closing your eyes. He nudged your cheek with his nose softly and you happily inhaled his scent. He was ravishing, such a tempting soul. You were burning for him.

“But, I got a boyfriend..” He looked at you and smirked once again.
“That git? Who cares about him? He doesn’t deserve you.”

He was right. So right, and so damn gorgeous. You looked at his grey eyes and sank once again. He stared at you biting your lips and sighed.

“Fuck it” he mumbled, crashing his lips onto yours.

He made you so happy, he was so gorgeous.

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