Please stop
Is it that hard to respect the simple request of not editing their pictures? The pictures they spend hours upon hours getting, editing and posting themselves? Why has it even gotten to the point where a fan site has to say this??
Their pictures are perfect the way they are, why do you insist on changing them and even claim them as “your edits”?
“well they don’t know how hard it is and how much time goes into editing them. we do the same amount of work they do”
no. no you don’t. not even CLOSE.  
when you fly out to korea, get to events up to 4 hours+ ahead of time to get a good spot, wait in freezing, windy or blistering hot weather, fight through the fangirls and risk getting your camera taken away all for the sake of getting a good picture to share with people who can’t be there to see them. only then can you say you’ve done hard work. sometimes after all that they still don’t get the picture they wanted, but they keep trying.
after the craziness of the event, they still have thousands of pictures to look through and edit before posting them online.
after taking the time to do all of this, do you think they want to see their hard work edited and watermarks cropped out? no they don’t. this really gives international fans a bad name when doing so.
everyone should be grateful that they even let us post their pictures on tumblr instead of having to sign up on the fan site itself. 
so please just follow that one small rule and enjoy their pictures before we get this privilege taken away.