Me: *Sees a group that could be promising.

Me: Hmm, I guess I’ll check them out. But I can’t get into anymore K-pop groups.

Me:*After watching all their music videos/live performances, know all of their names and birthdays, and is in way too deep in the fandom:

ok,,, not to start the Discourse but i /hate/ it when people pull tweets/quotes/etc that a person said 5+ years ago and are like “problematic!!!!! time to un-fucking-stan!!!!!”

listen, five years ago i was a superwholock. people change. people also don’t remember the shit they put on the internet 5+ years ago??? so also don’t use the “they should apologise!!!” excuse either????

like unless someone is like “hey you said X shitty thing a while ago what was that about” the person probably isn’t going to be aware that they’ve done/said X shitty thing. we live in an age where Everything Is Online. which means even our uneducated opinions are out there, too, but that doesn’t mean people can’t/won’t change.

um i don’t mean to freak out over nothing…but all the giddiness, tension, and longing that damen incessantly waxed lyrical about?? LAURENT FELT THAT TOO. IT WAS MUTUAL. HE HURT HIMSELF WHEN HE HURT DAMEN. HE PROBABLY GAZED LONGINGLY AT DAMEN’S BICEPS AND FULL LIPS AND RICH, DARK CURLS WHEN DAMEN WASN’T LOOKING. HE HAD A FUCKING CRUSH.