f(x)’s krystal to return as an actress after 3 years with tvn’s drama ‘bride of the water god (2017)’

nam joohyuk, shin sekyung & f(x)’s krystal are reportedly reviewing offers for the upcoming tvn drama, ‘bride of the water god’. krystal has been offered a major supporting role as mura, the witch of the chungyo mountains, who has a one-sided love with habaek. her affections toward him result in her loyalty being questioned. (source: i / ii)

Canada Stoner AU

Okay so there is an AU that says “Canada isn’t actually invisible he just is high all the time and thinks he is.”
It’s just so funny to me that Matthew is just a pot head. It could also account for why he’s so quiet and easy going he’s just super relaxed..


I seriously love this AU so much.

Original AU from the now deactivated @nonbinaryromano