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i wasn’t even going to acknowledge it…is it really something to be proud of? yep, there’s 2,000 quotes related to one of the finest stories ever written (with me succumbing to the tv version of events on occasion, i admit). so to celebrate, i thought i’d post a selfie (HEH! yeah, this place really exists!) with a fine choice of words…and now, i’m going back to bed to hide under my comforter for a long, hard reflection about my life choices. lol…cheers, darlings…i hope you’ve found at least a few of them enjoyable/enlightening/funny/heartbreaking…i know i have…thanks for indulging me and sticking around, i’ve got the best people hanging around here–> YOU.

one of the things i love most about asoiaf is that you can talk about spoilers around people who haven’t read the books and it’s okay because they’re so ridiculous that no one will take you seriously

  • “he’s slowly turning into an evil tree”
  • “she’s infiltrating the castle dressed as a nun”
  • “he died, but it’s okay because his soul lives on in his dog”
  • “she was pushed off a mountain by an accountant”
  • “he’s really bummed because his friend switched his girlfriend’s baby with a different baby and she’s sad about it”
  • “he spends three chapters slowly burning to death”
  • “she destroys the wizard palace by stabbing it”
  • “at first he’s mad at his girlfriend for using his sperm to murder his brother without his consent but now he’s decided that’s a useful power”
  • “she helps murder the king by wearing poison in her hair to a feast”
  • “he died trying to play a magic trumpet”


it’s cliche for a story to start with

violation – the demolition of an

innocence, a dissonance with justice,

but sometimes beginning with a cliche is a must.

sometimes girl is crushed, dirty

handed, hair mussed, a heart topped

full of fear and mistrust, sometimes

girl was never girl in the first place.

so here is my advice – soul to soul,

the world may bowl you over, but

that doesn’t mean you have to let it win,

no one can stop you from crafting new skin.

become a myth; caeneus emerged from his

unbowed, unbroken, unsubmerged in agony,

the shame of his cliche washed away with the sea

girl made man, a whole new harmony.

through a cacophony of violence, visceral

and vile – caeneus found his own autonomy,

his freedom was fierce, fast-tracked by the gods,

his skin forged from iron and ichor, impenetrable.

become a myth, and so shall yours be.

last sentence meme

surprisingly tagged by the perpetually kind @asimplylucia​. thank you, darling, i didn’t think anyone really noticed my poems. (honestly)

Rules: Post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

“Baptism by fire, she thought to herself, as she dunked her head in a bucket of whiskey and struck a match.”

i know this has been going around for a while and i’m not sure who hasn’t been tagged by now…so if you want to play, then play…

8 Facts About My Muse (#1)

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“Words are Wind:  A Game of Thrones Parody”

Submitted by jdonkey.

Words are wind

But a sweep of wind can be storm-like swirling in your soul, getting feelings and thoughts upside-down and twisting them to make you confused.

The wind can be chilly like the icy, dead fingers of the Others gripping your heart and spouting dispair into your veins. It blows so powerfully that tears come to your eyes and despite the frost you can feel the bitter warmth the drops leave behind.

And the wind can be smooth and gentle, comforting as if a tender hand would stroke your face. You are filled with energy and the wind brings the charming scent of hope and strenght and trust.

The wind may come and go, but still, the words it brings can be carved into your heart and mind and memory like a strong wind carves the surface of water.

Words are wind. A special sort of wind that you may not forget, that leaks into your head and wouldn’t leave, a wind you treasure or curse depending on the feelings it sweeps with.

a lot is going on a lot more than i could ever handle and i have had chest pain for the last couple of days and my anxiety and depression and apprehension isn’t getting better i’m going to buy a notebook tonight and i am going to start writing because my negative ridiculous thoughts need to go somewhere and it hurts me and other people when i say them out loud so that will be nice i’m going to see my doctor next week and i am ready i don’t know what it is that finally just made me realize what i can lose and what i have and that i deserve this wonderful love and i am ready to accept it