f: tina x amy


“Tina Fey is my comedy wife. I have known her for almost a double decade. We met each other when we were poor and single. Now we are both rich as shit and have husbands all over the world. People think of us as a "comedy team” and I am not quick to correct them. Why wouldn’t I want to connect myself to the fiercest and most talented voice in the comedy world?“ -Amy Poehler (Yes Please)

“It’s funny because Tina doesn’t really look like a Tina. I actually call her Betty, because her real name is Elizabeth, and I like that kind of no-nonsense, Rosie-the-Riveter sound.” – Amy Poehler


TinAmy 30 Day Challenge:

Day 23: Do you ship Tinamy romantically?

Oh, that’s an interesting question… Tina and Amy are a really good pairing and they have chemistry and most of all, they match! They match so well, whether it’s physically or mentally, they match so beautifully, it’s a match made in heaven. So yes, a part of me ship them romantically, but the most important for me, is their friendship (you have no idea how much their friendship affects my life and my mood)

“When we get ready for a big event like this, I usually just run around screaming, saying, "We’re never gonna make it!!!” and Tina usually ends up just punching a wall, being like, “I’m disappointing myself and my family!” That’s an everyday writing session for us.“ - Amy Poehler  on collaborating with Tina Fey, via Entertainment Weekly