f: the princess and the frog

  • Germany: ...
  • France: ...
  • America: ...
  • England: ... what?
  • Germany: ... how exactly do you expect me to start a meeting when there's a BABY on your lap???
  • England: I told you for the umpteenth time, Kate and William have to go with George for an event, and I have to babysit Charlotte for the day~ Don't I, love~
  • Princess Charlotte: abuu~!
  • America: dude, like this is a world meeting, you can't bring some random child to this-
  • England: Excuse you! This is the Princess you're talking about.
  • France: well, I don't mind in all honesty, she's trés mignonne~
  • Princess Charlotte: F... F...
  • England: w-w-whaa??? I-Is she trying to say something?? Oh my lord, this is going to be her first word! I need to record this!!
  • France: Father?
  • America: Freedom??
  • Germany: For the love of-
  • Princess Charlotte, pointing at France: F... F... Frog!!
  • England: ...
  • France: ... wha...
  • England: ... I'm... I'm... So proud of you!!!
  • France: SHUT UP!!

So, so very lazy with this sketch–use your imagination for the first bit of dialogue–but i gotta ask where the heck is the fandom on this?? They’re so in love yall can fight me on this one

Anyways, I imagine this is a few years after the war with Calamity Ganon where everything went well and didn’t end in heartbreaking disaster (i could never find Urbosa’s age but I imagine she’s in her mid twenties during the calamity? So now she would be in her early 30’s and Zelda 25 or smth)

(Not gonna lie I was sooo tempted to give zelda nerd glasses, did anyone see the memory with the frogs and princess flower? A+ nerd)


i didn’t draw all of the rest of them though because i had no where else to put them. so i was k iNDA  JUST LEFT WITH THESE FOUR, BECAUSE THESE ARE EITHER MY FAVES OR ARE THE EASIEST T DR  AW… .

but yeah it’s not good, i know, i  jUS T WANTED TO D RA W IT… ]

T H E  P R I N C E S S  A N D  T H E  F R O G, princess tiana

There once was a Princess. She was not an ordinary princess, however. This Princess loved to play alone in the palace gardens while she tossed around her favourite beaming golden ball.

i n   t h e   d a r k   o f   t h e   n i g h t
… just a Halloween mix featuring some villain songs

In The Dark Of The Night Anastasia | Baba Yaga Bartok The Magnificent | Hellfire Hunchback of Notre Dame | Come Little Children Hocus Pocus | Poor Unfortunate Souls The Little Mermaid | Gnorga, The Queen Of Mean A Troll in Central Park | Ruber Quest For Camelot | Kidnap Sandy Claws The Nightmare Before Christmas | Big And Loud (reprise) Cats Don’t Dance | Friends On The Other Side The Princess and the Frog | Secret Of Survival The Wind in the Willows | Brains! The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy | Shiver My Timbers The Muppets Treasure Island

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Part 2!

Sleeping Beauty

“I wonder who this castle belongs to,” Kise wondered, looking at all the thorny roses and crisscrossed vines.

The drawbridges were down and he encouraged his horse to cross it, using his sword to hack through the overgrown vegetation that promised a sting with every look.

“My Prince, I think you should not go near it. It looks…” his footman’s words trailed off as they entered a silent place filled with people strewn all over.

The first thought that came to Kise’s mind was “Are they dead?” but upon further inspection, they seemed to be more of asleep than truly dead.

“Wake up,” he shook a man but the man simply slumped in his grasp, unmoving to Kise’s calls.

“What is going on here?” He wondered aloud, passing his horse on to his servants as he continued on foot.

The further he entered the sleeping city, the finer clothed the sleeping people seemed. Some of them were sprawled in uncomfortable positions, looking as though the sleeping spell had took them by chance. Kise stepped past them carefully, his sharp eyes surveying his surroundings carefully. What he saw after a while took him by surprise. A gorgeous castle stood in front of him in all its grandeur and even though it looked as though it was abandoned, its previous glamor still shone through. His footmen were behind him, asking him to turn back and abandon this quest. However, a gut feeling pulled him towards a castle, urging him to continue on his road. He soon reached the castle and made his way up the stairs, noticing the doormen and maids sleeping on the floor.

He tried to right some of them so that they would be more comfortable and quickly continued on his road. The castle was more like a palace and as he ventured, he realized that it was as grand as his own palace back in his home. He made his way up and down stairs, finally reaching a small little room hidden by ivy and thorns. Withdrawing his sword, he cut it all away and reached for the door knob, excited by what lays beyond.

“Please, My Prince, it seems dangerous…” his footman started but he raised a hand to silence him.

The first thing Kise caught sight of was an enchanting girl lying on the ground. You were not sprawled like the others and instead laid on the ground like you were tired and had decided to take a nap. He quickly rushed forward to cradle you into his arms and was immediately captivated by your looks. A little voice in his head was encouraging him to kiss you and he tried to resist it but it grew so loud that he was unable to ignore it any longer. Leaning down slowly (just to make sure that you would not wake), he pressed his lips gently to yours. It happened almost immediately. Your eyes fluttered and Kise immediately straightened, knowing it would not be good if you woke up with his face so close to yours. After what seemed like ages, your eyes fully opened and you seemed to drink in his features when you gasped.

“What… What is happening?” you asked.

“I… I apologise but I kissed you for a moment and you woke up,” Kise replied, a blush coloring his cheeks.

You laid in his arms for a moment, taking in his statement when it clicked. The witch! The curse! The curse has been broken! You let out a giggle before throwing yourself at Kise, hugging him tightly.

“Thank you, thank you!”

He was bewildered but regardless, accepted your hug. Not long after, the whole village awoke. It seemed like a magical process and it was jump started from Kise’s kiss. Your father and mother thanked him on everyone’s behalf and asked him if there was something he would like. He nodded quickly and turned to you, holding your hands gently in his.

“If you would, (l/n)-san, would you marry me please?”


Little Red Riding Hood

Murasakibara was walking along the forest trail, chewing on his pocky stick lazily. His gun was slung over his shoulder and his long purple hair shielded his eyes from the unrelenting sun. It was a boring day and his only accompaniment was his bag of sweets and biscuits. Not before long, he heard a loud scream coming from a direction he knew was isolated with only a house built on it.

“Nngh?” he grumbled, walking towards the sound instinctively.

Before he could reach the house, you ran smack into him, your red coat flying behind you.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, pulling you away by grabbing your shoulders.

“A… A wolf! A wolf ate my grandma!” you cried out, tears streaming down your cheeks.

“A wolf?” he immediately perked up at the sound of the meat and pulled his gun into his hand in a swift motion.

“No, kind sir, please do not venture inside,” you pulled at his shirt, panic clear on your face.

“Ne? It is okay. Come, eat some pocky,” he offered.

Murasakibara never shares his food but just the sight of you standing there worried about him made him want to shelter and protect you for some reason. You took over the box of pocky, confused by the gesture. His hand reached out to smooth the frown you were making and a smile brightened his face.

“It will be okay,” he said before striding to the house confidently.

It was not even a difficult task for someone of Murasakibara’s strength and stature. Within minutes, he had the wolf’s limp body in his hands.

“Are… Are you okay?” you asked, peeking into the house.

“Yes and I think your grandma is too,” he commented.

After killing the wolf, he cut it open down the middle and your grandmother was lying there intact.

“Oh, my precious (f/n),” she hugged you to her tightly.

You hugged her back, relieved that she was right next to you. After she let go of you, you flew at Murasakibara and looped your hands around his neck.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” you repeated as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Anytime,” he whispered back.


The Princess and the Frog


You were rather belligerent at letting the frog stay over and live at your palace for three days straight. However, you already gave a promise and your father had told you not to break it. The frog was also amusing, with a rather special way of talking.

“Come, let me help you up the stairs to my room,” you knelt down to scoop him up.

“No need… nanodayo. I can make it up myself,” he retorted.

If his skin wasn’t green, you could have sworn that he was blushing. Scrunching your nose at him, you skipped up the stairs.

“Fine then.”

After 10 minutes, you peeked out of your door again and saw him struggling to get up the second step. You giggled behind your hand and went to pick him up despite his protests. When you set him down on your pillow, you returned to your side to get into bed too.

“I… Thank you nanodayo,” he whispered.

“You are welcome,” you mumbled before falling into dreamland.

The next morning, you woke up when the sun shone its rays onto your eyes. Shielding your eyes, you groaned a complaint when you noticed a tall guy with green hair was standing right in front of you.

“Who… Who are you?” you shrieked, pulling your duvet to cover yourself. (Even though you were decently dressed)

“I am the frog. Some witch placed a curse on me for a few years and to break it, I needed to spend three days eating and sleeping upon someone’s bed,” he flushed, bending down to meet your eyes.

You were stunned silent by his bright green eyes and handsome features.

“I…” you stammered.

“Thank you for saving me. How do you want me to repay you?” He asked, looking away when he said it.

You blinked at him and blurted your answer without thinking.

“Marry me. I mean, no! I mean, I…”

A smile immediately slid onto his face before he covered it with his hand. His cheeks turned a brighter red as he processed what you just said.

“Argh, forget what I just said please,” you pleaded, blushing as well.

“No, please do marry me,” he replied, turning your cheek to face his before leaning forward to kiss you.




Beauty and the Beast


The next morning, you were in the palace. The moment you awoke, you awaited for 9 o’clock. However, when Kagami did not enter, you begun to worry. What if your dream was real and he was really dead? You immediately ran to the backyard where you saw him in your dream and to your horror, he was lying there without moving. Eyes widening, you rushed to his side and shook him.

“Kagami-chan!” you shouted, despair clear in your voice.

His eyes fluttered and when his gaze fixed upon you, a small smile ghosted across his face.

“I am glad I get to meet you for one last time,” he whispered.

“No. you must not die. Live to be my husband; from this moment I give you my hand, and swear to be none but yours. Alas! I thought I had only a friendship for you, but the grief I now feel convinces me, that I cannot live without you,” you pleaded, close to tears.

The moment the words escaped, the whole palace lit up in fireworks and you jumped, startled by the sudden noise and light. Everywhere seemed to be bathed in light and when you turned back to Kagami, you scrambled backwards. In his place was a young man with fiery red hair and equally colored eyes. He was sitting up and a shy smile affixed on his face.

“Who… Who are you!” you accused, wondering where Kagami-chan went.

“I am Kagami, (f/n)-chan. I was under a wicked curse and it broke when you promised to marry me,” he replied, pink lighting up his cheeks.

“I… I don’t believe you,” you stuttered, still stunned by what was happening.

“Then, let me convince you. After all, you are going to be my wife,” he said before slipping a hand across your waist and pressing his lips against yours gently.

Kings and Queens | A Christmas Fantasy on Flickr.