f: the hobbit: desolation of smaug


“But also because I am interested in “stuff”. I’m interested in history, I’m interested in politics. I’m interested in people who aren’t me. Which is another reason I guess I’m an actor, because you can pretend to be other people. If your lucky you can play those things as an actor, where you get to bring different interests in. But my main thing is just what it is to be human, what it is to be alive. I like vulnerability and honesty. An actor without vulnerability is a f$@king waste of space.”

Hold On

Title: Hold On

ONESHOT (Or Twoshot if requested)

Words: 1,166

Author: forever-part-of-the-fandom

Imagine: Kili’s face when you take the arrow meant for him during the Barrel Escape

Rating: T

Notes/Warning: Some violence and Character Injury and maybe a couple of mistakes.


The moment the gates had closed in front of your barrels, halting your escape, you knew it was a matter of time before the Orcs would be upon you, never mind the Elves. You yelped one of those hell spawns jumped at you, baring its teeth and ready to make a bite. A sword was stabbed through its mouth and retracted as it fell into the water. You grimaced as you watched its mangled form of a body sink like a stone onto the riverbed.

“Are you alright, (F/n)?” Bilbo came into view, looking much like a drowned puppy and exhausted as ever. And surprisingly… thin. You shook your head. Later. Your eyes scanned keenly, searching for a way to open the gates when they landed on a worn, wooden handle sprouting out of a wall.

“Yeah…” you whispered absentmindedly “Kili!” you shouted, gaining the younger Durin’s attention and pointing at the lever. He nodded in understanding, scrambling out of the barrel and onto wet, slippery rock. You easily followed, retrieving an abandoned weapon and whirling in time to block an attack from an Orc and killing it where it stood with a roar. You saw Kili had done the same, wielding an axe, and cutting down as many of those beasts as he could. But no matter how many you killed, more followed. You noticed in horror as elven guards were killed brutally, their bloodied corpses dropping to the ground with a sickening sound of flesh hitting stone. You shuddered, ignoring it before jumping in to protect Kili’s back, parrying an oncoming blow by a poison-dipped blade and slaughtering the wielder. You spun to face the Company who still remained in their barrels, you gritted your teeth at them. They were currently fighting off as many waves of Orcs as they could with their bare fists, Bilbo trying his best to swim from barrel to barrel, protecting each Dwarf when they were snuck on. But mostly he lingered around Thorin’s and Ori’s; obviously scared for the King of Erebor and the youngest of the group.

“Kili!” you hissed, realizing you wouldn’t be getting much help from them anytime soon “Get to the lever! I’ll hold them off!” You parried another blow, leaning back slightly as a larger Orc added as much force as he could to make you topple over

“But-” the brunette began, eyes alarmed as his hands twitched around his acquired weapon to help you

Do it!” Kili flinched at your harsh tone before turning and doing his best not to slip as he ran for the wooden leaver. You let out a fierce shout as you managed to push your attacker off and stab it clean in the heart. You savoured the moment of nothing trying to kill you before you noticed an Orc in the corner of your eye drawing his bow, a poisoned arrow knocked. You looked at its aimed destination and you swore you felt your heart stop.


Alarmingly he was unaware of his surroundings and was almost at the lever. You didn’t realize your feet were already moving, aching in overexertion.  

Kili!” you screamed, aware that Fili was shouting the same thing as well “Get down!” the brown-haired dwarf’s head snapped to you just as your body collided with his, sending you both toppling over, you cupped the back of his head before he hit the unforgiving ground so he wouldn’t be hurt just as you felt something pierce your side. For a moment, you both lay on the stones, panting. You blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. You were faintly aware of Kili calling your name and sitting up, his eyes were wide with abject panic. His mouth was slightly ajar in pure horror, his face soaked and sticking to his face.

“(F/n)…” he whispered, his voice so quiet you barely heard it over the sound of the ongoing fighting, he was looking down at your body and for a moment you thought he was staring at some skin that was exposed on your body before you felt something burning on your right shoulder. Hesitantly, you rotated your head to look at it and your blood ran cold. For the first time in your life, the words were stuck in your throat. The arrow was wedged into your shoulder.

There was an arrow in your shoulder.

And only now did you realize how painful it was to have one in. Your. Shoulder.

Finally, you let out a shrill, agonized, scream and rolled onto your left shoulder, clawing your right as you felt your body burn with lethal Orc poison.

“(F/N)!” you are distantly aware of the Company and Bilbo screaming your name before falling into battle once more. You allow your eyes to weakly wander and they lock onto an Orc, weapon raised high and eyes ready for blood shed. You moan a weak ‘Kili’ when the young dwarf immediately shields you from the blow using his own body. The attack never came; instead the Orc fell to the ground, an arrow sticking from the back of its head.

“Kili…” you groan, making Kili look down at you “T-he lever” you move your head and cough up a storm. The youngest Durin brother nodded in understanding, scrambling to his feet and yanking down the leaver, yelling in effort.

“Kili!” Thorin shouts, “Get (F/n) into a barrel, quickly before more Orcs come upon us!” the leader of the company’s words are harsh but you can pick out the, barely-there, worry.

“(F/n), I’m sorry if this hurts but I need to get you into a barrel, okay?” Kili says quickly and you’re already nodding before he finishes. “Deep breaths, (F/n), deep breaths” he brushes a few strands of your (h/c) hair from your face and giving you a withering look before his arms are sliding under your knees and behind your shoulders. You scream when he jostles your injured one. He mutters an apology but doesn’t slow his actions and he lifts you into your arms and jumps into an empty barrel that Dwalin keeps steady as the other members of the company float through the gate and down yet another waterfall. Your stomach clenches.

You both land heavily inside the wooden casket or a barrel and he manoeuvres you so you’re facing the water and your back is pressed against his chest and his arms are wrapped around your waist. Your knees are numb by this stage so you lean all your weight against him, his stance not wavering as you’re both sent careening down the waterfall and into a barrage of rapids. Each jolt send you crying out in pain and Kili’s arms wrap tighter around you as he does his best to soften each blow with his own body.

“Hold on, (F/n), please hold on” he whispers softly into your ear as your eyes droop, you’re body shutting down and losing the ongoing battle as you try to stay awake.

Please hold on.

Your vision went black.


Day 3 of Salt Lake Comic Con: THORIN(Barrel scene in DoS) Part 1

NO ONE recognized me, but I still had fun.

Story with the other Thorin, I started talking to him, and I told him how I had seen our nephew Fili, but Fili completely ignored me. The other Thorin just shook his head, and smiled as he said, “That little mother f***er” right when my dad took the picture. I would have laughed so hard if I hadn’t been trapped in layers of spirit gum and fake beard.

I f*cking love film scores, part III — a playlist (listen — II  I)

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