f: the almighty johnsons

conversation between Dawn and Anders that definitely happened
  • Anders: You might want to be more careful, your cst nearly escaped out the front door!
  • Dawn: He doesn't look familiar to me.
  • Anders: Eh? But this cat is here, in your house.
  • Dawn: He's not my cat.
  • Anders: But he lives here. I've seen the little bowl you have in the kitchen and that scratching post in the hall.
  • Dawn: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Anders: *picks up the cat* You are Dawn.
  • Dawn: Yes.
  • Anders: And this tag says "Please contact Dawn or Ty if lost"
  • Dawn: It does.
  • Anders: And this tag lives on that cat.
  • Dawn: Yup, it seems to!
  • Anders: Well then this is your cat.
  • Dawn: I don't have a cat.
Dreamland - chapter 4 - Diávolos ston kathréfti

Hello everyone! Look what I did! I actually managed to do an update in less than a month! *Blatantly ignores the fact that there’s only 4 days difference between today and the 19th of April…* O.o

To recap, the Greek boys are pissed and the Kiwi boys confused as fuck. Unfortunately they better start trying to work things out quickly or they might not like whats coming their way… Correction: they’re going to hate what’s coming their way regardless.

I’m glad I’ve managed to keep you guessing with what’s occurred, I promise all will be revealed soon so hang in there! We’re getting there I promise!

Enjoy the preview, and you can read the full chapter here!

 “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!” He yelled at the darkness, looking around while fear sent tremors careening through his body. Something wasn’t right here, something was very not right and two of his family members had already paid the price because of it.


 His head whipped around at the soft plea, ears straining and heart pounding at the thought there was someone nearby who was still alive.

 When several moments of deafening silence passed he called out in a carefully controlled, waver free voice. “Ty? Anders?”

 “He…lp… ple…a…se…”