f: tangled


ok so i know how everyone thinks that the Queen of Corona and the Queen of Arendelle would be sisters, but what if the Queen of Corona and the King of Arendelle were siblings.

think about it, the queens don’t look that much alike except for their hair, but the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona do.

they have the same eyes (color and shape), same pursed lips, and their hair shows similar styles and waviness, along with graying in the same areas.  they look more alike than the two queens do.  

Elsa and Anna look nothing like Rapunzel (and every girl shows a striking resemblance to their mother)

the Queen of Arenedelle and the Queen of Corona actually don’t look alike at all.

just a thought, what do you think?

just to be clear.i do NOT hate frozen.no one can hate any disney movie.neither do i.but i do believe that tangled is better than frozen.i just think its unfair that tangled didn't get a proper sequel but frozen is getting it even though tangled came first and it too was a very big success.and i m very much aware of tangled ever after.but it can't be called a proper sequel since it wasn't even 15 minutes long.so there you go...now i hope you can understand my pain.