f: spirit

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This is really specific, but could I get a hc/ficlet about a smaller boy with his much larger shadow/shapeshifting bf?

He’s constantly looming over you, just to bother you and see what you’re doing. He’s aware this pisses you off, and yet, he doesn’t stop.

Since he’s so big, he’s often the one who’s getting all of the cups off the top shelf, the GOOD snacks off the top at the store, and, also, giving you piggy back rides. 

He also uses his shapeshifting to fuck around. He’ll often just waltz around in a ‘shadow form’ of you. He makes fun of you often (in a light hearted way).

He hates sunlight, so most of your date nights are inside, or in the evening. He’s a fan of catching fireflies, though.

Meet S!

Meet S, a wolf like creature but with no back legs so his torso just goes into his tail. He has a rectangular, square head with red eyes. He has dark brown fur to the point where it looks black. He has said he is sort of a mix between wolf and vampire to put it simply, and such he does have psychic vampire tendencies.

Like suggest, his main elemental correspondence is Darkness with most of his skills in energy work and various forms of moon magick and necromancy.

S is like a puppy! He is loyal and kind and pretty darn cute! He is also ferocious to those who hurt his alpha or companion. While he speaks in barks and other canine sounds you can understand him through his facial and vocal expressions.

S is fine with any level of spirit worker or witch. However he does prefer that if you are a Beginner spirit worker that you have a good few (3-5) weeks of experience before applying. He wants to be with his companion all day every day. While active conversation doesn’t have to be going on he likes to be acknowledged throughout the day by an astral pat on the head or two!

S’s full name, possible manifestations, and offerings will be given to her future companion.