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I love everything about your His Dark Materials AU except for the fact that I know how it'll end;;; I could hardly bear it when it happens to Will and Lyra (no specific spoiler just in case), I don't want to envision SoMa having to go through it;;;;;;;; On a lighter note, I'm a fairly recent follower - do you have any headcanons on what Soul and Maka's daemons would be?? Keep up the great work!! :D

OH MAN THANK YOU for giving me an excuse to jabber on about HDM, hahaha. the great trauma of my childhood was the ending to The Amber Spyglass. who knows how this AU ends?? wink wonk. I do. ;) 

anyway here are some fun daemon headcanons!!! 

Maka’s daemon is named Shajaea and likes to take the shape of small mammals. her daemon is her hype man. settles as a mongoose because they’re scrappy, teeth with fur, and kill snakes dead >: ) 

in contrast, Soul’s daemon takes the shape of creepy crawlies, reptiles, and the like. its name is Oni and tends to give voice to Soul’s insecurities in the name of Keeping Them Safe. settles as a gila monster.

Day 20 of NaNoWriMo

“You expect to face everyone in a suit worn like that?” Griffin asked, taking hold of Archer’s shoulders and turning him in his direction. “Your tie’s all loose. Let me…”

He trailed off as he began to untie Archer’s necktie, and took the ends in his hands so that he could fix it. Archer stared down at his hands as they weaved through the fabric, Griffin’s pale fingers contrasting with the tie’s dark green.

When Griffin was finished, he tucked it into Archer’s waistcoat, and looked back up at him. “There,” he said. “And tie your laces neatly, too, you could trip.”

  • Genie: what is your wish
  • Me: soul eater reboot. It follows the plot of the manga. Re-animated by Bones. The original dub cast is back and they use they/them pronouns when referring to Crona. Wes Evans animated. Kid becoming symmetrical on the small screen. The piano blade. Spartoi. Maka flying through the sky. "Even this music is something we made together, isn't it" in Micah Solusod's velveteen voice. It's glorious.