f: perminent

Best Week EVER!

For me sunday always starts a new week and i cant lie, from sunday to saturday of last week , i cant seem to find any flaws. Life is really what you make it. If you chose to do well you will. I think that a key factor is to KNOW you can do it.. i mean.. look at all the lesser talented ppl out there making it! they believe in what they’ve got until the goals they set are accomplished #GoGetters… Whos to say that us with the knowledge cannot do the same huh? who?

Apart of My daily Diet :) Practice makes Permanent

For Leah ♥ ♥ ♥

I cannot express how happy I am for you right now. ;__;

You awesome Sungmin stan, unnie’s so proud of you. I love you so much bb.

Just so you know, Leah got an air-kiss from Sungmin yesterday ♥

And today, she threw a perMINent towel and Sungmin got it!!!!


Would have been nice if I can spazz with you IRL.