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WILL TELL YOUR DAD TO DIM HIS CAR AGH IT BURNS *dives into a pool of Aloe* -A sunburned Anon

He was wearing faded jeans and a fresh orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt, as if he’d never been away from the Greek side. The new clothes had probably helped his mood – and of course the fact that he was standing at the rail with his arm around Annabeth

the Mark of Athena pg 115

Be More Chill Demigod AU: Rich

-when Rich was little his mom died and both him and his brother were left alone with their crap sack father
-they run away to New York when they see somebody fighting a cyclops and the two just watch as the person kicks the monster’s ass
-it turns out that person’s name is Luke Castellan and he takes the two to Camp Half-Blood
-Rich is excited, he knew that man who hurt him and his brother couldn’t possibly be his father
-unfortunately they never find out who their godly parent is and as the years go by they remain unclaimed
-Rich’s brother goes on a quest that he never comes back from
-Luke it’s very sympathetic towards Rich when his brother dies and starts mentioning how if their godly parents actually cared then this wouldn’t have happened
-Luke turns and when campers leave with him he tries to convince Rich who almost accepts but then he remembers his friends, mainly Jake and doesn’t accept
-the Battle for Manhattan with Rich leading a group into battle in front of the Empire State building
-as the last monster’s defeated everyone is staring directly above Rich’s head
-it’s the Greek symbol for victory, he is the son of Nike
-he can’t believe it, it’s not possible he knows who his mom is. She died of cancer when he was seven
-his brother did not die just for it to turn out their biological mother is just as bad as their father
-Linda Goranski will always be his mother, she may not have given birth to him but she did more for him and his brother than either of his biological parents did

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Can you do a Percabeth smut where like Percy teases Annabeth during class and then she has to wait until after class to get back at him

No smut, lots of teasing in class headcanons though.

  • Lots of note passing. Annabeth created a secret code so no one could read their notes if they got caught. 
  • Footsie under the desks all the time. Annabeth using her foot to rub up Percy’s leg always makes him squirms. 
  • They learned morse code to talk to each other during class too. Secretly sending dirty messages to one another. 
  • Make subtle sexual gestures during class so fast that if you blink, you missed the message.

I’m gonna go with trans boy percy, in the future pls add if you want trans boy or trans girl headcanons

• okay so I like the idea of his birth name being Persephone bc you can still get the nickname Percy from it
• I spent ten minutes Google Greek names that started with per
• he comes out when he’s 11
• when he starts Yancy most of the teachers call him ‘Miss Jackson’ and 'Persephone’ but not Mr. Burnner
• yeah the “you’re not normal” really upsets Percy even more
• he chose the name Perseus bc he remembers how much his mom liked the story
• he worries that his father hasn’t claimed him bc he’s trans
• when he does get claim he feels so much like an outsider but hey at least no one calls him the daughter of Poseidon.
• Grover is an awesome best friend who promises to play his flute while following around anyone who wants to call Percy a girl
• Percy is scared at first to tell Annabeth but everything turns out okay
• *cough* Percy and Clarisse are both trans and they bond over that *cough*
• gets a binder when he’s 16 for Christmas and it’s a blue mermaid scales one
• once he found a small note on his pillow that said, 'Thank you for finding the sword and saving the whole world. Also I think Perseus is a much better name for you. -Persephone’
• when he loses his memory he remembers that he is in fact a boy
• he’s wearing a sports bra the whole time he’s with Lupa and going to Camp Jupiter
• when he gets to Camp Jupiter he’s kinda like 'Yes I am cis. See I drink milk like the cis do. No trans people here’ at first until he meets Dakota who is afab and genderfluid and wears a binder
• Percy wears a borrowed sports bra from Dakota even tho it’s a bit too big when he goes on the quest with Hazel and Frank
• no one in Camp Jupiter finds out bc he is rather flat chested
• he does tell Frank and Hazel
• he’s still wearing it when he gets reunited with Annabeth
• he’s so happy when Annabeth has a binder for him the ship
• Okay that’s all I got