f: mutants

Talk to me about fight for mutant rights.

Talk to me about the marches on Washington, green and blue skin parading past the Lincoln Memorial, the gleam of wings in the sky for protection, the chants coming from throats covered in scales. Talk to me about the gold shields thrown up to hold back the rotten eggs and firebombs. Talk to me about a girl with no eyes being to the microphone by a boy with tentacles for arms, a bandage over her arm and the call for mutant protection laws on her lips. Tell me about the girls controlling paint brushes with their mind, making sign after sign to carry in the march, declaring that God made everyone and that mutants aren’t to be feared. Describe to me the cheers when the mutant flag is flown beside the rainbow and the stars and stripes. Tell me about the cities where being a mutant outside after dark is a death wish, and the states where doctors are allowed to refuse mutant patients. Give me the horror of knowing the siblings who were beaten bloody for their gifts, the girl left for dead with her magical lights dying around her, the boy whose death sparks the shutdown of a nation. Describe to me the hearings, the rulings, the protests. Sing me the song they sing as they march, hand in hand with their human brothers, the support groups, the flyers for power education. Let me know the name of the first mutant to win the noble prize, the first to speak on the senate floor, the first mutant to hold the presidential office.

Talk to me about fight for mutant rights.

April O'neil sketch! More I see trailers, more I want to see the film. It’s definitely growing on me. And I have to say, Megan Fox as April wasn’t a bad choice at all! Cheers, thanks for looking!

(tw: rape mention)

Shower Thoughts: one problem with Marvel’s Mutants being used as a metaphor for LGBTQ/MOGAI people (“Have you tried not being a Mutant?”) is that the plans of villainous Mutants to turn non-Mutant humans into Mutants – like Magneto tried in the first X-Men movie, and Apocalypse planned to do in X-Men: Evolution – would be mirroring the “them queers is tryin’ to make our kids into homosexuals” fearmongering, or tropes like Rape and Switch.

“What if the X-Men had been given their own Hanna-Barbera style cartoon in the 1960s?” was the idea here and this is my concept of what the episode title screen for that fictitious series might have looked like.