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Get to Know Meme [2/10] FriendshipsLiz and Jack 

“Lemon, there is a word, a once special word that’s been tragically co-opted by the romance industrial complex and I would hate to use it here and have you think that I am suggesting any type of romantic sentiment, let alone an invitation to scale bone mountain. It’s a word that comes to us by way of the old high German luba from the latin lubera meaning “to be pleasing”. So, I’m going to use this word to describe how I feel about you in the way that our angalosaxin forefathers would have used it in reference to say…hot bowl of bear meat or your enemies skull, split.”

I love you too, Jack.”

Our characters, Liz and Jack, never consummated their relationship. There was, in place of that, a genuine respect, fondness, and, ultimately, love for a trusted and irreplaceable colleague. For Jack, the only thing better than good sex was a good hire. Over the years, I had bitched and moaned, as only actors can, about being tied to a contract for a show that would never be my own. After Season Five, I wanted to quit. I came back for Season Six, had a great time, and was ready to sign for five more years. But a wise decision was made to shoot a tight 13 episodes and go out head high. As we shot the series finale, on a December night in Lower Manhattan, my building rush of nostalgia for the show hit its peak. Freezing my ass off on a boat floating in a marina in Battery Park City, Jack groped his way toward telling Liz he loved her. “Lemon, there is a word, a once special word, that has been tragically co-opted by the romance-industrial complex.” That night was tough. The best job I ever had, that I will ever have, was over.
—  Alec Baldwin (Vanity Fair, April 2017)
if you were any other woman on earth, i'd be turned on right now

does anyone else ever have those moments where they thought they were all well and good and over shipping jack/liz on 30 rock because ha ha ha!, of course it’s never going to happen!, tina fey has made it abundantly clear!, but then something like, say, a fanvid sneaks up on you and suddenly BOOM, it’s 2007 all over again, and you’re pretty sure that in season two it’s going to go canon because what even was all that phoebe stuff at the end of season one? OBLIVIOUS TRUE LOVE, that’s what it was!!!!!

oh memories


“Well, I think… they could never end up together you know? That’s the way those shows were made. They’re smart enough to know that it would be a bad idea. So they avoid it. They like each other, and it works perfectly, so long as you keep that aspect out of it. A lot of television shows are built around that, where you have people wondering and guessing when they’re going to get together that way. And I’m not saying that always ruins everything, but it ruins it enough of the time to give you pause.”

                 - Alec Baldwin on Jack and Liz’s relationship, during his Reddit AMA

Mindy/Danny does not equal Jack/Liz

It’s quite obvious why Danny and Mindy cannot and will never be the new Jack and Liz. First off, The Mindy Project was set up from the beginning as a romcom. It has never tried to hide the fact that this show is about Mindy finding true love. Luckily, the show has other things going for it so that it’s not just about the romance, but when the show constantly references movies like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail, it’s silly to expect this show to not be an epic tribute to such films. Mindy and Danny fit the typical romcom character archetypes, and this is why so many people have latched onto them so very tightly. They’re going to fall in love, they’re going to angst over each other and make a lot of stupid decisions until they finally realize that they’re right for each other, and we’re going to love every minute of it. 30 Rock was set up as a workplace comedy first and foremost, while The Mindy Project is a romantic comedy that just happens to take place at work.

In the early seasons of 30 Rock, Jack and Liz constantly danced on that line between romantic and platonic friends, but every single time you thought it was going to turn romantic, one of them would ruin the moment (most notably in the ep where Jack leans in as if he was going to kiss her but was just getting her necklace and he proceeds to tell her how gross she is). They constantly claimed that they weren’t sexually attracted to each other, while Mindy and Danny very clearly are (the handsome jerk comment, Danny banging his head against a wall when she tells him not to watch her change, Danny not being able to examine her, etc).

Aside from all of that, Jack was Liz’s boss and mentor. Mindy and Danny have been on even footing since day one. Their dynamic has been entirely different from that of Jack and Liz simply because one does not hold any professional power over the other. They compete with each other and are genuinely in awe of each other’s abilities throughout the series. On the other hand, Jack just finds Liz to be a complete mess and he can’t resist screwing with her life. Liz finally accepts his help because she comes to respect him and she figures out that it’s easier being his friend than his adversary.

Now, don’t get me wrong, back in the day I shipped Jack and Liz like my life depended on it, so comparing Mindy and Danny to Jack and Liz certainly won’t deter me, but the difference for me is that Jack and Liz were a long-shot that I never really expected to get together no matter how badly I wanted them to, whereas Mindy and Danny were set up as endgame from episode 1. It’s not a “will they won’t they”, it’s a “they’ll get there when the time is right,” and that’s my favorite kind of romance.

oooh ok! 

when or if i started shipping them: of course i ship them but its complicated because i shipped the hell out of them when i started watching the show in order because i had no idea that criss even existed and while i shipped liz with like floyd and stuff, it was always liz x jack 5eva but then criss came into the picture and i started shipping both of them at the same time its a complicated mess really
my thoughts: U G H  
What makes me happy about them: I just…i love how they’re biffles and they because such great friends under such weird situations like that sort of thing doesn’t usually happen and they’ve done so many things to save the other of humiliation like that time when liz took her shirt off and danced in front of a million people to save jack’s reputation i just love that they’ll do anything for each other and their relationship is so up beat and light hearted idk how to explain.
Things done in fanfic that annoy me: Secret: i have never read any jack x liz fanfic!!!!! ok let me explain, in my mind, those two are perfection, and i don’t want to read anything that will ruin that imagine and thats why i have never read any at all 
Things i look for in fanfic: nothing L O L idk if i were to read any fanfic, i guess it would be things like situations where they sacrifice everything for the other person, sort of like episodes on the show idk stuff like that
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with if not each other: Criss for Liz!!!! 
My happily ever after for them: In my mind they’ll always be best friends because obviously nothing can happen between them but yeah they’ll always be close in and in each other’s lives. 
What is their favourite non-sexual activity: lol teasing the crap out of each other