f: i still believe in heroes

I bet Tony Stark sets up foundations for the people he loves. Like, he’s at a meeting for the Maria Stark Foundation that Pepper LITERALLY handcuffed him to the table for (shit he really needs to start using hairpins or something) and suddenly it comes to him

THE PEPPER POTTS FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS. Dedicated to art scholarships and grants

Pepper is flustered and touched and tells him that it’s brilliant. But also that he should DEFINITELY stop calling it the “PP foundation” because for heaven’s sake Tony don’t you listen to what comes out of your own mouth? You can hear that can’t you?

(Tony snickers. peepee foundation)

and then Tony latches onto the idea with all the vigor of a sugar-addled toddler who has just gotten a toy that they will DEFINITELY swallow but will be damned if they let anyone take it away from them

The Rhodey Foundation basically just pours money into the VA to revamp their systems and help them fight whatever issue of the day needs championing

The Steve Rogers Foundation which helps fill in the cracks that the GI Bill leaves. Because everyone should be able to come back to something

The Sam Wilson Fund that helps the families of fallen soldiers

The Bucky Barnes Foundation, dedicated to spreading awareness of PTSD and getting sufferers the help they need. Gives generously also to groups working on making 3-D prosthetics available to everyone

The Natalie Rushman Houses, a system of shelters dedicated to helping former human trafficking victims

The Bruce Banner Foundation, dedicated to eliminating domestic violence

The HULK SMASH CLIMATE CHANGE Foundation (Pepper had to veto “making the world as green as our little rage monster!” as a slogan)

The Center for Stupid Breakable Humans Who Don’t Even Have A Cool Suit To Protect Them, Honestly What The Heck Dude. Aka, the Barton Center for Free Physical Therapy

The HawkEARS campaign, designed to make schools and work places more disability friendly. Whether that’s by calling the names who refuse to comply to ADA standards mean names on TMZ (”TONY”), or straight up building ramps

Thor gets a line of shampoo because he mentions to Tony that all of Tony’s wealth would buy him about a sack of potatoes on Asgard, and Thor is the PRINCE of Asgard. Tony is VERY MIFFED. BUY YOUR OWN STUPID POTATO FOUNDATION THOR

(He makes a Jane Foster Foundation dedicated to decreasing gender inequality in STEM)

he of course does not tell anyone that he’s making these foundations/funds/centers/etc until they’re all set up and he can ‘casually’ mention “oh yeah, the foundation gala is tonight and they’ll probably want you there since it’s your fund’ and drop a flier that has their face plastered ALL OVER IT in front of them. Then he stares at them gaping and gets all aggressively defensive about this incredibly weird form of attempting to make a connection like “WHAT, YOU THINK I CAN’T CARE ABOUT VETERANS WITHOUT YOU HERE?? I COULD HAVE TOTALLY CREATED THIS FUND AT ANY TIME, WHATEVER, I AM JUST SO THOUGHTFUL I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT WANNA SHOW UP. WHATEVER. NOT LIKE I CARE” and then acting super flippant about it when the person tries to thank them (”pshhh, I just needed some more tax deductibles. Charities are those things right?”) or sulking if (in Natasha and Bucky’s case) they don’t really react except to twitch slightly because WHAT THE WHAT (if you don’t know the right way to react it’s safer to have no reaction, they’ve both learned that. he taught her that)

basically Tony just throwing money into these foundations that he thinks will make his friends happy, or his friends of friends, while pretending to not care at all whether they approve of the topic that he chose because he’s Tony Stark and that’s how he rolls

UHM so I have been going through @orbingarrow’s blog (SO GOOD YOU GUYS) and then they started following me because I mentioned how I’m winterhawk trash (I BLAME @captn-sara-holmes) and then THIS HAPPENED. It became Clintasha friendship fic too because I was thinkin about it since they talked about liking their friendship too. (SO DO I, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM WHILE WRITING MY FAV FIC ABOUT THEM)

“Is this a kink?” Natasha asks him, brow furrowed in a look of deep concern. “Clint, do you have a fetish?” She gasped dramatically, lips a perfect O.

Clint attempted to smother himself in his pillow. “Fuck you Nat” he managed to spit out between attempts. 

“No, no, really Clint. I am concerned for your thing for former communist assassins. It’s not like there are a lot of us out there. Does your dick have a radar sense for us or something?”

“Rhafkjehfalkef” and a waving middle finger were Clint’s only reply.

“Not that I blame you really. I mean. He needs a haircut. And a shower. But then,” She tweaked the nose poking out from between the pillows, ignoring his grunt of protest. “So do you.”

She watched him writhe in agony for a few moments, snickering just loudly enough that Clint was sure to hear unless he’d knocked his hearing aids out in protest. She doubted it though. Clint was a sucker for her particular brand of punishment.

She walked her fingers up his spine to bury them in his hair. It always surprised her how soft it was. Especially considering she knew for a fact that his preferred brand of shampoo was ‘uhm… that yellow 50 cent soap from the bodega?’

Clint lifted his head out of the pillow to better give her a despairing look. “He’s just so…” Clint scrunched his nose up, thoughtlessly leaning back into her hand. She scritched obligingly.

“Hot?” She wasn’t sure she could trust herself with him, not when looking at him felt like looking at the most vulnerable, painful parts of herself most days, but… she had eyes.

“No! Well, uhm. yes but like. That’s not.” He squeezed his eyes shut, leaning down to rest his forehead against her thighs. “He went back for that guy’s dog. And he was so… he was so careful with the little guy. He was obviously so worried about his arm being too cold that he wrapped it up in a blanket so the do would be more comfortable. And Bucky just talked to him so gently, ya know? Ugh.” He banged his head against her leg, before she slid a hand in between to catch his forehead. Even if it was silly, she would never let any part of her hurt him. Unless she had to, of course. The world wasn’t quite kind enough to allow any kind of never.

Clint nuzzled into her palm. “I felt like I was gonna melt right there. It was so hot but also so… ‘take me home and wrap me a blanket and cuddle me while we watch stupid movies’… ya know?”

She didn’t say anything. She knew that to him, that was answer enough.

“Plus he’s such an asshole.”

Her lips quirked up almost without her noticing. “I do know how much you like assholes.”

He squinted up at her, obviously trying to figure out if she was being gross.

“Especially hairy ones likes Barnes.” There. Question answered. She snickered while he bemoaned his choice in friends.

“Shut your face Tasha. It’s just nice to… to have someone who never questioned what I can do.”

“I never did.” She reminded him softly. Someone in her line of work wouldn’t live very long if they ever underestimated someone just because they looked and acted like Clint did.

“I know.” He looked at her with such fondness that she had to look away. It made her feel too much. “It’s why I love you Tasha.”

“Gross,” she muttered. “Go make out with your new assassin crush and take your stupid feelings with you. Leave me alone with my cold, cold heart.”

He snorted. “Cold, my shapely carnie ass. You’re a big softie Tasha.”

She twisted his nose just enough to make him yelp. “I have not a single emotion in my entire body.” She informed him sternly. “I am nothing but red hair and ass-kicking.”

“Of course you are,” He rolled his eyes. “Definitely not someone who cries at Pixar movies and who feeds all the stray cats in the neighborhood.”

“I’m glad we understand each other.” She leaned down to kiss his forehead and then expertly twisted her legs to lever him upright. “Now seriously though, go ask him out.”

Clint looked down at the ground, then up at her. “I know this might sound really patronizing but… I don’t wanna put that on him right now? I mean, dude’s been through a rough time recently and I want to be able to be there for him without him worrying about my feelings or whatever. I get where he’s coming from, plus he never tried to kill me.” He sat back down next to her, putting his hand next to hers but carefully not taking it. “It meant a lot to me that you were there for me after… After. And I had tried to kill you.”

“Eh, it’s practically our thing.” She rested her head on his shoulder. “Do what you need to do.”

“I just want him to be happy ya know? I think when it’s been a little longer, and he’s more secure on his feet… I think maybe then I’ll see if he wants to get coffee or something. I don’t want” He only hesitates for less than a second, and she loves him for it “I don’t want to make the same mistakes with him that I did with you.”

“Make new ones.” She closed her eyes. “It wasn’t -”

“I know.” He pressed his lips against her forehead in what wasn’t quite a kiss. “It wasn’t yours either. Just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.”

They sat like that for a few more seconds before Clint obviously hit his quota for emotions and jumped up while clapping his hands together. “Speaking of cookies, I am totally craving some oreos. You in?”

“Only if there’s milk involved”

“What kind of heathen do you think I am? OF COURSE there will be milk involved. Come on”


and then the next week Bucky asks Clint if he wants to grab some coffee. It would have been almost casual if it weren’t for the way Bucky was sweating bullets and Natasha was standing behind him signing “DO IT” when Clint took too long, gaping and blinking, to answer. Finally Clint managed to squeak out a “yeah, coffee’s good. I like you, I MEAN, I LIKE COFFEE. Coffee’s great. Tea too, but uh, something abotu coffee ya know? Coffee. Let’s do it. I mean do coffee. Yeah… coffee”

“Smooth Barton, smooth” Bucky smirks, but considering how he turned bright red at Clint’s first ‘yes’ he obviously did not have the higher ground

Fic: Fuck You Flowers

writing a little something to cheer me up because ahahaha fuck my life

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Sam/Bucky

Notes: Inspired by these two  beautiful posts. It is entirely unbeta-ed and written in about 10 minutes so excuse any mistakes

She was half way through changing the water in the latest batch of roses when a man ran in, shirt covered in milk and sweat. She brandished her watering can at him when she caught sight of what could only be termed murder eyes.

He looked at her watering can and closed his eyes. She could practically hear him internally count to ten. When he opened up his eyes again, he looked like just another guy on the street. She kept her watering can protectively in front of her though. Just in case.

“Hi there, I’m James.” He held out a gloved hand and smiled winningly at her.

Her (horrific) sales training kicked in and she took his hand, smile slapping itself onto her face with all the grace of a wet fish.

“Hi. I’m Amanda. Can I help you with anything?”

“Yes,” He opened up his wallet and took out a card. It was pitch black and she screamed a little internally. They were just a little corner shop, she was not prepared for this. What if he was one of those guys who wanted an endangered flower? Or wanted to bribe her into delivering poison ivy? He looked her straight in the eye and said, “How do you say fuck you in flower language?”

Well. That wasn’t quite what she was expecting.

“Uhm. Well, I’m not quite sure off the top of my head? But I’m sure I can come up with something,” she reassured him, as he’d looked comically heartbroken at her first words. “Just come back tomorrow. I’ll have something for you then.”

“Thanks doll,” he smiled lazily, a cat with the canary in the sight.

“You’re welcome, sir.” She said

She was excited despite herself. It was the most interesting request she’d had in… well. Ever.

James’ mouth was very slightly open as he gazed at the bouquet in wide-eyed wonder. It was disgustingly attractive and she barely even liked boys. Flowers were so much prettier.

“So, it’s geraniums for stupidity, foxglove for insincerity, meadowsweet for useless, yellow carnations for disappointment. And,” she flourished, “The piece de resistance, orange lilies for hatred!”

“It’s perfect.” He breathed.

“Do you want to write a card?” She had had so much fun with this arrangement that she was even willingly to overlook the low cackling that was emanating deep from within James’ chest, seemingly without his knowledge.

“Oh yeah I want to write a card,” he picked up a pen and wrote very carefully in swoopy cursive. “Thanks. Worth every penny.” He walked away whistling.

She picked up the card.

To Sam,

this is for breakfast the other day

In the ancient art of flowers, it means Fuck You



She sighed as she tucked it carefully into the arrangement. She really didn’t want to know.

honestly, the biggest problem I have with Clint and his secret farm family isn’t because of my Clintasha shipper heart or whatever

it’s because it means that MCU Clint actually, canonically, has his shit together and is not a human disaster. He’s got a family and a farm and he manages to keep both of these secret and safe. He has, by far, the most kept together life of any of the Avengers and probably shakes his head and sighs deeply while commiserating with Laura over how he worries about his teammates sometimes

and just…



It does make me super fucking curious as to what the hell happened in Clint’s life that he managed to swerve right around Human Disaster Who Drinks Coffee Out Of The Carafe Because Cups Are For People With Their Lives Together and head straight to Happy Family Man Who Does Way Too Many DIY Projects and Colors With His Kids


Maybe superheroes are real, and the government is just really good at cover-ups and keeping them under wrapps because it would be too dangerous for super villans to rise if they found out, and Stan Lee was assigned to create Marvel Comics to make their adventures sound like ‘myths’ and 'stories’ and such and discourage people to believe them.

Civil War Thoughts

Obvious spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, so read no further if you haven’t seen it yet.

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I mentioned this before in someone’s askbox, but is it bad that I haven’t given up hope that Wally is still alive somewhere?

That’s the only reason why I’m not crying tears or throwing up right now. Because I believe that somehow, somewhere, Wally is still alive. To me, his death was too sudden and a bit too much out there- if only because he hadn’t had many episodes this season- and because it seemed a bit too carefree. Also, because for some reason the fact that the Scarab said he would “cease”- and ONLY that. I don’t know, it seemed a bit too vague for me.

And that’s why I believe that, if there was a Season 3, Wally would have been brought back. Which is why I’m definitely going to get on Cartoon Network’s tail about this. Somehow.