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Argument (e.d)

“Hey baby, what’re you doing?” Ethan questioned softly pressing his lips to the nape of my neck as he straddled my back. He trailed light kisses from my neck to my jawline, then down to my collarbone tearing my attention away from the article I was reading.

“Working on an essay for school.” I mumble, attempting to focus as he continues peppering soft kisses along my neck. “Ethan, I have to get this done.” I sigh, pulling my head away from him.

“You can do it later.” He mumbles brushing off my statement.

“Yeah, but I actually can’t. I’ve got other assignments to do on top of this one. I have to get this done now.” I state making him sigh in annoyance and push himself off of the bed clearly frustrated.

“I swear, the longer you’re in school the more I lose you.” He huffs under his breath, turning around sassily.

“Excuse me?” I gasp in disbelief, looking up from my papers.

“All you ever have time to do when I’m around is school work. It’s kind of frustrating to be quite honest.” He answers combing his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“Well I’m sorry that I have work to do every time you decide you want to spend time with me. I’m working towards my future. You’d think you could be a little supportive.” I sass, standing up so that I didn’t feel intimidated as he towered over me.

“Oh so I’m a terrible and unsupportive boyfriend because I’ve got my own things that I’m working towards?” He asks sharply, raising his voice.

“No, that’s not it at all actually. What I’m saying is, all I’ve done is support you as you’ve achieved some of your dreams. You’ve been touring for months Ethan, I’ve shared you with thousands of girls who got to love on you while I was home alone missing you. I’ve lost sleep worrying about you, or calling you at wee hours of the morning because you missed home. I feel like I’ve bent over backwards supporting you as you worked towards your dreams, but I feel like when it comes to my dreams it’s hard to get you to do the same for me. I know college isn’t nearly as exciting as touring the world and meeting fans, but sometimes all I need is encouragement that I’m doing this to achieve my dreams and not simply just to waste time. I could just use a little support sometimes.” I rant, waving my hands in frustration as my own voice began to raise.

“God, I’m sorry that I’m such a self centered jerk in this relationship. I didn’t realize I was burdening you.” He shouts through blushed cheeks.

“Ethan that’s no-”

“Maybe if you’d get your nose out of your textbooks every once in awhile and actually communicated with me I’d know how you’re feeling. I could actually work on being a good boyfrien-”

“You know what, I’m not doing this right now. I’ll let you cool off and then we’ll talk, but we’re not going to get anywhere if you’re yelling at me the entire time.” I cut him off throwing my things in my backpack and slinging it over my shoulder.

“Where are you going?” He growls lowly, crossing his arms as his eyes angrily glare at me.

“I’m leaving because all you do when you get like this is yell and say things you don’t mean. It’s not going to get us anywhere, I’ll be back when we’ve both cooled off.” I reply stalking out the door, closing it behind me firmly.

Finishing the last paragraph of my essay, I close my laptop and sip on my coffee as my mind wanders to the argument.

I rarely argue with Ethan, and when I do it’s small and easy to forget. I’ve never walked out on him like this before. Guilt finds it’s way into my chest as I replay what I’d said in my head again.

Packing my stuff into my bag, I stand up and discard my cup into the trash before walking out to my car. Apologies rolling through my mind as I drive back to the apartment.
“Hey…” I greet quietly, sitting on the couch next to him as he scrolls through his phone silently. “Ethan, I’m sorry.” I sigh playing with my fingers.

He snorts in response, continuing to scroll through his phone as if I wasn’t there. He clicks his phone off before standing up from the couch to walk away. I get up to follow him, softly grabbing his arm to get his attention.

“E, can you please just talk to m-”

“God Y/n can you give me some space?! You get all mad at be for wanting to be close to you for five minutes and now here you are doing the same exact thing. You need to get your priorities straight and figure out what you want from me because I’m sick and tired of this whole being okay with something one minute and then not being okay with it the next.” He shouts ripping his arm out of my grasp as he spins toward me angrily. I step away from him in surprise physically flinching when his hand moves through the air, pushing his hair out of his face.

He stops in his tracks allowing his hand to fall at his side limply, as his angry demeanor diminishes.

“Did you,” he pauses to clear his throats as his eyes fill with tears,“Did you think I was going to hit you?” His voice comes out in a broken whisper while his vulnerable brown eyes meet mine.

I open my mouth to say something, to explain that I knew he wouldn’t ever do that, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t lie to him; it was a heated moment and sometimes we do things we wouldn’t normally do when we’re angry.

“Oh my God Y/n, I would never.” He cries, watching me carefully as he takes a slow step towards me. His arms outstretch toward me, wrapping around me delicately and pulling me into his chest. “I will never hurt you like that, no matter how angry I am.” He breathes kissing the crown of my head softly. “I’m so sorry.” He pulls away slightly, tilting my chin towards him so that our eyes met before he pressed a delicate kiss against my lips. “I love you so much.” He whispers, his lips brushing against mine.

“Let me prove it to you.” He states randomly after a brief moment of silence.

“Wha-” I squeal as he scoops me into his arms and runs down the hall towards his room, throwing me onto his unmade bed with a laugh. Loud giggles escape my own lips as I watch him crawl over me, holding his weight on his arms as he pushes a stray hair away from my face. He studies me silently before his head dips and presses his lips against mine again, slowly this time, making my eyes flutter shut.

“I love the way your eyes crinkle up when you laugh.” He whispers into the calm atmosphere of the room, his eyes set on mine. “I love the crease you get on your forehead when you’re concentrating.” He continues, tracing a spot on my forehead delicately. “I love the way you light up any room as soon as you walk into it.” His lips twitching up into a lighthearted smile. “I love your laugh and how contagious it is.”

“I love the way you love me with your whole heart, even when I don’t deserve it.” He ghosts after a moment of silence. He looks at me again, his thumb swiping over my cheek as he leans down and presses a long kiss to my lips.

“Y/n, I love you. I seriously cannot stress that enough. I can’t always give you the attention that you need, or read what’s going on in your mind, but I love you unconditionally. We’re going to go through hard times, but I can assure you that no matter how much we hurt each other, I won’t stop loving you.” He assures, looking down at me seriously.

“Careful now Dolan, don’t go making promises you can’t keep.” I joke, sliding my arms around his neck.

“I plan on making those promises achievements.” He smiles, looking down at me cheekily.

“I know.” I murmur through the silence of the room, leaning up and attaching our lips together again before simply enjoying the moment.

A Glimmer in His Eyes (Sebastain Smythe)

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Chapter 12

We walked off stage together and into our classroom we were assigned earlier. Everyone was over the moon that we are going to Nationals, minus the fact that New Directions are coming with us. But I didn’t care. When we got inside I looked for Sebastian, he was standing off to the side. I walked up him. “We did it!” I said. He turned to look at me and he smiled “Yea we did.”

“I told you, you would be just fine.”

He smiled and turned to group of guys  “Great job everyone. Start thinking of arrangements for Nationals. We need to win guys, not tie with another group” He said. The boys laughed. “Okay come on guys the bus is ready.” He said. I was about to to walk out of the room when he asked me “Are just doing to drive with Blaine?” he asked. “Yea. I also wanted to congratulate my friends.”

“I’ll see you later then.”

“Bye Sebastian”

——Next day

Dalton has the day off today, so later today I  was going to drive over to Mckinley. Apparently they are having a small party and Blaine and the others invited me. It was 11 am and I dressed in some shorts and a cropped hoodie and my hair was in a messy bun. I was in the middle of eating my cereal when my doorbell rang. I had a mouth full of cereal when I said “Coming!”. I pushed up my glasses and answered the door. And there on my doorstep stood  Sebastian. 

“Why are you here?” I asked

“Well Hi to you too.” he said.

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“HI. It’s 11 in morning.” I said again.

            “I wanted to know if you were doing anything today.” He asked. I moved away from door to let him in. “Well there is thing called a phone,and you can call or text someone on it.” I told him

           “Ya well whatever.” He threw his jacket onto the my couch and sat down. ‘So are you doing anything?” he asked again. “I have a party later today.”  His eyes widened and his eyebrows raised. “You have a party?” he asked.

“Yes actually I do.”   I grabbed my bowl and continued to eat.

“Like you actually have multiple friends?” he said jokingly.

“Ass” I said, but it was mumbled by the cereal in my mouth. As I swallowed the cereal I got an Idea. “Do you want to come?”


“You didn’t tell me it was with New Directions.”  He said. “Oh Come on.”

We walked into the school together. “You actually look like you go here.” I commented

“I know. Isn’t it awful.” As we were walking the school bell rang and of the students were let out of their classrooms. “Wait Blaine and Tina should be walking by.” I told him.

“Wait isn’t that him?” Sebastian pointed to a boy in yellow pants and w white polo shirt. I grabbed his hand and started to run up to him. “Blaine!” I shouted over the rowdy students.  He turned around and saw us. “Hey Y/N! You’re here!” he said. He noticed who I was with “And you’re brought-”

“Sebastian.” Tina said.

“Hello public school students.’ he said while rolling his eyes.

“Why did he come?” Tina asked

“Because he has helped her alot adjusting to Dalton and with the Warblers.” Blaine said. “Now come on let’s go to the choir room.”

Tina left us and started to walk ahead of us, no pleased that Sebastian was here. “So I have been ask, how is David?” I asked. “Oh ya you broke his Nose.” Blaine said.

“Wait you punched someone?” Sebastian asked.

“Yea square in the face, so don’t make upset.” I said jokingly Most of the students were gone now, going home. So it was only us in the hallway until we saw David. He looked so stupid with the little patch over his nose. “Did you already transfer back? What the boys at Dalton too boring for you?” He asked “Go away David.” I said. He stood right in front of us, blocking our way. In his right hand, he held a slushie. Shit. “What makes you think we are boring?” Sebastian asked. “She is tired of you already.” David said simply.

“Kinda hard when most of the guys are gay.”

I laughed. I didn’t mean to but it slipped out. “Okay David why don’t you move along. I already broke your nose, don’t make be break your balls.” I told him, “If you have any, that is.”

“You bitch! He yelled. He then extended his arm and threw the slush at me. I was ready to get hit by the cold dyed ice. I waited, and waited and when it didn’t hit me, I opened eyes and saw Sebastian standing in front of me, blocking me from the slushy. David was running away. “Run away you coward!” Blaine yelled. Sebastian turned around to face me and he was covered from head to toe in the red slush.”Welp, wasn’t expecting this to happened today.” he said.

“Oh my god.” I said. “I’m going to run to Mr.Schuster. Blaine take to the girls bathroom, I’ll be right there.”   I started to jog down the hallway since the class wasn’t too far away. I ran in, and saw everyone in the choir room having a grand time. “Mr.Schuster I need a Chair and Towel right now.”  I said urgently

“Y/N what’s going on?” he asked

“Sebastian got slushied.” I said

Mr.Schuster ran to his office and grabbed a towel.

“Wait Sebastian? Why is he here?” Rachel asked

“I invited him.”  Mr. Schuster handed me a towel I told him thank you and I grabbed a chair  and ran right back out and into the bathroom. Sebastian was dripping with slushie. I set the chair up against the sink. “Blaine do you  have another set clothes he can borrow?” he nodded “I’ll be back.” he said.

“Okay Sebastian, come sit.” I told him. He sat down at the chair and laid his head back into the sink, I first washed his face then I turned the sink on and start to wash his hair. I ran my fingers through his soft brown hair. I glanced down and saw him staring at me “Why did you do it?’ I asked him. He did a half smile “I’m honestly not sure.” he said. “At least this one didn’t have rock salt.”

“Not funny.” I placed one hand over her forehead and ran my fingers through his hair starting from the front and making my way back, getting bits of slushie out. I looked back down him in his eyes. His eyes were a swirling mix of brown and green that blended perfectly together.  They had small glimmer that I love. “You have really pretty eyes, Sebastian.” I told him. He smiled. “I’m so sorry this happened.”

“It’s alright Y/N. It sucks, but you’re too nice to get slushied, especially  too nice to me.”

“So does this mean you start to be nice to me, all the time not just when we are lone?”

His face soften, it almost looked childlike. “I promise, Y/N”

The door opened and Blaine walked in “Sorry I took so long. I only had a sweatshirt and some sweatpants.” Blaine said.

“No that’s perfect, thank you Blaine.” Sebastian said.

“No problem, I’m just going to leave theses here and go to the choir room.”

“We will see you there.” he said. Blaine nodded and walked out of the bathroom. I finally got most of the shush out of his hair and off of his face. “I’m done.” I told him “Really? That quick?” he asked. “I have been doing this for 2 years, I can do it quickly now.” “Thank you.” he said. He looked at the counter with clothes on it. I grabbed the towel from the ground and when I came back up Sebastian was taking his slushie stained shirt off. “Ouch!” I said.

  “Are you alright?” he asked. Now his chest was completely bare. 

“I just I uh hit my head. On.. on the sink” I said. He laughed but quickly asked me again “I know but are you okay?” I nodded my head. “ I’m okay.”

I stood back from the ground. “God you don’t have any shame do you?” I asked “About?”  “You!” I said  I walked over to him “and you’re fricking gorgeous abs.”I said as I poked him in the abs. He laughed his dorky laugh.”I mean, when you look like me, why would I have shame.” Sebastian started to joking pose and flex his muscles. I grabbed the hoodie and threw it at him “Put it on before I start drooling” I said sarcastically “You think I’m that good looking?” he asked.

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I tried to form words, but nothing came out  “You aren’t terrible   looking.”

He smirked. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Baby Bump - Ethan Imagine

When you found out you were pregnant, you were excited beyond words. Ethan was even more excited than you! You guys had been married for a little under a year and had already talked about having kids soon, so when you got pregnant… it was all you needed to complete the both of you; it was what the both of you dreamed for. As time progressed, so did the things you each got for your baby. From onesies and the crib to the closet full of diapers and bibs, you had a bunch of stuff already. You hadn’t even had your baby shower yet, either! Today, you had just turned five months pregnant and each month, Ethan would draw another line of how much you grew on the wall of the baby’s room. Within the past month, you grew 7 more inches! (don’t judge me, I don’t know how fast babies grow???) As Ethan kissed you bump, your stomach growled, causing a giggle from your lips. “You hungry?” Ethan asked with a grin. You nodded excitedly and knew just what you wanted. Pizza, but not any pizza. Pineapple pizza with pickles and ranch! You told Ethan what you wanted and he just shook his head. “That is a disgrace to pineapple pizza.” He muttered under his breath. Ethan grabbed a couple of things from the counter in the kitchen, like keys and such, and you both headed off to the local pizza place.

You were regulars, so as you walked in, you were graced with a lot of “Welcome!”’s and “Nice to see you again!”’s. You and Ethan took your places at the booth and were served immediately with your drinks and some bread sticks. You ordered the pizza you were craving and Ethan ordered his. Chattering all around the two of you, Ethan moved over from his side of the booth to yours to hear you better and keep up conversation. You talked about everything under the sun before your pizza finally arrived. You face lit up as the server laid it on the table. You quickly got a slice, dipped in it ranch, and took a big bite of it. The flavors tastes heavenly on your tongue! You hummed and did a little dance in your seat because of how well it tasted. Ethan, again, shook his head at you, but still whispered how much he loved you in your ear which caused you to smile even wider. You knew that Ethan was going to make a great dad when your baby came in a short three months. 

Breakfast at the Bar : Ethan Imagine

You woke up to sounds coming from the kitchen. It sounded like silverware falling on the floor and bowls being placed on the glass counters. You stretched with a smile upon your face as you heard your daughters voice floating through the house like an air horn in an empty stadium. “Daddy! I want strawberry!” Then came your husband’s voice. “Darling, I told you we have to be quiet. We don’t wanna make mommy!” You could practically see your daughter nodding her head and her ponytail whiling around her face. There was more noise coming from the kitchen as the refrigerator doors opened and closed, and the chairs from the bar being pulled and pushed. With a giggle from your daughter, you decided to finally get out of bed and see what the two of them were up to. You tiptoed down the stairs and peeped around the corner to the kitchen. The sight you saw shocked you to say the least, but it was a great view nonetheless. Ethan, your husband, and your daughter were sitting at the bar with bowls of strawberry ice cream right in front of them. You had told them numerous times that ice cream was only on Wednesday nights, family night, yet here they were! You stalked to the doorway of the kitchen with your hands on your hips. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” You raised your eyebrows as you spoke to them. You daughter gasped and looked at your husband, shock in her eyes. “Well, we’re just here having some breakfast. Say… what are you doing up so early?” Ethan asked you with humor and a tad of intimidation in his voice. “I heard a little girl and her daddy in the house talking about ice cream flavors.” You shot a look at Y/D/N and smirked at Ethan. You walked over to the cabinets, your family members not saying anything, and grabbed a bowl. “But.. I couldn’t let them have all of the ice cream…” Your voice trailed off while you opened the freezer to get the ice cream out. Your daughter laughed and looked at her dad. “I told you mommy wouldn’t be mad!” This made the entire family laugh. After you scooped your ice cream, you spent the morning talking and laughing with your daughter also making her scrunch her face up when you and Ethan shared a kiss and her saying, “ew!”

‘The Flash’s Grant Gustin Draws ‘The Last Full Measure’
EXCLUSIVE: Foresight Unlimited has set The Flash star Grant Gustin to join The Last Full Measure, the political drama that Todd Robinson will direct from his script. Shooting on the film begins thi…
By Mike Fleming Jr

Shooting on the film begins this weekend in Atlanta and Costa Rica. Gustin will play actual Medal of Honor recipient William Pitsenbarger, a special forces Para-rescue Jumper who is pivotal to the plot. He joins Sebastian Stan, Christopher Plummer, William Hurt, Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Whitford, Michael Imperioli and Linus Roache. 

A Grant Gustin Appreciation Post! 😍

Oh how I love Grant/ Barry! He is seriously my all time favorite actor! ❤️️😍

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Ethan Wanting to be More Than Friends Would Include...

• opening up to you because trust is really important to him

• giving you his undivided attention

• being really nervous around you

• compliments out the wazoo

• you making him laugh with lame jokes that aren’t even funny

• getting jealous when you spend time with others

• getting you little gifts all the time

• always twirling your hair

• & making fun of you

• opening your door and other chivalrous acts

• masSAGES

Chapter 24

With the business deal concluded, Decarlos was traveling back to Cuba to resume his life. He enjoyed his time in the States, but was more than ready to return home. Manic was assigned to escort him to his private jet, so the ride there was mostly silent.

“Your man, Grant. He’s a good man. I feel I can trust him, and in my line of business, trust is scarce and hard to come by. But you guys are ok with me. I not only gained a business partner, but I’ve found my future wife.”

Manic stood, uncaring and unbothered by the cool smirk that spread across the drug lord’s face. As if on cue, one of Decarlos’ henchmen appeared, carrying what looked like a woman kicking and screaming with a silk pillowcase over her head.

Decarlos shook hands with Manic, and motioned for his men to board the private jet. He followed, sitting in his chair as the woman was put down across from him.

The pillowcase was removed to reveal Brooklyn’s flushed face. “ESTAS LOCO? DEJAME IR EN ESTE INSTANTE, PSICOPATA ARROGANTE! (Are you crazy? Let me go this instant you arrogant psychopath)” she screamed in spanish.

Decarlos calmly poured himself a glass of scotch, ignoring her. “Silencio. Sientate. (Silence. Sit down)” He commanded.

Brooklyn sprang up, noticing she was on a plane. ‘I’ve got to get off before it takes off’ she thought frantically.

Two big burly Cubans guarded the exit, making it impossible for her to leave. She felt her heart sink, as the realization dawned that she was trapped. With a lunatic.

“Sit my love. Let’s talk,”

“Fuck you! As soon as we land God knows where, I’ll be on the first flight back home. You’ve fucked with the WRONG one!”

“You’ll do no such thing. Drink?” he poured her a glass and slid to her side of the table.

She picked up the glass and threw the liquid in his face. 

She watched his face twist in anger. Before she could register what was happening, he was up and his hand was around her throat. 

“I’ve let you have your little berrinche, but you truly do not know who the FUCK you’re dealing with,” when she tried to hit him with her hand, he caught it and squeezed her wrist, making her wince.

“I decided the moment I laid eyes on you, mi amor, that I had to have you. That I WOULD have you. And now that you’re here, you will act accordingly.”

“Estas loco…( You are crazy)” Brooklyn whispered, her eyes wide in fear. She knew her instincts had been spot on. “Nunca sere tuyo,(I’ll never be yours)”

His smirk chilled her to the bone, and his next words made her heart stop. “You will…and you are. Or your little familia…I will have them hunted down. One by one, they will die. Slowly. Tu madre…padre…..todas tus hermanas… y tus dos hermanos. (Your mother, father, all your sisters, and your two brothers). I will have them butchered, and you’ll receive a little piece of them every time you resist me.”

Tears began to fall down Brooklyn’s face as her heart broke at the thought of her family suffering because of her.

“Asi que decides. De cualquier manera usted sera el mio, (So you decide. Either way you’ll be mine)” he released her then, and pushed past her to go to the restroom to change his wet shirt.

Brooklyn sank to the floor, feeling defeated. The jet had long since taken off and overwhelming sadness washed over her. Her family, friends, everything she was leaving behind.

Alonzo briefly flashed through her mind. She’d never see him again. Or Noire, or her family. Tears continued to fall as she watched Decarlos come back in a fresh new outfit and step over her, unconcerned with her tears. “Amaras tu nueva vida. Tendras lo mejor de todo, (You will love your new life. You will have the best of everything.)” he spoke calmly. She broke down then, her cries ignored as the jet took her to the new life she’d be living in Cuba.


Grant waited on the couch for Noire to come out of his bathroom so they could continue watching Emergency Couple together. He hated to admit it, but she got him hooked on Korean Dramas. He looked forward to their binge-watching marathons.

‘Damn she’s been gone for a minute.’ He thought getting up.

He walked to the bathroom and knocked softly, his voice full of concern. “You ok, ma?”

A few seconds later the door was being opened and she stood there with a shocked expression on her face.

“What’s wrong Noire?” he stopped when he spotted a pregnancy test on the counter.

She showed him the positive test, not saying anything as she continued to deal with the mixed feelings she was having.

On one hand, she was ecstatic at the thought of starting a family with her fiancé. On the other hand, she was still grieving the loss of her best friend and that still had her mind and her heart in a disarray.

Grant spoke no words also as he gathered her in his arms, holding her tight and kissing her temple. They both sank to the floor and just sat there, holding each other.

“I’m happy…and yet…I’m still grieving. But….I want this. I want this baby with you Grant.” She spoke after a couple minutes passed.

He nodded and kissed her lips. “You’ve made me the happiest man alive, Noire. Things are tough now, but like everything else, we’ll get through it together. It’s me and you. We got this,” he placed his hand over her stomach and looked her in the eyes.

She smiled lovingly at him, letting a couple tears slip.

“I love you Grant..” she spoke softly. He gave her a smirk. “I love you too ma,”