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Your brother’s gaze fell on you and your boyfriend, Finn as he showed you a bit about the drum set before Glee practice. It wasn’t out of the ordinary but the way that Puck looked at you protectively made it appear like this was a completely new thing. You and Finn had realized how you romantic or couple-y activities annoyed your brother and caused him to be over protective and you had decided that it would be even more fun if you bugged him even more.

As you two moved to sit down you grinned and kissed your boyfriend, “That was fun baby, maybe we should do it at your house next time,” You winked teasingly and Finn chuckled as your brother instantly whipped around in his seat.

“You will not be doing anything at his house!: He argued instantly. You just laughed and rolled your eyes, you did love teasing him.

What the characters of Glee have taught me
  • Rachel: It's okay to be ambitious
  • Finn: The right thing and the hard thing are sometimes the same thing
  • Puck: You're only a loser if you believe you're one
  • Quinn: Getting knocked down just means you have to get right back up
  • Tina: No one is useless
  • Mike: You can believe in yourself even if no one else does
  • Brittany: Not being good at school doesn't mean you're not smart
  • Santana: You should never be afraid to voice your opinion, even if it isn't the popular one
  • Kurt: It's okay to be different
  • Blaine: You can always find the positive in a negative
  • Artie: Your weakness can easily be your greatest strength
  • Mercedes: You deserve respect, but so do others
  • Sam: Money really doesn't buy happiness
  • Sugar: Confidence is not the same thing as arrogance
  • Rory: Everyone is the same, even if we're from different places
  • Joe: Being religious isn't the same thing as being a bigot
  • Sebastian: You can always work to be a better person
  • Dave: Your past mistakes and regrets don't define you
  • Jesse: You're not the most important person in the world
  • Becky: Having a disorder doesn't give you an excuse to be mean
  • Will: You can always inspire others
  • Emma: Having a mental disorder doesn't mean that you're damaged goods
  • Sue: Sometimes people need tough love in order to succeed
  • Shannon: You can't judge a book by its cover
  • Burt: Accept and support everyone, regardless if you understand it
  • Carol: Sometimes we have to go through heartbreak to find happiness
  • Everyone: Family is defined by love, not blood
I miss glee

and when I say that, I don’t mean the show itself. It was getting horrible. And I’m happy it ended before it could get even worse. 

When I say ‘I miss glee’ I mean my family - glee fandom. 

I miss riots after every single spoiler

I miss waking up at 3 am to see gifs from the newest episode

I miss checking gleekoutbr’s twitter everyday

I miss going to a ‘glee spoilers’ tag to see all reaction gifs

I miss that so much.

The various emotions I have while watching Glee... Samcedes & Samchel Edition..

Literally this is me watching gleeonfox every Friday…

When I see Rachel look at Sam..

When Mercedes encourages Sam to Date Rachel.. to “heal her heart”

This is the exact face I made when I heard Mercedes say that Sam and her love each other… But she moved on and so should he.

In my mind If i was Mercedes I would be like this towards Rachel…

Mercedes trying to uplift Rachel and get her back on Broadway… like bruh you serious…

When Sam sits by Mercedes all the time.. SINGS a romantic ass song to her…. Climbs on top of someones back just to see Mercedes… I just sit here like…

I’m waiting…

The face I make when I can see Samcedes coming from a mile away…

The reason the ratings are dropping because the whole show is becoming the Ratchet Berry show…

Hopefully the last 7 episodes actually wrap shit up nicely….

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Why the fuck do I even watch this show anymore
—  Every glee fan ever.