f: earth fire air water

elements / weather

éléments :

- air : air (m)

- fire : feu (m)

- water : eau (f)

- earth : terre (f)

temps : 

- sun : soleil (m) / sunny : ensoleillé-e / rainbow : arc-en-ciel (m)

- fine / not fine : beau “beautiful”, ex : il fait beau aujourd’hui / moche “ugly”, ex : il a fait très moche hier OR sale “dirty”, ex : quel sale temps! 

- rain : pluie (f), pleuvoir, v / rainy : pluvieux/euse / shower : averse (f) 

- snow : neige (f), neiger, v / snowy : enneigé-e / hail : grêle (f) / hailstone : grêlon (m) / snowman : bonhomme (m) de neige

- cloud : nuage (m) / cloudy : nuageux/euse

- wind : vent (m) / windy : venteux/euse (rare) / draught : courant (m) d’air

- fog : brouillard (m) / foggy : brumeux/euse / overcast : couvert-e

- drizzle : bruine (f) / drizzly : bruineux/euse (rare)

- storm : tempête (f) / hurricane : ouragan (m)

- thunderstorm : orage (m) / lightning : éclair (m)

- flood : inondation (f) / drought : sécheresse (f) / heat wave : canicule (f)

- ice : glace (f) / frost : givre (m) / snowflake : flocon (m) de neige / black ice : verglas (m) / to freeze : geler / chilly : frisquet (m)

- hot : chaud-e / cold : froid-e / dry : sec/sèche / wet : humide

NB : rather than saying “it’s cloudy” (c’est nuageux) we will most likely say “there are clouds” (il y a des nuages)

gryffinclaw  asked:

Us Mako lovers need to stick together. The fandom hate is strong. With that being said Asami really needs to break it off with him. Mako is honestly blind to the way he is behaving and he is in denial about his Korra feels. Besides that he is not going to have the balls to end it he is one of the guys that just waits till it gets so miserable the girl can not take it anymore and calls it quits. So Asami...end it.

I agree I don’t think Mako honestly understands what he’s doing to poor Asami. But he is doing it, and he needs to own up to it. In line with what we’ve seen of Asami’s character, I hope the writers don’t drive her to “joined the darkness because of a broken heart” story line because c'mon, Asami didn’t just join the benders because her boyfriend was one. She knew Amon was wrong. If she doesn’t end up an Equalist (and I would not be opposed to Equalist!Asami) I wish they had fleshed out her reaction to the handling of non-benders in “When Extremes Meet.” Non-benders have legitimate concerns about their rights, as we’ve seen, and it would be awesome if Asami joined the Equalist in hopes of changing that, but through less radical means like Amon is preaching. (operating within the system to subvert the system is my favorite thing)

Anyway, I think Asami will break it off. Girl’s got too much flaw-freeness and self respect to let herself get treated that way. That said, I really don’t like the fandom hate toward Mako? I mean, have theyever been 17? Everything is right here, right now. You fall in love fast, you fall out of it just as quickly. You’re seventeen, you don’t think about long-term consequences, the feelings of those around you. You’re only thinking about what you’re feeling. Mako’s more subtle, and Korra’s a living embodiment of it. She’s all feeling all the time that comes back to bite.

That said, I didn’t really take “Out of the Past” as a Makorra episode. Mako’s reaction was very in line with how he handled Bolin being kidnapped in “The Revolution,” and I think it’s safe to assume he’d be in the same way if Asami had been the one to go missing. Mako have a very deeply rooted sense of family, likely because he lost his parents. He’s terrified of losing anyone else that his mind has labeled “family.” Asami has every right to be upset with Mako and his treatment, but it’s not fair for anyone to say that Mako was wrong in the way he acted. There were very little romantic connotations in his actions, and more the reactions of a person terrible afraid of losing someone close to him.