f: deception

it makes me sad, and sick to my stomach to see people selling multiple packages of bulk  “coyote fangs” or “bobcat toes” and claiming they are somehow Cruelty Free

really? you regularly find 100 dead coyotes with fully intact teeth and 100 or so dead bobcats with no signs of roadkill damage? really?

its really unfortunate when people are dishonest

I struggle to keep things in stock because my supply is actually found bones (i dont buy from breeders/fur farmers/trappers or any other source that involves killing animals purposely to use the parts).

I work so hard to be honest about how the bones i use were found and to Actually BE as Cruelty free as i can…

perhaps i shouldn’t even bother.. does anyone even actually care?

[ edit : Eff that, sorry about the momentary pity party.. i know there are lots of amazing people who do care. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. sometimes i just get discouraged <3 ]


Why Are You Lying?

 We only lie to those we’re scared of. Whether you’re scared of losing someone, how they’ll react or the consequences of your actions - we lie in these situations because we fear the outcome. Lying is a fear-based reaction and I’m all about raising my frequency by facing my fears.

Honesty is the best policy - but not always the easiest one. When you know your actions will bring certain consequences - it’s up to you to face them instead of shying away from them. You can’t outrun the universal law of cause and effect - there will always be a reaction to every action.

I used to lie - a lot - I lied about who I was, what I was interested in and what I knew. These lies were told because I was seeking validation from building a false identity - instead of being honest about who I was. These lies built in number until I forgot the truth entirely.

When we create a false reality based on lies - we are building resistance in the emotional body. This resistance can manifest in poor mental & physical health, as well as anxiety and stress. Save yourself the hassle and be honest with yourself.

Being honest with yourself takes a great deal of self-awareness and is difficult to do. One day I took a look at myself in the mirror and said “No more”. No more being scared of the consequences of being myself, no more of this fear-based attitude towards life - no more lying. 

Since deciding to be honest with myself and everyone I choose to keep in my life - I’ve never felt more free. I can be 100% authentic to who I am and what I want without being scared of how others will perceive me. Honesty has liberated me from much of the anxiety I once felt - see what it can do for you.

Lying is a fear-based reaction, think about this the next time you feel the need to lie.

Peace & positive vibes.


If you claim to love God please watch this (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33iI718C8tE)

Deception (Chapter 10)

Rick looks around incredulously, fighting the urge to tear down every single photo and rip them to shreds.  He approaches one wall on wooden legs, allowing his eyes to travel upwards and then down, flexing his hands before clenching them into tight fists.  He drops his head, exhaling soundly knowing he has to leave everything intact for the police department to complete their investigation.

One of the detectives calls his name and he walks down the hall to meet her.

“We’ll confiscate his computer, cell phone, and any other electronics but I was able to pull up some emails and he’s been conversing with the victim for months.  I understand they were good friends so looks like he used that to his advantage to keep up with her whereabouts,” the detective relays.

The anger Rick was trying to suppress only grows to a boiling point with that information so he asks to be contacted immediately with any new developments.  He finds himself in the truck and driving to Michonne’s parents’ house in record time.

He finds her in the kitchen with her mother.  With the sight of her, his anger lessens but he needs to talk with her right away.  “Hey.  I need to speak with you…..in private please.”