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i am going to explain to you, right here right now, why fullmetal alchemist: conqueror of shamballa is a fucking decent-ass movie

  1. “kelas (let’s dance)” is a song written in romanes by a sinti songwriter
  2. ed is at the center of a narrative which is not all about him, which is a SUPER achievement; take sacred star of milos, for example. that movie Fucking Sux like let’s be real, and it is because they took something that had nothing to do with the boys and tried to make ed and al main characters despite that. but it just didn’t work, and we didn’t know the characters so it was boring (and when they tried to put roy mustang in there for us, it just came up looking like ???? why is he There ???? because he had nothing to do with the plot)

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‘you know, i’m always at odds with this bastard nowadays so it feels as natural as breathing— but hell…i remember it wasn’t always so.’

i said i’m weak for 18th century alfred & ivan so 

Offense class D.va! I tried to make it look vaguely official by painting over the top of her official artwork. She has a controller underneath that bunny shell that she uses to control it - it’s light weight but less protective, D.va can still meme by sticking her leggy out rl far. crab walk, tiptoe, shia labeouf ‘DO IT’ stance, sexe legg, etc. also the 3d model i made as a base under the readmore cos somebody might find it interesting

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