f: beginners

Beginner Witch Crystals and Herbs

-Sage: Prosperity, Protection, Purification - Helps relieve coughs and sinuses 

-Rosemary: Protection, love, good health, (I use this to break curses)

-Basil: Protection, love, prosperity, wealth - also cancer prevention

-Chamomile: Relaxation, peace, joy - calms anxiety

-Lavender: Sleep, peaceful dreams, oneness - good for the skin

-Lemon Peel: Protection, healing, decision making

-Rose Petals: Love, romance, psychic ability, healing


-Clear Quartz: Protection, energy boost, positive feelings

-Rose Quartz: Self-love, friendship, budding romance

-Tourmaline: Protection, blocks bad dreams

-Red Jasper: Grounding, basic needs, subtle change

-Blue Lace Agate: Calm, self-love, peaceful joy

-Orange Calcite: The happy stone!

-Citrine: Money, creativity, inspiration

-Amethyst: focus, energy, crown and third eye chakras

-Amazonite: peace, longevity, another happy stone