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Remember how in DMC Beckett was desperate to lay his hands on the Chest because if the Company controls the Chest, they control the sea? The second and third films make it perfectly clear that claiming authority over the heart of the captain of the Flying Dutchman gives you authority over the sea because the captain of the Flying Dutchman is the sea – hence the conundrum in AWE. Since all the rules of Jones’s curse apply to Will, there is no reason to assume that this is no longer the case once he’s taken over, and so the logical conclusion is that whoever has Will’s heart also rules the sea. And we all know what happened at the end of AWE. 


So yes, what I’m saying is that Elizabeth Turner can stay on land waiting for her husband to come home and still be the most powerful character in the Pirates universe because it just so happens that the love of said husband granted her authority over the sea.

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Little something done on the side while working on bigger projects- @blesstale joined me and drew her g!sans variant, Zunde. 💛💙

Excuse me what is this


“Holy Shit.”

“It’s…it’s not really — it’s not a big deal.”

“It sure the fuck is.  Do it again.”

Harry’s cheeks were stained a majestic shade of pink that reminded Louis of sunsets over a mountain lake or pink sherbet scooped into a stainless steel cup, sticky sweet and begging to melt on the tongue.  It made Louis want to press his cool, dry cheek up against the soft stubble there and feel the heat warm him from the outside in.  It made him want to say things like “adorable” and “sweetheart” and pull him close and never let him go.

“Come on, Harry.  Do it.”


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