f: arachnophobia

Executive 1: We need spooky Halloween decorations
Executive 2: How about  SPIDERS but SPOOKIER
Executive 1: Skeletons are spooky! SKELETON SPIDERS
Artist: Um spider skeletons are just spiders they have exo-
Artist: It really wouldn’t make sens-

don’t get mad at/make fun of people with specific/multiple phobias if they have a strong or loud reaction when getting exposed to what scares them

The last 24 hours has been hell on wheels and its been over 30 hours since I have gotten any sleep.
This evening, I asked sean if we could walk around the dam so that I could look at some bugs to get my mind off things.

Our little adventure acquainted us to this beauty. I think this may be the first live, wild scorpion I have ever seen in my life. Very large, about the length of my entire hand.

The new trend/sport was called spider juggling. Basically you had this small glass box (with one detachable side) and your goal was to have the spider leave the box, do tricks, then go back into the box. Some people would even throw the spider into the air and catch it or have it crawl over them. It had gotten so popular that there were competitions with prize money, fanfare, and official judges. However, there was also a huge controversy with people saying the sport was animal cruelty. The whole situation was reaching spidergate levels.