f: arachnophobia


Viv’s latest speedraw of Vaggie and Angel at the carnival!!!!

Chances are, if it’s blue and black I will always find it aesthetically appealing, even if it’s basically a giant nightmare bug. Or a tiny nightmare bug with a giant spike on its ass. Or something that isn’t actually a bug at all but still closely resembles one.

Another Reminder...

THIS IS NOT A ROLE PLAY BLOG. I kee getting questions asking me to answer as if I’m RPing Angel Dust

Again, this is not the case

Since Angel’s character is still, somewhat, being developed more and more, and his story is still WIP (I presume) by Vivziepop, I WILL NOT BE answering/RPing as the character himself.

If you do have questions about Angel Dust, I can redirect you to somewhere there is an answer, or you can ask Vivienne Medrano (vivziepop), but out of respect and limited knowledge of the character, I will NOT be RPing the character, nor answering questions in First-person perspective of the character. Thank you.