f: amy okuda

Mini movie!cast:

The Liu’s aging bachelor tycoon Uncle from Taiwan has recently found himself ill, and in a overly dramatic fit, quickly writes in his overseas American niece and nephews into his will, hoping they would continue to expand his businesses. Plot twist? He’s not that sick, and his money is running out quick.

Johnny Tri Nguyen as Ben Liu, the hardworking but calculative archetype: quickly joins a local branch of his Uncle’s offices to earn his favor, outwardly sociable, tries hard to fill the expectations of being the eldest son.

Amy Okuda as Jen Liu, the middle child, prima donna archetype: focused only on securing the details for her engagement and wedding, overcompensates in being a Bridezilla in order to drown parents’ fear of not marrying before 30, before realizing her Uncle’s $ is a perfect way to fund her wedding.

Justin Chon as Mike Liu, the free spirited “i could care less for a 9-5 office job” archetype: youngest child, seems outwardly dim, but the most self-aware and content of all the siblings, does oddjobs in addition to his parents $ to earn a living. uninterested in Uncle’s $.