f: adam


tyria pride march 2017 !! it was so nice to be around such lovely people ;w; (i’m the shroom in bi flag colors!)
shoutout to @slayergt with the sick dabbing skillz. my love. my darling. i love you. 

 i didn’t take many screens because my graphics aren’t the best, i kinda wish i’d taken more now @_@ 

shoutout to @ruderubicante !!!! and @adalheidis, @nefere, and everyone else i saw during pride :D 

much love to all of u !!!!! 


Multifandom Challenge  ||  41/100 Characters  ||  Adam Raki
↳   “Uh, sometimes i-i-it’s hard for me to, um– I have this thing that makes it hard to, um– to uh– It’s called Asperger’s syndrome. One thing about it is not knowing what people are thinking. Like right now.”