caerilorem  asked:

Hi flor! idk if it's your birthday or not but happy birthday! May I also ask about your new tablet? Like, what are the differences with your previous one that you need to adapt to the new one? thanks! :)

Thanks dear, it was some days ago ^^

It’s in fact VERY different. My previous tablet was a Genius Gpen f610 ultra slim …a generic one, but it was BIG hahaha!

(I found this pic on google, it shows how big and beautiful it was… miss her a lot)

So, I believe the big challenge is the size changes. My new Wacom is small but it feels a lot more natural when drawing. 

anonymous asked:

Your art is just amazing! Can I ask you what brush settings and tablet you use? :3

Thanks a lot dear!! Here, this is my baby tablet: A genius G-Pen F610

And the brushes I use (sorry Sai is in spanish u.u, hope it helps you anyway)

Solid Color :

For Shades: