gems/power au

warning: long post ahead

  • everyone has a specific energy
  • this energy manifests into power at will
  • energy builds up in the body over time
  • gems given to store energy
  • specific gems can hold more energy

  • given gem on 6th month anniversary
  • like they literally plop the baby down in the middle of a circle of whatever gems the family can afford
  • whichever one the baby crawls to is the one they get
  • prevent power buildup
  • if too much power in one holder (person, gem) KABOOM

  • energy can create, destroy and/or manipulate, depends on person & strength of their energy
  • build up time depends on person
  • strength of energy is mostly random
  • the type of energy correlates to personality
  • energy is listed with a letter

  • Fire (listed as F), Water (W), Air (A), Earth (G, ground), Electric (E) Metal (M), Plant (P), Animalia (B, bestia latin for animal), Light (L)
  • Water, and Air should be obvious
  • Fire refers to heat in general, so powerful users with lots of control can take away heat as well
  • Ground is soil, rock and sand only
  • Metal is metal & crystals
  • Plant controls all living things without a consciousness
  • Electric refers to any flow of electrons
  • Animalia is interaction with animals and to some extent control
  • Light is kinda misleading because it refers to the entire electromagnetic spectrum, not just visible light

  • kids are tested for their powers when they are 7, when they have more control so they won’t blow up the building by accident
  • their power is then listed with the type of power and the strength of their power on a scale of 1-10 with decimals
  • but everyone’s too lazy to remember decimals so they’re kinda ignored
  • so a moderately powerful fire user would be F5.5 or something
  • this number/letter combo is listed on most official documents

  • people usually aren’t discriminated against by their type of energy
  • but strength though
  • 1-3s might be bullied in school but are generally ignored
  • 4-7s are the majority
  • 8 and 9s are powerful people in society
  • 10s are either v respected or v feared

  • Yuuri’s a W10
  • in typical Yuuri fashion, he pretends to be a 6 just so he won’t get attention
  • Victor’s a double, a person with two distinct types of energy (v rare)
  • he’s a L9A7
  • everyone knows and he uses his powers during figure skating

  • Yuri(o) is a F8
  • he uses it in figure skating but not as much as Victor because fire and ice don’t exactly go well together, especially if you’re standing on it
  • Otabek is a G6
  • Phichit is an E4
  • Seung Gil is a M7
  • Minami is a P5
  • Chris is a B7
  • I’ll think of others later

  • they’re allowed to use powers in the rink as long as they don’t kill anyone
  • so they do
  • some do it more than others (Victor, Seung Gil, Phichit)
  • some do it rarely (Yuuri, Chris, Minami, Otabek)
  • some just add it in if it feels right (Yurio)
  • like I hc Victor to change the colours of his outfit on a whim
  • because Victor
  • feel free to add more

Boogie Man Nebula (LDN1622), a part of Barnard’s Loop and M78 (DSLR Image) by Kees Scherer
Via Flickr:
Esprit 100 f5.5 APO refractor/ Canon 6Da. Optolong IR/UV cut filter. Data collected 30 oct, 06 nov and 08 nov 2016. Stacked in DeepskyStacker, processed in Pixinsight. 104x 240 seconds iso1600 (unguided with 10 Micron GM2000 HPS ii) 20 flats and 174 bias frames. Knight Observatory, Tomar