Actual solid mid-contents compared to claimed mid-contents. Real mid-content wolfdogs will show about equal parts dog and wolf traits. The result should be an animal that can be best described as a doggy-looking wolf; not the other way around. Top left: A real mid-content with husky as a contributing dog breed. Below that, a claimed husky/wolf mix. Note, however, that the misrepresented animal shows multiple dog-specific traits, such as defined goggle face markings, compact ‘cat’ feet, wide-set pointed ears that are sparsely-furred, and white nails on its paws. By comparison, the true mid shows only a few doggy traits (including the pointed ears and white nails). Similarly, the image at top right depicts a mid-content with predominantly German shepherd (he’s also a relative of my boy, Jude!); while below is an animal which has been described at various points in time as a “wolf/mastiff cross” or, more recently, as a wolf/GSD cross. Compared to the actual mid-content wolfdog, though, the differences are quite clear. Our misrepped friend has a very thick body build, a defined stop to his brow, blocky muzzle structure, blue eyes, and ears that are set wide apart on his head. The true mid displays far fewer dog traits, but does have a “blue” coat dilute and large ears compared to a higher-content. #wolfdog #midcontentwolfdog #wolfhybrid #wolf #wolfhusky #bluewolfdog #malamute #husky #germanshepherd #GSD #huskiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #worldofwolves #furry #cute #animals #nature #education #realwolfdog #wolvesofinstagram #phenotyping #biology #wildlife @igwolfdogs @wolfdogmisrep @yourdogisnotawolf @wolfdog_shout_out @huskigram_ @huskysofficial @wolves_hd @cutewildanimals

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I worry I’ve damaged Opal’s spirit, or our bond, or something.

I worry we’ll never have a good connection.

I worry that I’ll always be disappointed in her, and me as her owner.

I worry that I’ll feel shitty about us forever.

I love her so much, and I know she loves me too. But we don’t connect. I can’t get anywhere at all with any training. I feel defeated..


German shepherd howling with wolves from Zootopia