People are getting upset for me loitering over my airfield duing a 5v1.

I had extreme engine damage and was looking to land, but a F4U-1c decided to head on with me and we traded. 

They were bitching about “Level 100 shouldn’t be a base camper” even tho I was trying to get back to base to help my ally who was getting raped by them.

I think they were just upset :^)


 Finished Hasegawa F4U-4. It’s an old kit, so a lot of raised panel scribing went down, a lot of prep, but the moulds are nice. A little bit of silvering on the decals, but not too bad. I wish Tamiya made a good Navy Blue spray, cuz the Testors with the right color, sprays kinda like crap. 

The Corsair family is growing too. 

Hasegawa F4U-4 .

Heller F4U-7

Accurate Miniatures F2G

Tamiya F4U-1A