This was taken four years ago, on Ash Wednesday. After mass that day, we ran to the handicap bathroom and took pictures with smeared ashes on our forehead. Today’s Ash Wednesday and the mass is at Hario. I miss my best friends. Church was always fun with them. Kristel and I would fool around and Nicole would get mad, since we were so immature. When the four of us went, we’d stare at Isaiah (7th grade) or Alvin (8th grade) and make them laugh. They’d get in trouble too. During Sunday school, Jeremy made me eat glue and crayons. We used to spit spitballs and eat a shit ton of spam and rice. Yeahhh. 8th grade times<3

Summer Bucket List with F4alt:

1) Go to Disneyland.

2) Get Kristel into a club with the three of us.

3) Go to the beach.

4) Do the cinnamon challenge.

6) Go camping. (Even if it’s just in Kristel’s backyard.)

7) Watch the sunrise at the beach.

8) Go theater hopping.

9) Eat frozen yogurt.

10) Get high.

11) Take photo booth pictures.

12) Eat a GIANT pizza.

13) Give food to a homeless person.

14) Have/attend a beach bonfire.

15) Go downtown with “Free hug” t-shirts

16) Make our travelling sweatshirt

17) Go to a concert/show

18) Bungee jump

19) Horror movie marathon

20) Get a tattoo (one of us)

bucket list.

F4alt in San Diego, CA for summer 2012

  1. Go to Disneyland.
  2. Get Kristel into a club with the three of us.
  3. Go to the beach.
  4. Do the cinnamon challenge.

  5. Go camping. (Even if it’s just in Kristel’s backyard.)
  6. Watch the sunrise at the beach.
  7. Go theater hopping.
  8. Eat frozen yogurt.
  9. Get high.
  10. Take photo booth pictures.
  11. Eat a GIANT pizza.
  12. Give food to a homeless person.
  13. Have/attend a beach bonfire.
  14. Go downtown with “Free hug” t-shirts.
  15. Make our travelling sweatshirt.
  16. Go to a concert/show.
  17. Bungee jump.
  18. Horror movie marathon.
  19. Get a tattoo (one of us).
  20. Go to the zoo.
  21. Go to the free museums on Tuesdays.
  22. Sea world. 
  23. Watch a play/musical.
  24. Recreate our iconic beach picture.
  25. Ride a ferry.
  26. Eat somewhere fancy.
  27. Make an Untitled IV.
  28. Yoga.
  29. Go to Mitsuwa.
  30. Eat takoyaki.
I miss F4alt.
  • i feel like bullets right now.
  • that doesn’t make sense
  • anyway, i hope our plans really happen this summer
  • mid july
  • san diego
  • kristel picking us up
  • flight from houston with nicole
  • disneyland or i think that’s what they said
  • f4alt sweater
  • i just feel giddy talking to them about this coming summer on our page on facebook
  • (:
  • i love you, gays.
  • my best friends are funny.

ありがとう for bringing me back to good ol’ Texas 🇺🇸 It was so so nice seeing you again & I had a blast everyday! You da real MVP forreal. I love you forever and ever 💕😋 #heartbuttbffs #f4alt (at San Antonio International Airport)

I tried to rewrite it, but it didn’t come out as pretty as how Nicole wrote it in May of 2008 D:
I miss my best friends.
I want June to come here already.
I just wanna give them big hugs.
I miss laughing with them, being stupid with them, eating with them, sleeping with them, showering with them, etc.
I miss you guys<3

I got a surprising text from Nicole S. & Tylee C. yesterday.

I woke up to Nicole’s text and I saw Tylee’s text after school.
It made my day(: And then other good things happened afterwards.
I skipped tennis and worked on my stats shit that I needed to catch up on and then well, yeah.

good morning.