Summer Bucket List with F4alt:

1) Go to Disneyland.

2) Get Kristel into a club with the three of us.

3) Go to the beach.

4) Do the cinnamon challenge.

6) Go camping. (Even if it’s just in Kristel’s backyard.)

7) Watch the sunrise at the beach.

8) Go theater hopping.

9) Eat frozen yogurt.

10) Get high.

11) Take photo booth pictures.

12) Eat a GIANT pizza.

13) Give food to a homeless person.

14) Have/attend a beach bonfire.

15) Go downtown with “Free hug” t-shirts

16) Make our travelling sweatshirt

17) Go to a concert/show

18) Bungee jump

19) Horror movie marathon

20) Get a tattoo (one of us)