f4 red card

Revisited the old shows that I watched, loved and colored my fan girl life.

First is Meteor Garden, and the F4. The series that started it all way back in early 2000. It was broadcasted in Taiwan in 2001 but only reached my country in 2002. I became a screaming fangirl, no apologies, of the show’s lead character, Dao Ming Si (picture above, Daumin Ssi in his passport). And the good thing is, I could still watch him, this series, more than 10 years later without cringing (they couldn’t act and their fashion sense back then was…LOL).

The main cast was extremely popular back then. Outside of the series, the F4 became a boy band and I attended one of their concerts. The tickets were way overpriced but that did not deter this fan girl’s heart. I had to see Jerry Yan aka DaoMingSi, even from a distance, singing songs I do not even understand.