Edward Nygma in F3 requested by @scriddler @cryptidwilliam and 3 anons. There was another anon requesting Jon in any of the “F” category outfits and i choose to match him with Ed, which was actually the request of @timorriddles (lucky you!)

I was actually thinking of having them in one giant sweater saying “ sound gay, WE’RE in” but i thought that would have been too silly. lol


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Spirited Away by wsifrancis

I received an eldritch based healing about five hours ago.

For those who are unaware, being comprised mainly of eldritch energy comes with Issues™, one of them being the difficulty with healing. Your energy will attempt to devour whoever is touching it, and the “healing” harms you. Not fun.

However, eldritch based major healing is definitely a thing and I fiercely want to study it.

I didn’t get to record the specifics because I was made to relax and focus on something else, but it was lots of tendrils and eating gunk. When used on fellow eldritch energy, apparently it’s able to stimulate your energy centers and ease the aggression to a more manageable state. With the sentience of eldritch, I got the impression the healer’s energy was playing therapist to my own centers, haha. There were other components to the process that I definitely did not understand and would have to focus more on the healing to catch what was happening. At one point the healer’s eldritch basically stimulated my own energy into forming automatic protections to get that all up to peak condition. It felt a lot like being jabbed with needles lol.

But I almost never have outside energy work like that because of the nature of eldritch energy and its tendency to groom itself, so I feel…. different, for sure. Clean and more balanced than I’ve felt in a long time. My emotions are completely chill and settled despite having serious emotional turbulence right up until the process began. I feel alive, like I’m standing in fresh air for the first time and realizing the extent of the pollution I used to inhale.

This feels fantastic.

The only drawback is that the healer realized I am running around with drive and motivation and getting shit done instead of sleeping, and he keeps telling me “Wait no, you have to sleep or everything is going to unbalance from sleep deprivation you have the entire day off tomorrow to act like a fool go to sleep,” and I am not prepared for sleep.

There’s event is unfolding after the quest «Trouble on the Homefront». But I’ve changed this a bit. Butch met Yoki at the bar, not her. So, after Amata expelled her from the vault, Yokie was very depressed, ‘cause she was hoping to stay in there to a whole. Father’s death completely broke her and she didn’t want to be on Capital Wasteland anymore. Even without listening to the Scribe Rothschild in the Citadel, Yoki just left. She wanted a quiet life without fear of being brutally murdered or something worse. So, after all this events (expelling from the vault too), she stayed in a Rivet City spending her time at the bar over a bottle of whiskey and thinking about what happened. So then Butch found her there and he shocked when he saw in what state she was.


OTH Ladies Appreciation Week
↪ Day Two: Favorite Friendship ; Brooke, Haley & Peyton

“Yeah but what if you have finals and you can’t sleep and you don’t have time? Well then hopefully you have a friend who’s gonna tell you that life kicks you around sometimes and it scares you, and beats you up… but there’s a day when you realize you’re not just a S U R V I V O R. You’re a W A R R I O R. You’re tougher than anything it throws your way. And you are Peyton, you are. And so are you Hales. And so are you Brooke.”

dedicated to: @laheysz & @strawblondhair