Yoki (LW) and Butch. 6 years after the events of F3. So they’re 25 years old.


I decided to change Butch’s hairstyle ‘cause I think that in the Wasteland he won’t wear hair like before  (my boy has grown up lol).

Also about Yoki. She lost her leg and arm when she was activating the purifier.


Untitled by rosemary*

Edward Nygma in F3 requested by @scriddler @cryptidwilliam and 3 anons. There was another anon requesting Jon in any of the “F” category outfits and i choose to match him with Ed, which was actually the request of @timorriddles (lucky you!)

I was actually thinking of having them in one giant sweater saying “ sound gay, WE’RE in” but i thought that would have been too silly. lol


Atami,Shizuka,pref. by Minoru Hanada
Via Flickr:
Nikon F3 Ai-s nikkor 28/2.8 Fuji C200


Épico final en la carrera de F3 de Macao de hoy.

Más apretado no podía estar, y justo en la última curva… :D

Lo importante no es quién gana, sino cómo cruza la meta.


Isesaki,Gunma pref. da Minoru Hanada
Tramite Flickr:
Nikon F3 Ai-s nikkor 28/2.8 Fuji C200


Chiang Mai, Thailand


Spirited Away by wsifrancis