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Photo Highlights and Match Videos from the 2015 Alamo Classic

By TXMMA Staff // Mike Calimbas Photography

500+ competitors come out to compete in F2W/WGC’s first foray into San Antonio


SAN ANTONIO, TX – It was a hot and muggy day this past Saturday at San Antonio’s Aztec Indoor Soccer Center. The venue played host to Fight to Win / World Grappling Circuit (F2W/WGC) and their first tournament in San Antonio, 2015 Alamo Classic. Now promoter Seth Daniels would be the first to tell you the day didn’t go quite as planned – not with the post office losing 200 medals and with the venue breaking their A/C the morning of the tournament along with a few other issues but despite all that, the tournament ran well and both Daniels and partner Brett Boyce are already fully intent in delivering for competitors the next time they come back around to the Alamo City.

As for the 2015 Alamo Classic, the competition on the mats was just as hot as the temperature in the air. Over 500 competitors came out to compete in this one and it was competitive in every divisions from the kids and teens all the way up the masters divisions. Especially competitive were the adult female divisions with top competitors from Austin (Julia Ottolino, Laura Heiman, Ketra Bartek), Houston (Kayla De Leon, etc.), and South Texas (a few from Presa, Cinco MMA, Harlingen BJJ, etc.) all coming out to battle all afternoon.

Complete results coming soon via tournament organizers but check out 70+ match videos from the tournament along with some photo highlights below

70+ Match Videos from the 2015 Alamo Classic


Photo Highlights from the 2015 Alamo Classic


Check out the complete BJJ tournament photo gallery for Print & Download Order Now Available here:

Kids from Pinnacle Martial Arts wait their turn while observing other matches.

A brave student from Dominion MMA proving autism won’t stop him from competing.

Team Tooke’s Cora Sek lands a mounted armbar.


Here’s another armbar in the teen division.

Bow an arrow choke in the teen division.

Junior Aparicio lands an armbar.

On to the female division.

Laura Heiman locks up with a tough opponent.

Maribel Ramirez goes for the armbar on Bee Nguyen.

Setting up the choke.

Laura Heiman and Ketra Bartek – 2 of Austin’s busiest competitors.

Student from Rilion Gracie Academy makes the drive down from Houston.

Bee Nguyen wins.

Juan Caballero goes for the bow and arrow on Matthew Kim.

Paragon’s Jose Portillo coaching.

Clay Hantz of Vagabond BJJ scores a coaching win.

Misael Miranda finding out the A/C just broke.

Genesis brown belt Dustin Snow scores the armbar win.

Kayla De Leon tightens the triangle choke.

Dustin Snow celebrating his submission victory in the closing moments.

Laura goes for the guillotine to end her match.


Congrats again to the Entire Team Alvarez Jiu Jitsu Army for Winning the F2W & WGC Europa Super Show for the 3rd Year in a Row and Winner of $1,000 Cash!!!

T.E.A.M Alvarez also Won the F2W & WGC Torque Tournament earlier this year as well!

Very Proud of this T.E.AM and what We Accomplished in
5 Short Years!

Thanks to Mr. Seth Daniels & Mr. Brett Boyce for putting on another Great event! Osss


1st Place Team Champions
November 20, 2010

F2W & WGC – Europa Championships
1st Place Team Champions
August 13, 2011

F2W & WGC EUROPA -Dallas, TX
1st Place Team Champion Overall for 2nd Year in a Row
$1,500 1st Place Prize Money
August 18, 2012

2013 F2W & WGC – TORQUE OPEN – Arlington, TX
1st Place Overall Team Champions
May 18, 2013

2013 F2W & WGC Europa Super Show
1st Place Team Champions and Winner of $1,000 Cash
August 17, 2013



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Photo Highlights and Match Videos from the Texas State Championship

By TXMMA Staff // Mike Calimbas Photography

Annual tournament featured over 1,000 matches at Austin’s Wilhelmina Delco Center


AUSTIN, TX – This past weekend featured the 6th annual Texas State Championship for BJJ and NOGI Submission Grappling put on by Fight to Win and World Grappling Circuit.

This year’s Texas State Championship was an all-day affair at the Wilhelmina Delco Center in North Austin. Starting with the kids and moving on to the adult divisions, it was a long day of action with nonstop matches across 14 mats.

The team title should be announced shortly by Seth Daniels of Fight to Win on their Facebook page. It should be a close race with teams such as Team Tooke, Presa, Pablo Silva BJJ, Gracie Humaita Austin, Champion’s Factory and several others all putting on strong team performances.

Likewise, advanced competitors like Kurt Pantle, Jose Portillo, Pedro Migliano, Jarrod Clontz and more put on a show as well along with kids like Cora Sek and Memo Rodriguez.

Team and individual results should be out soon.

You can catch photos on the TXMMA Facebook Page. Also, the complete high-resolution album from the 2015 Texas State Championship are also available for view along with print and download orders here:

Check out some of the photo and video highlights from Fight to Win / World Grappling Circuit’s 6th Annual Texas State Championship below:

Select Match Videos from the 2015 Texas State Championship


Photo Highlights from the 2015 Texas State Championship

Chad Lutu of Champion’s Factory / GFTeam goes for the arm.

Kurt Pantle of PSBJJ hits a painful looking kimura.

Cora Sek is all smiles while executing her rubber guard game.


This young competitor from Gracie Barra is full of focus.

Presa’s Brandi Narvaez goes for the armbar.

Roberto Jimenez looks to lock up the choke on his opponent.

A healthy competitor himself, Jordan Burton shows true disdain for the pizza while working at his table.

The kids battled competitively all day.

Bastos BJJ’s Diego Almeida showed why he’ll be a world class competitor to be reckoned with.

Prof. Pablo Silva brought an impressive contingent in his first big team tournament run with his academy.

Estevan Martinez showed why height matters not with a strong all around game.

A young competitor goes for the triangle and is looking to transition into a finish from mount.

Emily from Bastos BJJ Midland hits a kimura.

Francisco Rivera of Rilion Gracie Academy goes for the choke.

Travis Tooke traveled down from Houston to coach his squad along with Jose Angel Llanas.

Scary. ‘Nuff said.

Chad Lutu and his young teammate reppin’ TXMMA to the fullest.

Estevan snaps his opponent down to size.

He’s not even mad.

BQuick’s Alex Rodriguez preps for teaching BJJ in China by competing.

Aurelio Gallegos is all smiles after watching his 11 girls compete.

Jose Portillo controls his opponent in the brown/black belt division.

“Deaf Grappler” Garrett Scott wins gold in his nogi division.

A takedown battle ensues.

Little girls showed their strength as well.

Here’s an armbar attempt from a young competitor out of Presa.

Brandi Narvaez and Hailey Cowan had themselves a great match.

Ketra Bartek takes the women’s absolute division.

Pedro Migliano hits the choke in one of the final matches of the day.

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Results and Photo Highlights from 2015 Europa Super Show Dallas

By TXMMA Staff

Annual F2W/WGC Europa tourney attracts top competitors once again


DALLAS, TX – One of the largest tournaments of the year in the state of Texas, the 2015 Europa Super Show Dallas once again brought it this year with grapplers descending from every corner of the state to train, coach and compete. Roughly 100 teams and 800 competitors showed up this time and the mats were busy all day long until tournament close.

Leading the way in tournament results was the formidable squad from Alvarez BJJ, winning the overall team standings by almost twice the margin over second place by day’s end, finishing with 154 total points. Right behind that was Genesis BJJ (84 points) and Bastos BJJ (71 points).

As for individual results, it was Jordan Shepler (under 170 and Bubba Bush (over 170) who shined in the Men’s NOGI absolutes with a hat tip also to Seth Daniels who was able to achieve a submission over Carlos Diego Ferreira to gain second place in the +170. On the women’s side it was Natiely Karoline representing RPBJJ who won the NOGI over Victoria Maciel of Soul Fighters who won second place.

In the GI absolutes, it was Carlos Diego Ferreira winning the prize money with a ref decision over Rico Bastos to win at black belt while Ryne Sandhagen and Lucas Valente won at brown and purple respectively. BFA winners Kayla Deleon and Roberto Jimenez took honors in the teens while Natiely Karoline once again won for the women.

Check out the complete and individual results via F2W/WGC here.


2015 Europa Super Show Dallas – Photo Highlights

2015 Europa Super Show Dallas – Select Match Videos



Fight to Win / World Grappling Circuit returns for the 2015 Summer Classic Aug, 8th in Dallas. Make sure to check out all the info and details here!

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15 Expressive Images from a Texas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament

By TXMMA Staff // Images by Mike Calimbas Photography

Capturing the feel of competition through photographs from recent Fight to Win / World Grappling Circuit BJJ tournament


July 15, 2014 – Those of you that have been to one of many BJJ tournaments around the state know these competitions can be full of emotion. From competitors to coaches, staff and everyone else involved the arena is always abuzz with activity. Needless to say it can get interesting at times. One series in particular that always seems to capture the full spectrum of emotion are those tournaments put on by Fight to Win and World Grappling Circuit.

Working close with promoters Brett Boyce and Seth Daniels, TXMMA staff is present and capturing the action at every F2W/WGC tournament held in Texas. This includes the 2014 Summer Classic held last month at the Competitive Edge Sports Center in Spring.

Complete results here.

Complete high-resolution event gallery here.

The promotion is back at it again with the All Valley Grappling Championships taking place August 9th at the Nytex Sports Center in North Richland Hills (Dallas area BJJ tournament, more info here) Scroll on below to see get an idea of what to expect that this upcoming event along with all other BJJ tournaments TXMMA covers here in Texas.

 15 Images from the 2014 Summer Classic (Houston BJJ Tournament)


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Faces in the Crowd: Highlights from All Valley Grappling Championship

By TXMMA Staff // Photos by Mike Calimbas

2014 All Valley Grappling Championship a hit in North Richland Hills


The 2014 All Valley Grappling Championship held on August 9th was Fight to Win and World Grappling circuit’s latest foray into DFW territory. Featuring GI and No GI divisions for all age groups, this event pulled together 650+ grapplers from North Texas and beyond.

Winning the overall team title was Solis Martial Arts (104). They were able to accomplish that feat by virtue of their top finish in the GI portion of the event. Finishing first in the NOGI portion of the event was Next Generation Martial Arts (84). Third overall was Alvarez BJJ (75) who had a strong showing despite bringing a limited number of competitors to the event.

As for individual highlights they were plentiful. Some of the top competitors on the day included Brandon Russell, Jordan Henry, Kevin Williams, Jacob Allphin, and Eric Shchambari. Plenty more due for recognition than that as well. You can see all division winners and team rankings via Fight to Win here.

Likewise, you can check out all TXMMA-captured All-Valley tournament match videos along with the complete photo gallery from the event here.

Aside from that, sometimes at these tournaments the most fascinating images come from what’s going on off the mats so check out some of highlights of faces in the crowd at the 2014 All Valley Grappling Championship below:

Photo highlights from the 2014 All Valley Grappling Championship


AFC’s Jarrod Clontz taking a moment to relax before his division.[/caption]

Paragon’s Alex Rodriguez pondering the intricacies of the berimbolo.

Genesis competitor Jerry Browne hams it up .

BQuick instructor Garrett Mowles preps for his first match.

Mohler MMA’s Jason Sampson preparing a student for battle.

Alvarez BJJ’s Daniel Alvarez multitasking – coaching and recording at the same time.

The Bastos family hanging out just off the mats.

Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu’s Brandon Walker protesting a call for a teammate.

Lucas Joao Bastos already eager to step onto the mats.

Caleb Johnson does not want to get caught eating this banana.

Genesis sensei Tony Tipton overseeing his students.

Alvarez BJJ’s father-and-son Crosley combo.

Brandon Quick coaching his own students and also his affiliates.

NG’s Jennifer Brennan watching proudly as her sons Lucas and Tyler compete.

[caption id=”attachment_206212″ align=”aligncenter” width=”640″> BQuick’s Levi Mowles takes a break from ref duty to coach his brother.

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TXMMA Technique of the Week - Seth Daniels’ Outside Foot Sweeps

By TXMMA Staff

Fight to Win CEO showcases several Outside Foot Sweep Variations


DENVER, CO, February 3, 2014 – Today’s much anticipated edition of the TXMMA Technique of the Week features Fight to Win CEO and MMA and Jiu-Jitsu promoter Seth Daniels.

Chances are if you’ve competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) or no-gi grappling within the state of Texas over the past half-dozen years you already know of Seth. Together with his business partner Brett Boyce the two have held events all around the state from Austin and Houston to Dallas and Midland.

What some people (at least the newer ones up to purple belt) may not know is that Seth is an accomplished grappler as well. He’s currently ranked as a BJJ purple belt, training primarily at Colorado BJJ alongside 3rd degree black belt David Ruiz, Nobuo Yagai, Robert Wunderlich and others. And though he’s based in Colorado now Seth actually came up in Katy, TX where he developed strong fundamentals in Jiu-Jitsu and Judo beforehand.

Combining his judo acumen with his BJJ training, Seth Daniels has competed in most of the tournaments he puts on, from Europa and the Austin Open to the Texas State Championships. Throughout it all the one constant in his game has been his exceptional ability to off-balance his  opponents and get the takedown – usually with a variety of foot sweep variations.

Recognizing Seth Daniels as a specialist and subject matter expert on outside foot sweeps, we reached out to Seth and asked him to showcase this exceptionally useful grappling technique with our audience.

He graciously agreed and showed a few variations of the outside foot sweep in the video below.

Watch and enjoy!

TXMMA Technique of the Week – Seth Daniels (Colorado BJJ)


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2013 Summer Classic - Tournament Recap

Photos by Mike Calimbas (BJJ Tournament Photographer)

Houston Area Tournament Proves To Be A Good Day Of Competitive BJJ and NO-GI Grappling


HOUSTON, TX, June 27, 2013 – Promoters Seth Daniels and Brett Boyce held their most recent Houston are tournament this past Saturday, July 22nd with the Competitive Edge Sports Complex playing host to the 2013 Summer Classic and competitors from the Houston area and beyond that showed up for a fun day of competitive grappling.

Sandwiched between the Torque Open and their upcoming tournament at the Europa Super Show, the 2013 Summer Classic drew about 450+ grapplers yet ran quite swiftly, with the last match of the day happening before the 5PM mark.

Divisions themselves were spread out all over the board with exciting matches found anywhere from the kids divisions to the seniors but some of the highlights of the day included a very exciting matchup between brown belt Julian Vega (Elite MMA Baytown) and purple belt Jordan Henry (Gracie Barra) in a combined purple / brown belt division along with some dominant performances from the Cordova brothers, Andy and Kevin (GB Texas), who took home around 10 medals and closed out two divisions together, along with Cora Sek (Team Tooke) who continued her streak of exciting rubber guard play and triangle chokes in the kids division.

Full individual and team results should be forthcoming from F2W/WGC but other names that shone out to us at the 2013 Summer Classic included Dominic Alfano (HGA), Saul Flores (GB Westchase), Damion Oranday (Elite MMA Baytown), and Roberto Jimenez (Alliance Team Gacho). Make sure to check out the complete results as soon as they are posted to see who else made their way to the medal podium.

Until then, here’s the link to about 70 select match videos on the day from the 2013 Summer Classic courtesy of our Texas Grappling YouTube Channel.

2013 Summer Classic – Photo Highlights


Make sure to check out our TXMMA Facebook Page for a healthy selection of tournament photos from the 2013 Summer Classic. Complete high-resolution photo galleries of all divisions are also available on www.mikecalimbas.com so make sure to look through them especially if you’d like to order prints for your home, office, or academy.

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New Post has been published on http://www.txmma.com/event/f2wwgc-clutch-city-classic-upcoming-bjj-tournament-in-houston-tx/

F2W/WGC Clutch City Classic - Upcoming BJJ tournament in Houston, TX

REGISTRANT INFORMATION While completing this form, do not use the browser BACK or FORWARD buttons; use only the buttons on this form. Fields in this color are required. CLOSES AT:  11 September 2015 10:00 PM US/Central

REGISTERED CATEGORIES Place a check mark next to each category for which you wish to register. All fields appearing under a label of this color are required for the category. Adult BJJ: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) BJJ for adults ages 18 years and up. No sandbagging allowed. Adult NO GI: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) No Gi Submission Wrestling for adults ages 18 years and up. No sandbagging allowed. Masters-Seniors BJJ: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for adult ages 30 years and up. No Sandbagging allowed. Masters-Senior NO GI: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) No Gi Submission Wrestling for adults ages 30 years and up. No sandbagging allowed. Teen BJJ: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for teens age 13-17 years old. Teen NO GI: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) No Gi Submission Wrestling for teens age 13 to 17 years old. ABSOLUTE BJJ: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) Absolute BJJ competition for Men, Women, Teens, and Children. ABSOLUTE NO GI: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) Absolute No Gi competition for Men, Women, Teens, and Children. SUB-ONLY ABSOLUTE BJJ: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) Submission-only Absolute BJJ competition for Men, Women, and Teens. SUB-ONLY ABSOLUTE NO GI: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) Submission-only Absolute No Gi competition for Men, Women, and Teens. Children BJJ: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for children ages 5-12 years. Children NO GI: 40.00 USD (Enable checkbox to register.) No Gi Submission Wrestling for children ages 5 to 12 years old. OPTIONAL ITEMS Click on “Add To Cart” if you wish to purchase an item with your registration.

INSTRUCTIONS Carefully review your registration. There are NO REFUNDS. Click on “Register Me” to submit your registration. You will then be redirected to a secured payment page to complete the payment for your registration fee. REVIEW OF CATEGORIES Description:


       Total Amount in USD

(Current total is 0.00 USD )