[f2f Kirk | Life Support]

[Kurt knocks on Nick’s door briefly before turning the knob and letting himself in. His hair is unkept, having stayed indoors all morning, a random shirt and sweat pants making for an atypical outfit he usually only wore to bed. Kurt couldn’t help the sick sense of relief that had come over him when Nick messaged him, asking him to come over. He’d been too afraid to reach out to his boyfriend, wanting Nick to choose the pace at which they tried to mend things. The idea that he might get to hold Nick again- so soon- left Kurt wanting, ignorant of at what cost. He was worried himself about the Headmaster and Leah- in addition to everyone affected. Blaine especially, but the submissive’s first priority was Nick. Something he was determined to prove.]

Hey, how are you holding up? [Kurt closed the door behind him, walking over to Nick. He took in his partner’s form curled up on the bed and hesitantly ran a hand through the sub’s hair while standing beside him.]  

F2F: Blaine&Xander

Blaine grabbed them both peanut butter smoothies and moussaka from Green Grub, then headed over to the gym. He found Xander by the bars, looking almost too cute in his workout clothes, he had to try to control his blush. “Hey baby,” he said, walking up to him.


After spending the day out and about and getting a few things done that she had put off for a couple weeks, due to his accident, Lexi finally made her way back home. They had just shy of a month left here before they had to move back into their respective houses at school. Coming in with bags in hand, she set a few down next to him by the couch before moving around to put away a few things she grabbed at the grocery store. “Did you eat anything?” She questioned, before making her way back over to him to peek in the bags that she had left there. “Here,” pulling out a few things from the bag, she set a couple of packages of white shirts. “I know you hate shirts and all but all of your white tee’s have holes in them and believe it or not, you do need to wear shirts sometimes.” 

Happy Birthday? → Dom/Val F2F

[Dom was hurrying over to Val’s dorm with a slight panicky thought eating at his brain. He thought about how he broke a promise to someone so special to him just as it seemed as though they were starting to trust each other completely.] “Oh, God.” [He panted the words repeatedly before he finally made it to the dorms.] ‘How is he so “okay” with it?’ he thought to himself. [Dom would be pissed if someone he trusted broke a promise like he did. He finally made it to Val’s door. He took a slow, deep, shaky breath before he knocked on the door and quickly wiped stray tears from his cheeks and eyes.]


A new challenge || Dantana

Santana had tried to avoid Dani as much as possible, for Dani as much as for herself. She didn’t want the girl to be reminded about what they did, knowing that she regretted it. She turned down mission after mission when they said that Dani would be her partner, remembering the woman said that they couldn’t ‘live together’ anymore, but eventually she just ran out of money, almost completely broke and she needed to go back to work. She was too embarrassed to ask her parents for money. Again, Dani was the only person available and they told her two rooms would be provided. Getting on the flight, she hadn’t even seen the girl during check in and swapped her ticket with a businessman so that she didn’t have to sit with her for the flight. It was going to be hard, but she had no other choice.


[Rachel was asleep when her phone went off signaling multiple texts. It wasn’t usual that she would get that many texts at once late at night so when it woke her up she instantly checked to see what they said. The words made her heart drop and she quickly got up and found shoes and a sweatshirt to go over her tank top she had on. Brody was in trouble and Noah Puckerman was not going to survive her wrath when she got ahold of him.

She wasn’t concerned in waking her dads up as she rushed out of the house and into her car to drive to the next town over and try and find the house party. Brody was the sweetest person and she was furious that Puck would take advantage of that. When she finally found Puckerman’s truck she parked beside of it, leaving her car on as she knocked on the window hoping that the drugs didn’t have Brody too far gone by now.]

Brody, it’s Rachel. Unlock the door for me, baby.


Santana had given Dani a lot of attention over the next few days and then it all dwindled as she got cold feet, going back to treating her like the other kids and then ignoring her completely. She knew she couldn’t keep it up, fearing the repercussions and getting fired and maybe even arrested, Dani was underage after all. In class with her, she avoided her at all costs, not wanting to get involved with it, scared of what could happen so she just didn’t even look at her.

F2F|| Christmas Time -25/12/15-

Santana was excited. It was Christmas morning and she was waking up with her girls. Lifting Lily up out of her crib, she kissed her and cuddled her, making her giggle. “Merry Christmas beautiful girl, let’s wake mommy up” she said, getting into bed with her and laying her on her mom’s chest. The little girl smiled down at her mom, holding her cheeks. “Mama” she mumbled, trying to get her to open her eyes. Pulling on her cheeks, she kissed her mom and then started hitting her face out of excitement. “Woah, calm down” she said, moving Lily’s hands away and smiling when she kissed her mom again. “Wake up beautiful girl” she said, to Dani, pressing a soft kiss on her cheek.

F2F|| Party

Santana’s parents had gone away for the weekend and her friends had somehow managed to convince her to throw a party. Buying some alcohol, she invited her closest friends, surprised on the night when tons of teens showed up that she didn’t even know. Word had obviously gotten out. Letting them in, she didn’t mind so much as long as they didn’t cause trouble.

Meet The Parents || DANTANA

It was a few days before Santana had to go back to work and luckily, Dani was starting to feel a bit better. Being able to move around without much pain. Today had gotten off to a good start, them going out for breakfast for the first time since being together, just wanting to treat Dani. Heading back home Santana decided to check her phone, seeing a missed called and a text off her mom, her eyes widened as she read each word carefully, putting her phone down she headed into the living room where Dani was. Smiling as she seen Dani looking happy cuddled with Bella watching TV. Sitting down next to the pair she rested Dani’s legs across her lap “hey babe”

F2F|| St. Berry→ Truth or Dare

[Jesse wasn’t entirely sure why he was nervous to stay over at Rachel’s. He’d had plenty of female friends over the past few years and it wasn’t like he couldn’t be platonic with the opposite sex. Still, this wasn’t just any girl. Rachel had always had an affect on him and he was quickly finding out that that was one thing that hadn’t faded over the years.

As soon as she’d invited him over, Jesse had thrown some pjs and a change of clothes into his holdall before picking up some flowers and a bottle of wine and making his way to her apartment. He was keen to show her that he was still the guy he had been when they were younger, still her Jesse, and if anything was going to get him there he knew flowers and compliments were a good start.

When he arrived at her apartment, he checked his hair a few too many times in the mirrored elevator, silently reassuring himself that he could deal with whatever the night would throw at him. Upon finally reaching her door, he put on his best smile and knocked, waiting impatiently for her to answer.]

Hey, gorgeous. These are to say sorry for being an ass the other night… [He held out the bouquet of flowers for her to take.] And the wine is here at your request. Can I come in?

Breakfast|| Dantana

Santana and Dani woke up early the next morning after Dani had suggested they go for breakfast with them. Santana was looking forward to surprising her parents again, twice in the space of a month. “Are you ready babe?” Santana asked, standing outside of the bathroom and peeking inside to see Dani. Waiting for her, they headed out to the Lopez household hand in hand, Santana driving them but keeping Dani’s hand in her own, excited.

F2F|| Ohio -20/12/15-

Santana and Dani had booked the plane tickets together, Santana insisting on paying for them. They’d decided to leave on the 20th but only staying there for a week, coming back on the 28th so that they could spend New Year with Dani’s friends as well as still being together. Packing up their things, they had a suitcase filled entirely with presents to take, most of which were for Lily. Santana was excited that she got to be on the babies first flight, promising Dani that she’d help her with the little one the entire way. Heading to the airport, they went through security, eventually boarding the plane. Lily sat in her mom’s lap by the window, Santana next to them. They were in the air when Lily started to get fussy, pulling at her mom’s shirt to get comfort from her breast. Santana was holding Dani against her chest, frowning when the baby started to cry. Stroking Dani’s back, she couldn’t give the baby what she wanted.


Santana was visiting the mall on patrol, half aware of the rise in crime there recently. A security guard ran after her, saying he suspected someone was about to steal. Following after him, she was surprised to see Dani acting suspicious, hanging back and watching the girl admire the underwear. She was disappointed when she saw her slip something into her jacket, the girl having promised not to do it anymore, she had been doing everything she could to help her and apparently it wasn’t enough. Telling the security guard to leave, she walked over to Dani, pulling her hands behind her back and cuffing her “You’re under arrest” she said, obviously so disappointed.