> He knocked on the door, a bar of soap in his hand. He thought he could scare her. He didn’t want Georgia hurting anyone’s feelings. And besides, he was sick of her bullshit. Huh. Explains why they weren’t friends before…
> Technically, he saw Grady heading for Konohana to make trades, so this would all be fine. “GEORGIA!” He called out. “It’s me, Cam.”  

> The scream that came from the child rang clear. He had started her, and she wasn’t really expecting him to do this….oh no, she was in huge trouble. He wouldn’t have soap, right? He couldn’t have it.

> “Y-y’all get outta here!” she called loudly, accent even more definitive than when she was older. She looked around for somewhere to hide, and decided the best course of action was to stuff herself under the bed. He’d never check there, right? 

f2f - becca and heather.

After stopping by the store and getting a bottle of champagne and some ice cream, Becca drove over to Heather’s place and pulled into her driveway. She was really happy that Heather was shooting in Atlanta - this way she didn’t have to be away from Naya but could also visit her friend since it had been a while since they last hung out, the last time being the final day of shooting Glee. She got out, her heels clicking against the driveway, and went up to the door to ring the bell. Heather’s mom greeted her, baby on hip, and Becca greeted her back with a smile as she was ushered in.

She was told Heather was just getting out of the shower. Smelling something good coming from the kitchen, Becca walked into Heather’s room and smiled as she saw her friend sitting on her bed in a towel, painting her toenails. “Ooh la la, Heather Morris in a towel,” she teased. “Want me to let you get dressed? I don’t mind stealing Eli…I mean playing with Eli for a while.”

Dylan smiled as she got out of the Taxi, running up to knock on Amelia’s door, “Babbbbeee, get your sexy ass out here right now. I’m wearing a skirt…and it’s black…and tight…” she teased out playfully as she continued to excessively knock on the door, “No, but really. I miss you. Hurry up!” 

Cuddle Me Now: F2F

Nina had needed a friend. She had been through a lot since moving to Bayview but she knew that she couldn’t leave the life that she had made here behind. The brunette loved this town way too much to leave and she wouldn’t. At least for the time being.

She had invited Chris over to hang out and cuddle while they talked and had time to catch up since the show finished filming for the season. she had missed him and was that he was now in a town where they could see each other more often than just on set. she was dressed in casual clothing and laying on the couch watching tv flipping through to find something that she could and would watch.

The brunette pulled out her phone and sent a text

{Text}: Hey you comin’?



> Angelo showed up in Bluebell, though the journey between his home and the small town was a bit of a blur. He wandered down the street, stopping when he realised he didn’t actually know what house was Georgia’s and looking around, confused and wide eyed.

> Georgia was sitting in the field, somehow surrounded with many different horses. Last she remembered they were only going to get them. Oh well. More for her. She noticed a little blonde boy that was really pretty like a girl. Running over to the fence, she hung over and waved.

> “Heeeey!! y’all’re the kid I talked to, right?!” she called with a grin. 

F2F|| Six months old - 22nd June 2015-

Santana had come, armed with half birthday gifts. Sure, half birthday’s weren’t much of a big deal later, but during the first year it was a real milestone and she was glad to be sharing the day with her girls. Staying the night before, she knew she’d need to wake up early and drive them to see her dad, not minding waiting around a few hours whilst they spent time with him. “Good morning” she whispered to Dani, kissing her nose. Lily was laying, awake on her chest, smiling at her mom and waiting for her to wake up too. “Come on, mommy… it’s a big day.” she mumbled against her lips as she tried to give her an amazing wake up, Lily stretching across her, wearing only a diaper. She was just about to give her a bath but wanted Dani with her, doing things as a family, they were getting quite used to that. The baby giggled and put her hand on Dani’s face “mama” she said, trying to get her mom up. “That’s my clever little girl” Santana said, lifting her into the air and bringing  her back down for a kiss.

So I was thinking, Fortescue, on the way over here from my father’s office after he thoroughly refused to allow me to terminate your contract that the solution to all of our problems would be to create a new one that overrides the one this company has made you sign. A contract that is so extraordinary that it even tests the limits of the law in court if you should ever decide that robbing  banks or mass murder runs in the family.

Devon was finishing shopping when he felt his phone vibrate. He took it out of his pocket and read the message from Evan, texting him saying he was at the mall, shopping and that the other boy should come by. He finished buying gifts for his sisters and then stopped at a restaurant, waiting for Evan to arrive.


[Rachel practically skipped down the hall towards Brody’s room. She wasn’t in remission but for the first time since she entered the hospital sick she was allowed to go back out and enjoy the public again. The entire time her levels had been teeter tottering and it was dangerous but now she was going on a record number of days of them being up for her that the day had finally come.

Of course the first person she thought of to go with her was her boyfriend, she didn’t want to go unless he could as well. So she started planning and talking with the nurses and finally his father until she had an entire day planned for them.

Going into his room she grinned and kissed him.]

Hey handsome.

F2F| Fiance -27th May 2023-

Santana woke up the next morning, hearing the doorbell ring. Looking down at Dani who was wrapped up in her arms, she didn’t want to wake her and clambered out of bed to go and get the door. Rubbing her eyes, she struggled with the handle and eventually pulled the door open. “..hi” she said, Sam standing directly in front of her. Shit. The girl just walked passed her, not giving her the time of day as she headed upstairs and into her bedroom. Frowning, Santana wandered up to the guest room and sat on the bed, gently shaking Dani. “Dan, your um… your girlfriend is home” she said, not wanting Sam to find Dani in her bed.

F2F|| Date Day -25th May 2015-

Santana was woken up in the early hours by Lily, crying softly. Opening her eyes with a smile, she looked at the beautiful woman in her arms and carefully manoeuvred her way out of her arms, picking up the crying baby. “Good morning” she smiled, giving her a cuddle as she laid her down to change her diaper. Lifting her up after she was all clean, she got back into bed with her gorgeous woman and pulled her in close again, the covers coming back up to keep them warm. Lily laid on Santana’s chest, trying to push herself upwards to see her face. The baby laid down on her chest and stroked Dani’s boob, obviously hungry after sleeping for 7 hours. Santana pulled Dani closer so that she was tucked into her side, kissing her forehead. She didn’t want to wake the sleeping beauty, slipping her shirt up slightly and letting Lily find her mom’s nipple, latching and suckling whilst still laying on her own chest. She knew Dani would wake, but she hoped she’d wake happily, the sight absolutely adorable, the three of them.  


[She was positive that she had never been more mad at him before. It was mostly the hormones she knew but she was upset and it took a lot of convincing to get herself to even go to the airport. She had missed him though and that was enough for her to hop into a cab and get to where her husband was.

Walking into the baggage claim area she looked for his airline and walked towards it until she saw him. As mad as at him as she was she still smiled widely and walked towards him.]

I’m happy you’re home.

F2F| Hang out -13th March 2015-

Santana had mixed emotions about Dani asking her to spend time with her, determined to spend the whole night teasing her. She drove to Chipotle and got the same that the both of them had the last time before heading back towards the apartment building. She picked up her weed on the way from her apartment, walking to Dani’s and opening the door like she told her to. "Your food, bitch" she called into the apartment, closing the door behind her and walking further inside.


[Her initial plan on how to tell him she was pregnant was quickly discarded when Brody said that he was going to be at the house all day. Rachel figured out a new plan though and smiled to herself as she slipped the test into her bag once she was finished getting ready.

Getting to the house she got a mask and then went up to the second floor and picked the room that was next to the master and smiled as she took off her coat and stood next to the window. 

Making sure her shirt, that had an oven with a bun in it on the stomach, she had bought when they first started trying was noticeable she sent him a text asking him to come down and meet her.]

F2F| Morning After -3rd February 2015-

Santana woke up at her usual time, feeling the unfamiliar weight laying in her arms. Opening her eyes, she sighed seeing the sleeping girl and sneaking out beneath her. Knowing she liked her sleep, she showered and got ready before going to wake her up like she had done the day before. It had the potential to be extremely awkward but she slid into Dani’s room anyway, opening the window to let in some fresh air and sitting down on the bed. “Dani, wake up… school” she said, shaking her gently.


Santana had gone home to her mom who fussed over the bruise forming on the side of her face. Eventually leaving her alone, Santana went to bed and managed to conceal the darkening bruise the next day with make-up, staying at home with her daughter. She didn’t hear from Dani and just assumed that she was busy.

Thursday arrived at long last and Nora woke up, excited to see Dani. They hadn’t spoken and Santana wasn’t even sure they’d be on the list but she hoped that they would be, dying to see Dani and kiss her after everything that had happened. Finally, they were both single and they could try again. That didn’t stop her from feeling guilty about Emelie, but the state of her face made it increasingly difficult for her to be sorry about it.

Santana dressed Nora in a pair of pink skinny jeans, some grey converse and a grey and pink ‘Dani Walker’ shirt with a picture of her mom on the front. She laughed at how cute the girl looked and took a picture of her holding the banner before getting changed herself. Wearing some black skinny jeans with a white see through shirt and a black bralet beneath it, pairing it with some heels. Nora told her that she looked pretty and she told the little girl she looked beautiful, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Nora asked her mom if they could get Dani some chinese food, making Santana laugh but she nodded, finding the girl too cute to say no to.

It was 4 pm when they decided to leave, stopping and getting the food before heading to the arena. She parked up and went to the backstage door, giving the security guard their names and waiting for him to check whether they were on the list.

Forceful Visits||Danny+Felicity

> She wasn’t even sure why she felt the need to get on the soonest plane to the foreign land-least of all meeting some guy she had never really talked to. He seemed nice enough, so…that was a good thing…right? And…she really hadn’t had a vacation in a while…

> Felicity shook her head, her bag of necessities on her shoulder. The wind bit at her cheeks, but she was too distracted by practically everything to notice. It was a nice size, it seemed. Not really large enough to get totally lost, but not small enough to get boring. No wonder Danny had said it was always busy.

> Right. That’s where she was going. With the excitement making sure she had her things, the new scenery, not getting in the way, she had momentarily forgotten why she even came in the first place…but where was the ‘shop.’ That wasn’t entirely specific, and the location…? Well, there were a few routes to take. The blonde really didn’t want to get lost barely half an hour into the trip.

> Moving off to the side, she flattened her skirts and pulled her phone from her bag. At least the reception was decent. She quickly pulled up her messages and tapped on the somewhat familiar name.

I’m here~ c: I don’t know where exactly I’m going, though! :o Could I have some directions, pretty please?~ ♥ 

> And with the send button, it was off. She hoped he’d respond quickly…but what if he forgot about her? Or didn’t check his account? 

> A frown came to her pink lips, her mind going through all the worst possible scenarios. It would be fine, she reassured herself, playing with the bracelet she had recently won thanks to him. Right…?