• Jace:"B... You're squishing me and I can feel your morning wood on my thigh."
  • Blaine:groaned and held onto the body underneath him tighter. "Hmm... Stop wiggling and go back to sleep, J..." A long exhale fell off his lips and he moved his head up, tucking it under his brother's chin. "It's early yet, shh..."
It’s Time → Granielle

It was a bright and sunny day in Vancouver, Canada; and Danielle was quite thankful for it. The weather was warm and didn’t warrant for a jacket at all, which was something that she was quite thankful for. For now, she was able to just relax and get her day going, walking out of the makeup trailer and getting ready for one of the upcoming group scenes that they were going to film today. There was tiredness to her from being up last night, but she couldn’t very well fault it for her or her baby’s doing. They were just getting comfortable and trying to find a position to do so had been tough when she was lying down; but she managed to get there and going. What would be on her mind right now would be these intense pains—they weren’t bad, but they were merely uncomfortable for now—and everything that she did wouldn’t make it go away. Was it a contraction? Probably, but it didn’t seem as bad as everyone made it out to be. They were probably false labor contractions. Either way, she had scenes to film and she was going to get through them.

As she waddled, the brunette kept her breathing as regular as she could. The pain would come in spurts; but it wasn’t necessarily bad. Maybe she was overthinking it, per se, considering she was more than capable of doing that from time to time. The baby will come when she wants to come, she knew that, but she had plenty of time and this wasn’t just anything to worry about. For now, she kept her thoughts just focused on her walking and breathing, determined to use this little bit for exercise. And just like that, the pain ended up subsiding for now and she made her way onto the soundstage where her cast mates and her husband had been waiting for her. “Sorry I’m late”, she started out now, waving her hand and placing her hand on her lower back.

It did well enough to soothe her back pain for now, but there it was again. The pressure that she started to feel on her lower abdomen came back and maybe it was because she had been standing still; but she did let out a shaky breath that only Carlos managed to catch at this point. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she went right towards her husband now and held out her hands for him. The pain was starting to become just a little bit unbearable, she gripping his arm tighter than she had ever, and even now she meant to speak during it; but it was no avail. Okay, so maybe they weren’t false labor contractions at all.

“I think”, Danielle started out now, getting a chance to breathe and speak now that the pain had managed to subside. Her hazel eyes connected with her husband’s to plead silently, trying to get his attention to see what was happening. “Honey, I think it’s”, she started to say now, but she had felt something trickle down her legs in a small gush and onto his shoes. “Time.” @theflashgrant


With work done for the day, Kurt had nothing left to do but to go home, yet he decided to treat himself with a nice italian coffee at the cafe located about one block away from the Vogue building. A lot had happened in the recent days, and he figured a good cup of coffee would help him maul things over. And out of of all those things, the party happening next Friday night stood up the most. It was a mysterious invitatoon to begin with, and by being so vague it only fueled his curiosity that much more. He entered the cafe, a soft, nice Italian tune sounding in the background, and for once he was happy to simply get a table and be waited on, instead of having to stand in line to  order a coffee. He ordered a black coffee cup and a blueberry muffin to go with it, then he pulled his iPad from his bag and started to scroll through some of the suits he was planning to choose from for said party. The place was fairly crowded, but Kurt didn’t really pay attention to the people who went, or came in.


F2F || Slay-Files || Martana

The thick folder was stowed away in her bag as Marley knocked on Santana’s dorm door, and it was funny to think of how the weight of the files themselves didn’t really compare to the weight of having stowed them away for as long as she had. She wasn’t sure whether it was spite that made her make copies to hold onto or if she honestly thought she might need them at some point. But whatever the reasoning, she was glad she had now. At least Santana wouldn’t really be disappointed in the end.

Though now she was curious as to why she needed them now, of all times.

She knocked again once she realized no answer had come yet, adding, “It’s Marley. Can I come in?”

Home Decorating || HawkMates

Kendra stood in the middle of the hardware store, holding up different swatches of paint. She contemplated the idea of pastels or dark colors, holding up two different hues of blue. She held it out to Carter, her eyes locking on his to see if he had a preference of either. Though she wore an amused smile, she knew that he was probably anything but as she practically pouted in order to get him to come down to the hardware store, and the furniture store, even though he was unsuspecting of the latter. If she was going to be moving into his apartment, so that he could train her and they could work to end Vandal Savage once and for all, she needed to at least feel comfortable in the place that she was residing. “Carter! You have to pick one. Which one is better? Pastel colors or a dark color scheme?” 

Her eyes scanned for an alternative option if he didn’t pick either of these options. She knew that they’d been in there for what felt like an eternity, but was only an hour, but she wanted to make the apartment feel welcoming, even if it was only her that it was welcoming. Besides, seeing the taste in furniture that Carter had, she wanted to give a bit of a woman’s touch and liven it up just a bit. She wasn’t really into the home decorating scene, but she did want everything to look and feel comfortable. Even if that meant that they had to argue about the decorating of the apartment. They were no strangers to arguing anyway - well not this reincarnation of them. She didn’t know if other reincarnations bickered like they did, but this version, Kendra Saunders was a little different - or so she was told. 

“I don’t know what to do now, this is my first weekend off in ages. I guess I should take advantage of having some time off and get drunk off my ass since I don’t have to worry about doubles tomorrow.” He mused with a chuckle. 

Tutor || Dantana

Dani completed the worksheet that Miss Lopez had given to her, even if she had struggled. On Wednesday, she kept reminding herself that she had to see her teacher before she went home, walking to her classroom when the final bell rang. It was dark and no one was there which she found odd but she turned the light on and sat down, just waiting. Twenty minutes later though, she figured that something had come up or the woman had forgotten so collected her things, packed up, turned off the light and walked out into the corridor. She was kind of annoyed that the woman had forgotten, just because it had been her idea but she knew that the woman had a lot on.

Gender reveal

Santana had returned to her apartment located just outside of town but was commuting on the regular to see Dani. They had grown quite close considering Santana was helping her through her pregnancy and break-up, the two looking for places to stay close by to each other. When Dani mentioned that she had a scan, Santana of course told her that she would come back into town for it, asking to bring her mom too who was dying to see her grandchild on the screen. She had, had a night before and had a bruise on her face and a little cut on her lip, but she won so she’d come in to some money, obviously in a good mood.

Picking up her mom first, she drove over to Dani’s place to pick her up, the three going shopping for the baby after the scan. “Hey” she smiled to Dani as she got in the back, her mom talking so excitedly that she couldn’t get another word in before they got to the hospital for the scan.


Santana had received the call a couple days ago. Jackie had called from the shelter and told her that they had a room available for Dani. In a way, it disappointed her, wishing that she could do something more for the girl, she felt guilty for giving the girl up, letting her down. Breaking the news to her was the worst and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to do this again, she got too attached. Dropping the girl off at the shelter, she went in and saw her room, sighing. “Well, it’s been great having you kid” she smiled. “And good luck yeah? If you need anything, don’t lose my number” she said.

Over the next couple of days, she couldn’t stop thinking about the girl and whether or not she was getting on okay. It was lonely at her place and she was worried about the girl, going crazy that she couldn’t just ask her. Deciding to head over the shelter, she figured she could just ask Jackie and be gone, knowing the girl wouldn’t want her checking up on her. Heading over, she parked up her car and headed inside, speaking to Jackie. The woman confirmed that she was still there and she decided to stay and ‘help out’ for a while, to see if she saw the girl.

Waiting around for a while, she jumped up when Dani emerged, not saying anything or making herself known, just getting busy. She was glad that the girl was still in town and she wasn’t too late. Standing in the lunch line, she served up food for everyone. She felt guilty that Dani was back doing this again, having been so comfortable at her place. Her eyes widened when she saw the girl, her face bruised with a split lip. “Hey” she said with a cautious look on her face, looking at her lip. “Are you okay? What happened there?” she asked

Good News || Camren f2f

Life hasn’t really been that easy for Camila, and she was pretty sure she was never given a break with everything that happened. But things did seem to be going well when she got put in a group with the other girls back in the X Factor days but of course that kinda went downhill when she started getting so much hate for unknown reasons from so called fans. When things seemed to be going so well for the girl of course went downhill..again with the news about her cancer which she thought was gonna be it especially when her treatments weren’t working. It caused Camila to lose hope. Throughout the whole cancer time Lauren helped Camila stay strong, the other girl helped her not give up as much as she wanted to she stayed strong for her girlfriend and she couldn’t be anymore thankful for that. So that is how she ended up here in front of Lauren’s house with a big smile on her face, after getting a call from her doctors she rushed over to the other girl’s house wanting to share the news and plus she also wanted to hang out with the other girl so it was a win win situation. Once she got to Lauren’s house she quickly knocked on the door hoping Lauren would answer it soon.


[Work had ended up being the worst shift. After missing her shift the previous day because she was high and drunk she had been tortured the entire time by her manager, making her mood less than pleasant. She refused to go home grumpy though, her husband had a surprise for her and she wanted to spend the rest of the day with him.

Walking in she sighed and hung up her coat.]

Okay, I need 5 minutes of being grumpy as you give me a hug and then I’m all yours.

Laura was getting her usual pre-show coffee, being early for the rehearsal. Once a week, even though she knew she shouldn’t, she got herself a chai latte that she’d enjoy in the park if the weather was nice. As she was waiting for her order, she checked her emails on her phone while listening to music, her head moving in the rhythm. Finally her order was done and she took it and turned around to walk out of the shop when she practically collided with another person standing behind her. Thanks to the lid she didn’t spill the coffee, but her earphones flew out of her ears, followed by her phone she was grasping in her hand until that point. “Seriously, can’t you just watch where you’re going?!” she groaned.

Date night

Santana was happy that Dani was settling into home and school. The girl seemed to get on so well with Anna and even though Dani hadn’t told her herself, she’d heard on the grapevine that the two girls had kissed. Getting herself together, she plucked up the courage to ask the younger girl that was to their faculty out on a date. Deciding to go on Friday night, Santana told Dani where she was going and mentioned that she’d be home late. Getting ready, she looked smoking hot for the younger girl, planning on at least giving it a chance, she hadn’t dated anyone in a while now.

Joey had been sent on an errand to pick up several supplies for the company. Her first stop had been nails, her second stop thread, and now her third stop was to pick up some coffee for the cast. In all honesty, it wasn’t in her job description. Yet, the knowledge that she had to keep the job meant that she had to get the coffee. Despite the fact that the coffee shop wasn’t far from the theater, she had still stopped to double the cups up in hopes that it would keep the coffee hotter. Unknowingly, she had started humming songs from RENT under her breath when she bumped into someone.

 “Is this bumper cars or a coffee shop?”

Damage control

Dani was having a hard time being there for Hayley when she realised that she wouldn’t ever be able to love her. She had been though, but had avoided sex and staying the night and kissing and things, not that they were the woman’s priority at a time like this. She had seen Santana only once during the week, explaining what had happened with Hayley but not really saying anything about what they had spoken about. She was affectionate as usual though, hoping the woman would read between the lines. It had been a whole week now though and she couldn’t take it anymore, not wanting to hurt Santana and their son, she wanted to be back with them. Going to Hayley, she opened up about everything and obviously the woman hated her for it and she felt bad, but also good for being honest. Having ended that relationship, she went home and text Santana. “Hey, you home? I miss you and Joey :(”