Tyrese came in tears to show his respects and then he left. He didn’t say any words but his pain was felt by many. Countless people are fatally being taken everyday now unexpectedly and still there is no telling which one of us is next. Please be aware that life is nothing to take lightly and we are all here to play a big part in this world. Some say fuck it we all die but none of us are in a rush so slow down and appreciate yourself and everyone else worth it. #F1Life #LiveInPeace #PaulWalker and #Friend

Never discourage someone from wanting to do better. Sometime you can be the main cause of them falling even lower because that person may even look toward you for hope. The American society has been brainwashed to never want the best for the people trying to make it up so our country has gained a reputation amongst other nations as being arrogant, and when you look at how we are so quick to doubt the good it only makes the statement much more true. I love hearing people use the phrase “New Year New Me” because it is a precise sign that no matter how much wrong a person may have done they at least recognized it and want to make a change. It isn’t easy so some people just need help to do it and it doesn’t make things easier when you hear hatred and opposition constantly decreasing your faith in believing. So I say “F” those who don’t support people wanting better because when we become great they remain worthless. Be #KING Be #QUEEN and #WantBETTER #F1Life 💯

💌Marriage is a blessing from ALLAH 🙏(GOD) so I am honored to join my bro as he takes this giant step of love and faith on that day. Just got the invite and now it’s really time to suit up celebrate and swag w/ em lol Congrads Titus & Shayla Walelooooooo!!!! 👏 💯 #F1Life #RealMenGetMarried #PutARingOnHer 💍