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put mcelroys in order of which ones you'd want to be trapped in a bank vault with for an undisclosed period of time and explain why

1: Clint. His vast radio experience and kind, fatherly aura would be a soothing presence in an otherwise anxiety-inducing situation.

2: Justin. Always seems to have something prepared in advance on TAZ and MBMBAM, which I’m hoping would translate to the real world — maybe he brought some snacks along so we can have some Munch Squad time instead of going hungry until help arrives, y’know?

3: Travis. Down-to-earth, thoughtful, seems like a good conversational partner. That said if the conversation turned to politics I’d probably get really angry and call him a centrist fool, and then I’d get sad because I made him feel bad, and the whole situation would be deeply awkward rather than resulting in A Great Story About That Time Where Justin And I Shared Trail Mix In A Bank Vault.

4: Griffin. The guy is a great comedian but I don’t know what he’s capable of or what might cause him to snap.

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if each of the mcelroys offered you "free" boneless wings (quote marks included) what would you suspect of each of them

Clint: Standard prankery. Perhaps it’s ghost pepper sauce instead of standard buffalo sauce, or spiked with a mild laxative.

Justin: The wings are part of a horrifying culinary experiment conducted either by a second-string fast food chain, or in his own kitchen. I should brace myself for unexpected flavors and unspeakable textures.

Travis: He probably bought too many boneless wings and needs somebody to unload them on. The wings themselves are fine.

Griffin: The answer to this question depends heavily on whether TF potions have been invented yet.

eu to calejada e vazia
sinto que preciso desesperadamente me preencher com qualquer coisa antes que eu desabe
eu sinto fome das coisas
de todas elas
e parece que nada consegue tapar o buraco aqui dentro
é desesperador
falta ar
todo espaço é grande e pequeno demais
nada parece certo
e o tempo se arrasta de forma esquisita

eu só queria sentir alguma coisa a mais

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you have to team up with one McElroy to defend yourself. the other three will try to kill you. rank your choices in order and prepare yourself

1. Griffin. He is the only McElroy that possesses killing intent.

2. Travis. Buff boy.

3. Justin.

4. Clint (Old)

eu queria entender o que acontece com as pessoas
o que faz elas mudarem do dia pra noite
é surpreendente como tudo acontece num estalo
eu sinceramente desisti de tentar
agora tanto faz
não posso lidar com a indecisão alheia de peito aberto

queria poder voltar e desfazer todas as coisas desde aquele dia até hoje
mas tudo que eu posso fazer é lidar com as consequências

—  Guillermo M., Mosha IV