Random Underfell headcanons #11

Sans is actually an excellent babysitter. He gets nervous around babies he doesn’t know, anyway, because babies cry a lot and are hella fragile and he’s scared of dropping them or something. But once he gets to know them, he’s real good at it.

However, Flowey isn’t exactly a cute baby, so because of that and other minor reasons, he’s just choosing to be a little shit towards him.

Bookworm - 11th Doctor x Reader

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A/N: This took a lot longer than it should have…

Summary: You go exploring in the Tardis and fall asleep

Word Count: 810

Warnings: None I think


You had sat down on one of the chairs in the control room of the Tardis, half listening to the Doctor ramble on about the adventure you had just been in together. You were trying to stay awake, but the small amount of sleep you were getting every few days wasn’t enough to keep you awake. You almost dozed off completely, but the Doctor pulled a lever and the Tardis jerked you back into consciousness, so you tuned back in to what the Doctor was saying while he was running around the center of the control room, flipping switches and pressing buttons.

        “-ust can’t believe that everywhere we turned there was a cyberman! Our luck couldn’t have been worse. That was a whole lot of running we did. It felt like we ran for miles, eh (Y/N)?  

You jumped at the sound of your name, and he looked over at you with worry in his eyes.

        “Hm? Oh yeah, that was quite a lot of running.” You said, rubbing the bridge of your nose.

        “(Y/N), you look awfully tired. Maybe you should get some rest.

        “No, it’s fine. I just need a few minutes and I’ll be good again.

        “Really (Y/N), when was the last time you slept for more then four hours?” He inquired.

You knew you weren’t going to get out of this, so you told the truth. “Two weeks ago.” You answered, looking down.

        “Well that settles it then, you’re going to sleep whether you like it or not.” With that he put his hand out. At first you hesitated, but took his hand and stood up. Together you walked down one of the many halls of the Tardis, the Gallifreyan leading you. You looked down the hall past the door leading into your room. Apparently you looked curious, because the Doctor took one look at you and immediately said, “No, (Y/N), you need sleep. The last thing we need is you getting lost in the Tardis.” You sighed and walked into your room. “Thank you, Doctor. I owe you one.” The door closed, and you collapsed on your bed and fell asleep. 

You woke up four hours later, and couldn’t fall back asleep. I might as well go explore. I have nothing better to do. You walked through the endless corridors of the Tardis, taking random turns whenever you thought something looked intriguing. You looked in each room you came across, but nothing really interested you. About an hour later, you walked found a door that seemed bigger than the others. Walking in, you realized it was a library. There was high ceilings and seemingly endless rows of books. It didn’t take you long to find something to read. You started gathering books, and before you knew it you were sitting on the floor, reading. After another hour, you were laying on the floor, books surrounding you as you picked up another novel.

Back in the control room, the Doctor was reading a book of his own. Realizing that it had been six hours, he went to check on you. He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. “(Y/N)? Are you in there?” He pushed open the door and walked into an empty room. Instantly he ran back to the control room, scanning the Tardis for life forms. Once he saw you so deep in the Tardis, he sighed. “Of course. What did I expect?” He ran through the halls, shouting your name the whole way. The Doctor opened the doors to the library and ran in, only to find you curled up and asleep, surrounded by books at the far end of the room. He sighed and walked up to you, placing his hand on your shoulder. “Oh (Y/N), you can never not wander off, can you?” As gently as he could, the Doctor lifted you up and carried you back to your room. 

You sleepily opened your eyes half way, realizing you must have fallen asleep on the floor of the library. Instead of seeing the last book you were reading, you were greeted by a red bowtie. 

        “Doctor?” You asked quietly.

        “Shh, (Y/N), it’s okay, I’ve got you.”

        “I’m sorry, Doctor. I should have listened to you, I always seem to get myself into trouble.”

        “You’re right, you should have listened to me. I might not have been able to find you! I was so worried. Curiosity killed the cat.”

        “But satisfaction brought it back.” You said, falling back asleep. The Doctor looked up and a smirked. By then the Doctor had carried you back to the hallway with your room. He opened the door and walked in. The Doctor gingerly laid you on the bed, and tenderly kissed you on your forehead. Then he walked back to the control room, smiling like an idiot for the rest of the night.