f1 classics


1993 McLaren F1 by Auto Clasico


Seeing as the F1 season has just got underway, I thought I’d post a few of my shots of these classic Honda F1 and F2 cars. They are on display at the Honda Collection Hall which is located at the Twin Ring Motegi race circuit.

In order of appearance:

Nigel Mansell’s 1985 Williams FW10

Satoru Nakajima’s 1991 Tyrell 020

Stefan Johansson’s 1983 Spirit 201C

Keke Rosberg’s 1984 FW09

F2 - 1981 March Honda 812

F2 - 194 Ralt Honda RH-6-84

Here’s hoping that Honda can fix their performance issues this season. Would be great to see the McLaren/Honda partnership at the front of the field again. F1 viewership has been dwindling in Japan for a while now. A strong Japanese engine, team or driver is probably needed to increase popularity here again.