f1 1982

_George Harrison; United States/Estados Unidos; California/Califórnia; Long Beach Grand Prix/Grande Prêmio de Long Beach; Harrison Alliance; April 4th 1982/4 de abril de 1982.


_Photo/ Foto: Patti Murawski.

_Source/Fonte: Meet The Beatles for Real.

On this day, 30 years ago, Niki Lauda won his third and last world championship title in Portugal. 

Following a two-year retirement, Lauda went back into F1 in 1982; teaming with Alain Prost at McLaren in 1984, the duo dominated the season. On the final race, the Portuguese Grand Prix, Prost won but Lauda claimed second after starting 11th — enough to give him the season’s championship over his teammate by half a point.

And as you can see, third went to a young Ayrton Senna. 

As Alain was nearly on tears before arriving on the podium, Lauda went to him and told him: "Forget it. Next year, the Championship is yours,“. And he was right… 


F1 Seasons1982Keke Rosberg’s title (P2 Didier Peroni, P3 John Watson)


  • Keke Rosberg was the first driver since Mike Hawthorn in the 1958 season to win the championship with only one race win. 11 drivers won a race during the season, none of them more than two times, including nine different winners in nine consecutive races;
  • The combination of technical and sporting regulations used during this season prompted many complaints about safety before and during the season;
  • The season saw two fatalities and many serious and violent accidents. Ferrari driver Gilles Villeneuve was killed in an accident during qualifying for the Belgian GP at Zolder after hitting Jochen Mass’ car. Italian driver Riccardo Paletti died at the Canadian GP when his car hit the back of Didier Pironi’s stalled car at the start of the race. Pironi, who had been Villeneuve’s teammate, suffered massive injuries to his legs in another qualifying accident at the German GP and never raced in Formula 1 again;
  • The season started with a drivers’ strike at the first race of the season;
  • Later in the season, the disagreement between the sport’s governing body and the teams (known as the FISA-FOCA war) restarted and many of the teams boycotted the San Marino GP;
  • For the first time since the inception of Formula 1 more than 30 years earlier, there were no non-Championship races run during 1982. This situation would become permanent from 1984 onward;
  • It was also the only season to host three Grands Prix in the same country (United States): the Caesars Palace GPDetroit GP and United States GP West;
  • The 1982 season was the last season in which, since 1950, at least 1 or 2 drivers were killed every year in a Formula 1 related event;
  • Niki Lauda makes his return to F1 and joins McLaren;
  • The two main technological themes of the 1982 season were turbocharging and ground effect. The large automotive manufacturers could afford to develop the expensive new technology of turbocharging, which offered a significant power advantage over naturally aspirated engines. However, turbocharged engines were heavy and initially suffered from turbo lag, a delay between the operation of the throttle and the delivery of power. The Renault and Ferrari factory teams, together with the small privateer Toleman team, were the only ones to use turbocharged engines throughout the 1982 season;