f1 1965

1960: Third overall at Le Mans
1962: F1 runner up
1963: F1 champion and Indy 500 runner up (and rookie of the year)
1964: British Touring Car Champion and F1 runner up
1965: F1 champion, French Formula 2 champion, Tasman Series champion and Indy 500 winner (lead 190 out of 200 laps)
1966: Indy 500 runner up
1967: Tasman Series champion
1968: Tasman series champion and became the most successful driver in F1 at the time with his 25th win, 33rd pole and 23rd fastest lap at the first race of the season and what turned out to be his final.

In both years he won the F1 championship, he won 70% of the available races and maximum points (in those days only your six best races counted towards the championship, in 1963 Jim dropped a win).

Even now, 49 years since his untimely death, he still stands in the top tens for many F1 stats, most that have over taken him due to more starts thanks to longer seasons and changes to the points system (9 in his day compared to 25 now).

There’s one stat he still tops: Grand Slam.

Pole, lead every lap, the fast lap and the win.

Even with the Mercedes dominance of the past few years, Nico and Lewis have only managed it twice.

With Red Bull, Sebastian managed it four times.

Ayrton also managed it four times as did Sir Jackie.

Michael with those good years at Benetton and dominant seasons of Ferrari in the early 00s only managed five like Ascari.

And Jim?

Eight times.

He wasn’t even suppose to be at Hockenhiem, he was suppose to be racing in Brands Hatch but Lotus had entered and Jim went because of Firestone. He wasn’t happy with the car that weekend and warned other drivers to be careful as they overtook him.

No one believed it was driver error, they even brought in aircraft crash experts because of that. Yes, motorsport is dangerous and especially in those days but, as far as even his fellow drivers were concerned, if anyone was going to come out the other side it was going to be Jim.

I know, why am I ranting about a tweet, it’s 140 characters.

Well, maybe if they spelt Clark right, did a capital F and spent more characters on his life rather than his death I WOULDN’T FEEL THIS WAY.