things zevran thinks a lot but doesn’t say
  • perhaps i should not offer to pick locks quite so often
  • why does ferelden insist on freezing cold weather
    • and such poorly-made boots
      • and so little brandy :(
  • sten would make an excellent cuddler, would he not? so big and strong and warm and … likely excellent at other things too
  • when will the warden decide i am no longer useful, i wonder?
  • it is surely not possible that they actually enjoy my company
  • i imagine it would be for the best if i left quietly during the night. certainly i would not be missed
  • i am sorry. i have hurt so many and i am sorry
    • i am the one who deserved this hurt
      • and i am so very, very sorry
        • for everything.
20 Different Pairings Challenge!

In an attempt to have a little fun with ALL of the characters rather than just TFW, I am announcing my 20 Different Pairings Challenge!

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How It Works:

I have created a list of 20 different pairings with lots of different characters! Starting next week, I will release a smutty one shot for each pairing! (Note: This is not an ongoing series, as each one shot will be a stand alone piece.) I get to challenge myself to write new characters, and you get some new and different smut. EVERYONE WINS.

Here’s The List:

1. Dean x reader
2. Sam x reader
3. Cas x reader
4. Crowley x reader
5. Dean x Jo x reader
6. John x reader
7. Charlie x reader
8. Benny x reader
9. Sam x Jody x reader
10. Lucifer x reader
11. Cas x Meg x reader
12. Rowena x reader
13. Dean x Sam x reader
14. Cain x reader
15. Dean x Benny x reader
16. Gabriel x reader
17. Sam x Ruby x reader
18. Dean x Donna x reader
19. Rowena x Lucifer x reader
20. Cas x Dean x reader

Here’s YOUR Job:

Send me your kinks! Have a particular kink you’d like to see with a specific character? Tell me! Have an idea for a smutty one shot that you’ve been thinking about? Send it!


Tell me the number of the pairing you are requesting for, then your kink. So, for example, let’s say I really wanted a Crowley fic that includes breath play. I would send an ask that says “Number 4, breath play”. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST OTHER ONE SHOTS AT THIS TIME.

I will choose the ones I will write, then create a masterlist of the prompts on Sunday, so that you know what’s coming in advance! (Please don’t be offended if I don’t choose yours, I promise it isn’t personal!)

I can’t wait to write all of these smutty kinks for y’all!!

I was really looking forward to borderlands 3 having a lot different in the world, with Helios fallen and a few main characters dead, or even setting in a different planet like that Eden place.

but I forgot that TFTBL is made by telltale, not gearbox, and none of it is canon. Its just well written paid fan fiction with some original characters here and there. I really wanted to shoot a rocket at the pile of parts that is Helios as an additional “fuck you” to Hyperion.