Jared wanted to have McDonald’s for lunch, so that’s where they go after picking up Angus from a very surly Sonia. (She demanded to know why she and the triplets couldn’t come but Roy told her with something of a smirk it was boys only and then she told him that he was an immature chauvinist idiot and she hoped he choked on a McNugget). Then they go roller-skating, and after that they’re really hot so they head to the Water Park. They would have gone to the beach, but Roy’s fussy about sand on his nappa leather upholstery.

[TRANS] 150424 BOYFRIEND Staff Diary Update | 1995.04.24 Today is YOUNGKWANG DAY ★ HAPPY BIRTH DAY, YM&KM!

I’m Manager Lee:D

Today is a day where updates for STAFF DIARY keeps on coming after a long period of time!
The long-awaited highlight of the update!

After finishing their late schedule, with the thoughts of 12AM passing (soon), they have hurriedly arrived here!
Let’s look at the birthday celebrants Youngmin and Kwangmin’s photos!

Together with the members’ “Times Up!” at 12AM, it started with the birthday messages they’ve received,
YoungKwang who had fun having to celebrate their birthday with the fans
As there are two of them, they’ve always received twice the amount of birthday wishes and they are really happy about it:D
Just like YoungKwang’s wish, in order for them to make it a fun time for their next birthday together with the fans,
Please give them lots of love in the future too!

To all the Bestfriends who congratulated them, Thank you so much!

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: bfofficialfancafe
please take out with FULL credits.