6 selfies of 2k16, 

I don’t know how much I’ve changed this year but it feels like a lot. I started this year with a fresh relationship, a plan to move to New York to pursue a business partnership with my best friend and i was so excited for what was to come. Through out the year, my relationship blossomed and wilted, and i realized just how absolutely toxic my closest friendship was, I had a falling out with my some parts of my family and I found myself completely alone at one point this year. I had to make a whole new life plan for myself and i had to really look at the people around me to wade through all the toxicity. This year has been a crazy one, but all in all I’m ending it with a whole new acceptance for my mental health, a stronger bond with my mom and my friends, and an amazing new job. I lost all hope half way through this year, but even though things got really hard, i’ve come out stronger and brighter than ever. Nothing is perfect, but i can say i’m truly happy and once again excited for what’s next. 

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