Clark Street Capital Re-launches Website


Clark Street Capital this week re-launched its website, www.clarkstcapital.com. Working with an award-winning design team over the past year, the new site is now fully operational.

Said Jon Winick, CEO of Clark Street Capital, “We are excited to re-launch our website, combining two websites into one, and optimizing mobile access.” The new website promotes Clark Street’s loan sale opportunities, allowing buyers to register for new deals offered through its Bank Asset Network, which has the largest database in the industry. It also promotes Clark Street’s weekly “BAN Report” newsletter, the industry-leading banking blog with over 21,000 subscribers. The site also includes team profiles, industry news, and client recommendations.

Clark Street Capital commissioned award-winning designer Richard Wolfströme and developer Paul Bunkham, both based in the UK, to create a more efficient integrated site. The design principles make the site more readable and using Wordpress, the new CSC site is now fully responsive with a simpler BAN sign-up process. The overall user experience is now more elegant with good access across all devices.

Clark Street Capital is a full-service bank advisory firm specializing in loan sales, loan due diligence and valuation, and wholesale lending.

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民信金控 (00273) 現報0.28港元,是日波幅達 5.66%

[智珠] 香港 2月1日 - 民信金控 (00273) 現報0.28港元,上升 0.005港元或1.82%,今日最高價 0.28 港元,最低價 0.265 港元,波幅 5.66%宜留意其股價之異常波動,10天平均價0.307港元,50天平均價0.3887港元,現市盈率為5.218倍,息率0%,14天強弱指數報17.8571。