Make Your Skin Smooth by Color Correcting Makeup

[by Yoon Jihye] Any woman would want to have a clear facial contour. Especially, recently color correcting makeup is in fashion.

Color correcting makeup is a makeup technique to hide your skin’s flaws by using complementary colors. The trend is to use color correcting make-up for neat, natural-looking expression than to hide your skin’s flaws through heavy make-up.

Here introduced is how to perform color correcting make-up for those who want to direct neat skin.

STEP 01 Make Your Skin Full of Moisture with Solid Base Skincare

For smooth skin expression, you had better make moist skin through firm skin care before hiding your skin’s flaws. You can make your makeup tight on your skin by only making your skin moist and elastic first.

In particular, color correcting is to hide flaws on your skin by using complementary colors. Therefore, if the makeup is made less tight on your skin, your skin may look mottled, and it is important to make your skin moist. After organizing your skin texture by using a skin toner, apply a lot of moisture cream, and pat your face to make the moisture cream absorbed into your skin.  

STEP 02 Perform Color Correcting By Using Makeup Base

If you have made your skin moist, try color correcting base makeup in earnest. The basics of color correcting are to hide flaws by using complementary color contrast. Therefore, apply a makeup base in colors that can effectively hide your skin’s flaws.

If you want to brighten your skin tone, apply a pink-colored or violet-colored makeup base with a little pearl. In addition, if you want to hide reddish parts of your skin, a green-colored makeup base is a good choice.  

STEP 03 Complete Glossy Skin With Foundation


If you have effectively hidden your skin’s flaws, complete smooth skin with a foundation. Here, you have already covered visible flaws on your skin by using concealer and makeup base in the last step, so it is important to use a cosmetics product to avoid putting on a heavy base makeup.

If you want to organize your skin smooth by using thinly applied cosmetics, apply a cushion foundation or a liquid foundation by using a brush. In particular, if you use a product containing enough moisture, you can complete smooth, glossy skin.

01 CHANEL Sublimage L’essence This item makes your skin recover ultimate vitality. It makes your skin texture soft and even to completely reflect light. It has strong skin-purifying effects, doubling the anti-aging effects.

02 KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream A cooling moisture gel cream that lowers the skin temperature immediately after applying it, fills your skin with moisture, and removes sebum. Its glacier glycoprotein extracts and desert plants extracts provide moisture to your skin. Moisturizing conditioner substances of KIEHL’S combine with sebum on the surface of your skin and prevent your skin from getting oily. Its menthol derivatives provide fresh cooling effects, soothing your skin.

03 CATALINA GEO COLOR CAPSULE MAKEUP BASE This item is a base product made of five sorts of color capsules, correcting your skin tone. In addition, its essence substances are mixed when your pump the product, keeping moist, fresh skin expression for a long time.

04 ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Cushion BB
A cushion foundation whose excellent covering effects and persistency stand out. It is tight on your skin being moist and soft. Thus, you can keep clean, bright skin without being too tight. (photo by: CATALINA GEO, CHANEL, KIEHL’S, ESTEE LAUDER, bntnews DB)

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