when i first joined this fandom in .. june?? (i think) i only saw it as a side-obsession, gdi i didnt think id become so emotionally invested in this movie!! like wtf even happened to me omfg well im not complaining because the people i’ve met in this fanbase are baes ALL OF YOU 

while i still have a while to wait until i see the movie legally myself, i know a lot of ppl will get to see it this week, thus starting a new era (???) in the fandom. im so excited for you ok ily all so much and im sure/i hope that this fandom and the crazy amazing chats im in will never change bc youre all legit some of the nicest people ive met and i haven been this involved in a fandom since 2012 and pls lets just talk about poptarts and cats and condoms forever oUo

thank you!!